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(This Week we have guest writer, Joe Canale)

I don’t have to tell anyone reading this how long this season has seemed already. The first game we played still hasn’t ended. We’ve all been through the stages of grief at least once, if not more. But then there was hope. The offense started to smooth out. We got our first win, then another.. We took a top 5 team down to the wire in their stadium (although we still lost- I’m not here to sugar coat.)

This week was something new for this years Husker team, as well as the fans. We looked like the better team from the beginning of the game until the end. Although it was close for a bit, I never doubted the outcome of the game. Our team looked to be more disciplined, better conditioned and just generally better then our opponent. Basically it was the first game this season where I could relax in the third quarter, not having to pace a trail into the rug.

This is where we are headed. I’m not suggesting that we are going to be the 95 team next season, but I think the last few years of eeking out victories (or more often losses) to the bottom dwellers of the BIG 10 are OVER.

The plan is starting to take shape and we are able to see the results. I expect more of the same for the final two games. This team is different. This team is better. And this team isn’t done improving.

Go Big Red.

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