Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #198

Guys, things got testy at Big Red Cobcast headquarters this week. Both on our Facebook Live (which you can watch just a few paragraphs down from here) and on the podcast (which you can hear tomorrow on HuskerMax or right now by checking us out on iTunes).

We’re all shells of ourselves right now. Tweedy hurt his back. I’m sick. And Joe’s probably under the influence of something. But that didn’t dampen our fighting spirit. This week, we talked about the Sean Miller fiasco at Arizona and how that could potentially impact Nebrasketball (and all Husker sports for that matter).

So check out our Facebook Live from the weekend, and then listen to our latest episode of the Big Red Cobcast. Oh, and as a word of warning, we sometimes lose track of our words during Facebook Live, so be cognizant of that if you’re listening at work. Everything in the actual Cobcast is edited, however, so you’re safe there.

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