The Big Red Cobcast: Chad Kelsay On The Future Of Husker Football

Chad Kelsay Interview

I remember where I was on November 8th, 1997. I was 17 years old, and a senior at Lincoln High.  That particular day was a Saturday however so I was in my parents basement with a girl, we’ll call her – Esmerelda. There’s no particular reason to pick that name other than if you’re gonna pick a fake name you should definitely pick a weird one. I was more interested in the Huskers than I was her that day. Nothing against ol’ Esmerelda – I was into the Huskers more than pretty much anything on most days.

We were playing Mizzou and the star-studded defense struggled all game. No reason really, other than the Blackshirts not playing up to their ability. We all know what happened. Little, teeny-weeny Matt Davison, the Freshman, caught the Flea Kicker and forever went down as a Husker Legend. The game went into overtime and the Blackshirts turned on whatever had been turned off and won the game for themselves, the rest of the team, and most importantly, for Dr. Tom. As we all know, it was Tom’s last season and last national championship.

I always wondered what went wrong in that game.

This week on the Cobcast, we talked to Hall Of Fame Blackshirt, Chad Kelsay about just that. He told us all about the feeling of watching Matt Davison save the day and then going out and making that final stop. He also opened up to us about the emotions that go along with being a Nebraska boy from Auburn, idolizing the Huskers for his entire Childhood and then getting a chance to strap on the scarlet and cream and being a part of three National Championship teams.

Chad is a great guy, he was forthright about a lot of things. More than I can write here in this synopsis. Just like most ex-players, Chad has kept an eye on the program from a far. He hasn’t always been excited. He is now. Mr. Kelsay explained what he thinks the future will be like under coach Frost and if he doesn’t get you excited for the new era – nothing will.

So give it a listen, then go over to the forums and talk about it with us. We always love your thoughts on what made the episode good (Chad Kelsay), what made the episode bad (Pat’s dumb voice) and what were you indifferent too (Tweedy’s attempts at sweet jokes).

Oh, and don’t worry about Esmerelda, she’s fine.

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