Big Red Cobcast: Consistency

(This week Joe Canale @weaseliscious of “The Big Red Cobcast” is our guest writer)

Consistency. That is a word that used to define the Nebraska football, and not always in a good way. Before Osborne won his Natty’s he was criticized for winning ten games a year, but losing the “big one”. There were even rumors of him being fired, despite his success. Eventually, the consistency paid off (and BOY DID IT!!!.  Three National Championships in four years was the pay off for our patience. This isn’t saying Osborne was opposed to change, but he wouldn’t change for change’s sake. There were never any wholesale changes on the coaching staff or panicky overhauls of the offense (we did switch defenses at one point, but not coordinators).  After Osborne, that consistency went away, and with it went our place among the elite.  I am confident that Coach Frost is going to bring that back.

Consistency Pays Off

In my own experience, the Big Red Cobcast is the most consistent “gig” I’ve had since I moved to Los Angeles nine years ago. When Ryan and I started doing it we didn’t have much of an idea, other than to talk about Husker football. Yes, we’ve enhanced the lineup with Pat and various guests, made connections for interviews and improved the production.  All of that has made us more successful, but the main ingredient has simply been the fact that every week we put something out to our listeners, and we try to make it worth listening too. Over the past couple of months the Cobcast has even put a few dollars in my pocket.  And we got our biggest donation ever while recording this episode!

If you have something you believe in, something you enjoy that isn’t quite where you hope it will be yet? Keep at it. Consistency will pay off.

This Week On The Cobcast

This weeks episode is consistently………….all over the place.  As usual we start off on a tangent before getting to a very important debate. Is Ryan in better shape than some members of Nebraska’s football team? You can guess which side Ryan is on.  We also talk aboutour new WR commit, all the $$$ we will be making this year from the Big 10 and a few more random items that hopefully will help you pass the time until fall practice!  We then finish up with some twitter questions/comments and what is undoubtedly my favorite caller ever. Off the top of my head I can recall at least three arguments in this episode that we will need listeners to chime in on, we need you!

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