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Greatest Husker Running Backs

Since I was a kid I have been a fan of Husker Running backs.  Nebraska has had the greatest runners the sport has ever known. Even our quarterbacks could have played half backs at many colleges.

There was something about how our running backs moved – they ran fast and tough. They burned players around the outside and then they’d pound them up the middle. It was a testament to manliness. They played hurt, they played against overwhelming odds and won in spite of everyone counting them out.

After 38 years of Husker fandom I have my favorites, as everyone does. That’s expected. Often times that comes down to “oh I met him once at a bar and he was rad” or “I liked his hair”. My wife’s favorite is Rex Burkhead because “he was the sexy one, right?”

Then I remind her that she was in college when he was born.

But – who is the best? Is it Rozier? Green? Porkchop? Phillips? Rathman, Schlesinger, Helu, Burkhead, or Abdullah? This has got to be an impossible question to actually answer but it quite possibly is the most fun argument you can have with your buddies. Personally, I think it’s Lawrence Phillips – as far as raw talent goes. He did so much even though he seemed to get in his own way at every opportunity. he was a BEAST! I loved watching him destroy defenses and still have the speed to break off the big one.

Pat thinks it’s Ahman Green. He’s wrong. If you want to hear his reasoning you will have to listen to this week’s episode. It’s a doozy. We talk Green vs. Phillips, recruiting, Nebrasketball and who knows what else. Check the podcast out above or there are more links below! Tweet us who you think the best running back of all time is or call us and leave us a voicemail at 747-998-2976!

Go Big Red!

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