Big Red Cobcast Preview #225: Still Game Week

Big Red Cobcast

Talk about a hangover. We were all drunk on the emotions of Nebraska football, only to wake up with a hangover that included no football. I might be mixing metaphors just a bit because the Cobcast crew had to find a way to cope with Saturday’s game being cancelled, and that included actually getting drunk.

So that’s why everything is off by a day this week. The replay of our Facebook Live (which can be found below) is normally posted on Mondays, and our actual podcast is posted on Tuesdays. Well, we’ve shifted everything by a day, just like the Husker football team has shifted everything by a week.

We shared our emotions about losing a week of football, the football that was actually played & what we can expect this weekend against Colorado. If you want to check out the podcast, you can do so tomorrow on HuskerMax or RIGHT NOW on iTunes! And don’t forget to enjoy the replay of our Facebook Live right here:

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