Big Red Cobcast Preview #224: Game Week

Big Red Cobcast

Game. Week. And there it is, everybody. It’s no longer a question of how many weeks until the Frost Era begins at Nebraska. It’s matter of days. And soon, it will be a matter of hours, minutes and eventually seconds.

Tweedy and I got into a whole bunch of things in this week’s podcast, including surprises on the depth chart, attrition, how all of this affects recruiting, as well as our predictions for the Akron game and the season. We also take a pretty significant dump on Joe, but that’s fairly standard. You can check out the podcast tomorrow on HuskerMax or on iTunes right now!

Additionally, we did our weekly Facebook Live, where we answered all of your questions. By “we”, I mean “I”. Seriously, everyone was out of town on Saturday. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t get to have a little fun with our weekly viewers. Check that out right here (Honestly, it’s just a half inch below this sentence. It should start playing in a second. Just make sure you unmute it):

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