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With Spring Ball approaching, I think as a fan base we should stop for 5 minutes and think about the #FrostEffect. I personally feel that it has been under used and possibly undervalued.

Let me explain.

Scott Frost is a national treasure. He has a way about him that makes everyone he meets, well, better. I know this is a lot to put on one person but I think he can handle it. He is Scott Frost after all. So here are a few ways that we could maybe use the #FrostEffect to make Nebraska, nay the world, a better place.

First things first – Nebrasketball. I’m not saying he should be the next head coach, because I don’t want to distract him from football. Football is more important than basketball – It needed to be said. That doesn’t mean that we don’t love the basketball team, or PBA. At the cobcast, we love everything about the hoops program. But maybe, Coach Frost could just let the team take a moment each week to look deep into his eyes. In there, they would see their true potential. He wouldn’t need to speak. Scott Frost’s presence is enough.

Second things second – Corn prices. Scott Frost needs to mediate between farmers and consumers until both are happy. It’s plain as day that Coach Frost is an excellent listener and even better communicator. We all know that Nebraska relies on it’s corn. It’s a sense of pride for everyone. For the first time since 1998 a little #FrostEffect might be helpful to Nebraska.

Third Things Third – Trump. I’m not saying, but I’m just saying. #FrostEffect.

The Podcast

Check out this week’s episode. We talk about the Quarterback battle and what we expect and hope to see at the spring game. We also have good friend of the show, Cody Houser, in from Shickley while he’s visiting L.A.

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