Big Red Cobcast Preview #233: A Storm’s a Brewin’!

Wasn’t this supposed to be the uneventful weekend? First, it was supposed to be a bye weekend. Then it was turned into an almost-bye weekend with Bethune-Cookman. And the pressure of nabbing Scott Frost’s first win was already removed. But here we are celebrating what turned out to be quite the eventful weekend.

Yeah, sure, Nebraska won and made it look easy against an overmatched team. But that’s the thing. When’s the last time you can remember Nebraska actually doing that? I missed those old Pacific games.

But perhaps even more importantly, Nebraska landed a horse on the offensive line. When’s the last time you could say THAT?

Throw in the fact that Iowa, Colorado, K-State and Texas all lost, and you’ve got an excited batch of Cobcasters over here.

So join in the excitement and catch our latest episode, as well as our most recent Facebook Live.

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