Big Red Cobcast: Merry Friendsmas

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Our family wishes you and yours a great end to the year and beginning of the next.

This week on the Big Red Cobcast we are doing something a little different. Since I’m back home in Lincoln for the holidays I had three of my best friends on to talk about the Early Enrollees, What we’re most excited about and bold predictions for next year. Nicson, Kadavy ad Gasper are super fans and as nerdy about Husker football as the rest of us. I also enjoy being around them because they are possibly the funniest people I know. I had a blast recording this episode with them.

There are no special videos or facebook lives this week but the absolute craziness of this week’s episode will more than make up for it. So give this episode a listen. You will probably find some new stuff in here that you’ve never thought of before but even if you don’t – I promise you’ll have a good time.

Have a great week everybody and GO BIG RED!



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