Big Red Cobcast: Jack McVeigh Interview

What Did We Talk About?

Jack McTrey. The Pinnacle Bank Bomber. Nicest guy in the Bench Mob. Slow to the “Macarena” but fast to row the boat. Jack McVeigh is an integral¬† part of the Nebraska Cornhuskers Men’s Basketball Team. And… he’s a hell of a nice guy.

Pat and I had a great time talking to Jack about everything from the differences between American and Australian culture to how it felt to have the ground shake at Allen Fieldhouse when he played against the Jayhawks. We covered pretty much everything we could think of. It was a blast and you’ll love listening to it.

Tweedy And Nebrasketball

I’m new to basketball. One of my co-hosts, Pat “The Stat” Janssen got me hooked when Tim Miles came aboard. This season I’ve found myself screaming at the TV (actually it’s my laptop because my PS4 doesn’t have a B1G app – we should get this figured out Sony). I couldn’t have been more excited when we beat Iowa or Rutgers or Illinois on a buzzer beater and I couldn’t have been more butt hurt when we lost to Illinois this past Sunday. There’s a chemistry to this team that is undeniable. I can’t wait to see if they can pull off getting into The Dance this season. It’ll be hard but I believe we can do it.

I’m purely raw emotion when it comes to basketball (most things actually), as I still learn the ropes but luckily we have Pat on the Cobcast to chime in when actual facts are necessary. HE might be a giant nerd but he’s my giant nerd and I love his dorky ass glasses and fake voice.

So check out this weeks interview above and we’ll be back to our usual banter and wit next week but in the mean time GO BIG RED

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