Big Red Cobcast: Nutrition!


This week we are joined by our good friend, Brent Pope. Brent is not only a Husker super fan but also a very famous actor. He’s one of those guys who’s name you don’t know but you’ve seen his face a million times. Check him out on Casual on HULU and Pink Collar Crimes on CBS!

Now to what’s important.

What has me most excited is Frost and co’s attention to detail. It’s the little things that matter. It’s the nutrition, the strength and conditioning, the macros, the buy in, the consistency, the morning workouts! Everything about what they are doing has me more excited than a frog at a fly factory. Obviously, Coach Frost is my favorite hire but Zach Duval and Dave Ellis are right behind him. I’m drinking so much Kool-aid that I can run through ten walls and I would if Scott Frost asked me to.

I’ll tell you what though, any Kool-aid Zach Duval hands out probably has protein, creatine, and BCAAs in it – so it’s the first kool-aid that makes you bigger, stronger and faster. In this week’s episode we talk about nutrition and strength of course but we also talk about the controversy surrounding the Ron Brown hire, attrition, the 105 and many, many other things. Please check out Joe and I as we slowly fall apart until Pat comes back to hold us all together.

Oh and Joe wants me to tell you that he’s on an episode of “Teachers”. Nobody cares though.

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