Big Red Cobcast: Jumping is cool


I’ll admit that my knowledge of Nebrasketball is limited. I really only go back as far as Tim Miles. I guess I did get Eric Piatkowski’s autograph when I was young but I don’t remember much of that game. So my only true memories start around the Tim Miles hire. I’ve watched more college hoops in the last 5 years than I did in the first 33 years combined.

I’ve grown to love it. I like the excitement, especially the last few minutes of a close game. Apparently, I really love watching grown men jump. That has been a takeaway for me – The more jumping the better the game. Especially if they jump high or far. Jumping is cool, I wish I would have noticed sooner. I feel like that’s something I could have easily been amazed by in my youth.

This year has really grabbed my attention. I have become a big fan of Glynn Watson and Issac Copeland and Jack McVeigh and Jordy… Jordy Tshi… Jordy T. I love watching Tim Miles magically dance between Intense Basketball Coach and Stand Up Comedian. Plus, there have been some very heart warming moments –  I believe it was Anton Gill that I saw hug Kent Pavelka after the Penn State butt kicking.  There’s a real family vibe on that roster this year and it’s been fun to be a part of.  The Bench Mob, the packed Vault, and the way Downtown feels like a party on game days for a sport that isn’t football. It’s nice to have something to do until March for a change – All these things are great.

There are still tournaments to be played and I’m sure they will be both inspiring on some level and heart breaking on another. I’m sure it means little to the players and even less to the fans of the sport, Especially the tried and true fans like my co-host, Pat Janssen, but this year’s Huskers made me a real fan. I can’t wait until they win their first tourney game and I can’t wait to watch Nebrasketball grow over the next decade. I’m really excited to see where this program goes with a new AD in charge and a hyped up Tim Miles. I’m looking forward to so much about everything that’s gonna happen in The Pinnacle Bank Arena. It’s gonna be pretty sweet.

But mostly, I can’t wait to watch more jumping.

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