Big Red Cobcast Preview #217: Vitamin S and Love/Hate Mail

Big Red Cobcast

People tend to view Tweedy as the reactionary member of the Cobcast bunch. But I think that’s a misrepresentation. A more accurate take is that we let Tweedy rant about whatever he wants to rant about, and then Joe and I react to that wildness. And since there was no Joe this week, I had to do a lot of reacting. And since I’ll be in England the next couple of weeks, Joe will be the one tasked with preventing nuclear meltdowns at Cobcast headquarters.

Ant there was plenty to react to this week. Tweedy found a quote from Peyton Newell in Hail Varsity that caught his eye. We also read some mail from our listeners, both for better and worse. It might be July, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t have plenty to talk about. Parts of it were admittedly more relevant than others.

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