Big Red Cobcast: I’m a proud homer

ho·mer /ˈhōmər/ (noun): a person, man or woman, who believes that under the tutelage of Scott Frost, the Nebraska Cornhuskers are capable of anything and everything.

I, Ryan Tweedy of the Lincoln Tweedys, am a proud homer and with that in mind I declare that the Nebraska Cornhuskers will defeat the Urban Meyer lead Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday, The Day Of Gladiators.

I’m positive. No, scratch that, Im 1000% positive that one look at Scott Frost and Urban will have one of those “migraines” he’s been talking about lately. Adrian Martinez might show out so hard that he gives ol’ Urbz another “heart attack””. Devine Ozigbo will bring him to his knees on the sidelines this weekend with an ass whooping so bad that Urban Meyer won’t soon “forget”.

I’ve never been a fan of Ohio State. Their fans are smug, their administration is dirtier than a one legged woman in a mud wrestling contest, and to top it off Eddie George wrote his name on Tommie Frazier’s Heisman Trophy and OSU showcases it like it actually belongs to them. To shame I say.

I might be a Homer but they are chumps – The entire state. Ohio is the Iowa that Le Bron made. Ohio is Iowa if it could read a little bit. Ohio is Iowa with all of it’s teeth. It’s just a pig with make up on and If there’s one thing I know about pigs it’s that Scott Frost is better at football than they are.

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