Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #201

There are a few things happening in Big Red Cobcast-land this week.

First, we’re doing something a little different on this week’s podcast. For those who have been donating to our Patreon (as well as those who start donating to our Patreon), there will be bonus episodes each month. What will those bonus episodes be like? They’ll be like this week’s episode! What’s this week’s episode like? Well, for one, you can find out by listening on iTunes starting today (or on HuskerMax starting tomorrow). But to sum it up, we’ll be watching games of significance in Husker lore and providing our thoughts and commentary. Sort of like Mystery Science Theater 3000, but less nerdy (though still pretty nerdy). You can follow along with the YouTube videos if you, as well. To start, we cracked open the AAC championship game from this past season: UCF vs. Memphis. That episode is/will be available for everyone (and released in two parts; it’s long). We also did the Peach Bowl (UCF vs. Auburn) for all our super special Patreon subscribers (also in two parts).

You should definitely give it a listen!

And if you’re like, “yeah, but I also want you guys talking about current Husker events and yelling at each other like a bunch of dopes,” we still did that this week (and will continue to do it all other weeks). That’s what that video playing down at the bottom of this article is.

So watch the replay of our Facebook Live right now, and then listen to our latest podcast.

And finally, if you want to get your voice on the Big Red Cobcast, feel free to do so by calling 747-998-2976 and leaving us a voicemail!

Enjoy! And keep a look out for us on

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