Big Red Cobcast: Coffee Is For Closers.

Hope Springs Eternal!

When it came to recruiting, Bo Pelini got to drink hose water from Flint, Michigan. Mike Riley’s staff got hot chocolate or maybe an energy drink. Scott Frost and crew however are gonna get The Freshest coffee, hottest coffee. The expensive kind where they have to dig through the poop of those Peruvian monkeys just to find the beans. That $300 coffee. The type of coffee that when someone calls it java you don’t get irritated by his douchebaggery, you say “oh man,  java is very good.”

My point? Scott Frost and his stable of  LOI mercenaries have got me in full on homer mode. I haven’t homered this hard in my adult life. Definitely not since I learned the word “bagmen”. If you had told me a year ago that you could sign a top 15 class without paying players I would have laughed in your face. I was wrong. If Frost and Co. can do this in a transition class without the likes of John Blake – just think what they can do with a full year and a couple of W’s.

I’m not gonna get all crazy and say that we will win it all next year. I think we lose to Clemson on the last play of the game in the second round of the playoffs but I will say… 2019 NATIONAL CHAMPS. I also will go as far as saying that Scott Frost never has less than an 11 win season and probably wins 15 out of 20 national championships during his tenure. Then on the heroically sad but inspiring winter day in 2037 (well 2038 because he’ll have to win another natty that year and that game will be in January) he becomes the AD and hands the reins over to Frank Solich junior who will go on to bring honor back to his family and complete the Husker circle of life.

Maybe I’m getting carried away.

If we can pull Bell, Baptiste and Cam in the coming week and grab another need or two, OL or DB or maybe a Maurice Washington – something like that, down the stretch then Nebraska and Frost have set themselves up for success from the initial moment they arrived. That hasn’t happened in my life time. I’ve never been this excited to be a Husker fan. I was afraid that I would die of old age and never see the Huskers be relevant again but now I think that just might not happen.

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