Big Red Cobcast: So Close!

(This week we have guest blogger Joe Canale again)
I know I did the whole Christmas eve thing last week , I should have saved it for this week, or actually next week come to think about it.  But I was wrong about Christmas.  Because Christmas (or birthday or anniversary or whatever) comes once a year.  What we are anticipating is more like A COMPLETE SOLAR ECLIPSE that only comes every 361 years!  This is the kind of stuff the Mayans would make human sacrifices for! (To be clear I AM NOT SUGGESTING CELEBRATING WITH HUMAN SACRIFICE!- A huge steak will do).
What else do you want me to say?! I’m too giddy to make any sense!
And that’s a natural segway to this weeks episode, which I am guessing has a solid 8 minutes of yelling at one another at the top of the episode.  I have no clear memory of the exact specifiics for some reason, but I think it goes something like this.  Episode starts, then we pause for a second before someone brings up an argument we were having seconds before  we started recording.  Ryan then takes over and explains his side of the argument while insulting Pat in a number of deeply personal ways.  I usually start cackling before forgetting what we are talking about.  Then later on we get into the Urban Meyer tree of rotten fruit and how much better it is to be a Nebraska fan than a fan of any other team right now (and usually honestly).
Ryan and Pat finish the episode without me, so I assume that part is filled with deeply personal insults to my character.  Enjoy!

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