Big Red Cobcast Preview #234: A Different Kind of Loss

We’ve done seven Cobcasts and seven Facebook Live chats after losses this season. And we’ve done a hell of a lot more if you include the past few seasons. Since starting this podcast in 2014, we’ve witnessed 30 losses. That’s the exact same number of wins we’ve seen in that amount of time.

Yet, somehow, this loss felt differently. We’ve seen enough losses that we’ve probably said that very statement before. But believe me, this is even more different than those times. This is a different kind of different. In some ways, this loss feels almost as good as any of the wins we’ve had since 2014.

Because each win has been followed with a greater degree of certainty that everything is going to eventually crash down around us. As the seasons have passed, each victory felt like a bridge to the next nut-punch. This loss feels like a bridge to the next championship era. As fun as it was, the Minnesota victory will not be what’s remembered as the turning point when Nebraska’s hoisting trophies of significance. This Ohio State game will be.

So while we’re trapped in purgatory this week, somewhere between and win and a loss, remember that. And while you’re remembering that, give the Big Red Cobcast a watch and a listen. We’ve got plenty for you to take in.

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