Big Red Cobcast: Recruiting and Racists

Last week was anything but quiet for the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

First off, Scott Frost finalized his first recruiting class for Nebraska and, boy howdy, was it a doozy. Top 25 finish, 4th in the Big Ten, barely being edged out by Michigan AND the best in the west. The best by a long shot, actually. I hope our friends Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin can get used to it. It’s gonna be a long time until any of them see that #1 spot again.

Phase 1: Recruiting – Huge success!

No we begin Phase 2: Coaching them up. I do’t have a crystal ball but I do have an uncanny “homer radar” and right now it is shooting off the charts. I predict that Coach Frost and staff will have this team coached up and ready to play for National Championships by the ides of March. Ohio State – We’re coming for you.

Now I know what you’re saying – “Hey Tweedy, why don’t you slow your roll a little”. I understand why you would say that, I really do but I got this icy cold feeling, deep in my veins that Frost is the hero we’ve always needed and Urban Meyer better be shaking in his  boots because Nebraska has new sheriff in town and nobody is prepared for what he’s packing. It’s the Frost Effect baybay.


Also, without getting too in depth, I wanted to take the time to say how proud I felt to be a Husker fan with the class and dignity that Tim Miles and his team handled the beginning of the Rutgers game. Not to mention their on court performance over the past few weeks. I personally think we’re tourney bound and will, more than likely, win the whole thing.

Next week Jack McVeigh will be on our show to talk about his experience with Tim Miles, Nebrasketball and living in Lincoln. You definitely don’t want to miss that.

Jack also has his own podcast “The Jack McTrey Podcast” which you can check out HERE

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