The Big Red Cobcast: Scott Frost Is Like Gum


Editor’s Note: We have a guest blogger this week, Joe Canale (@weaselicious). Also, in spite of what Joe says – Ryan is very smart and logical and great.

My kid is four and a half.  Actually it’s four and three quarters.  She asked me this morning how long until she turns five and I am guessing this is just going to get worse and worse until we finally get to the day.  Five is pretty important to her, not just because she’s getting older, but because when she turns five she is allowed to chew gum. This is big for her.

Scott Frost is our gum.  We’ve known about him for a long time.  We’ve wanted to experience him as our coach for longer than we are willing to admit.  And we can see the finish line. In just about 7 weeks we will be able to finally savor what we’ve been salivating over for months.  Until then we will get to see the package and even unwrap the pieces.  But we won’t get a REAL taste until that first kickoff.  I can taste it already.

This week on the Cobcast we are back down to a two man crew.  I won’t pretend Pat wasn’t missed either.  Not simply because Pat and I tend to fall on the same side of arguments due to our mutual love of logic, but also because Ryan and I tend to fall on the same side of being full of shit.  Pat is the only one who bothers to fact check or research or anything that might lend any air of legitimacy to our shenanigans.

Despite that, we carried on.  Whenever it seems like we might be a little light on content I find the best thing to do is search for something that pisses Ryan off.  We found that anger about twenty minutes in and then we just rolled.  Do I need to say everything we talked about?  Fine.

Three new scholarships opened up officially this week. What are we going to do with them?  Also, is Bill Moos the most bad-ass AD in the country?  And some quality calls at the end of the show.

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