Big Red Cobcast: Hoss Reuter Talks Scheme

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This week on the podcast, Hoss Reuter joins us to talk about offensive line play and what we should expect to see from our Running Backs this coming season. Hoss is an x’s and o’s nerd that you might recognize from his series over on Corn Nation called “Decoding langsdorf”. Check some out HERE. Obviously, Langsdorf isn’t a part of the program anymore.So hoss should think of a new name. Some ideas I’ve pitched to him are “Walking With Walters” and “wex’s and wo’s with Wroy Walters”. Admittedly, naming things isn’t my strongest skill.

At the Cobcast we love talking to Mr. Reuter about the scheme side of things. Give the episode a listen above or other places (they are all listed below.) We have some fun episodes coming up so stay tuned!

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