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Big Red Cobcast: I’m a proud homer

10/30/18 | Ryan Tweedy
ho·mer /ˈhōmər/ (noun): a person, man or woman, who believes that under the tutelage of Scott Frost, the Nebraska Cornhuskers are capable of anything and everything. I, Ryan Tweedy of the Lincoln Tweedys, am a proud homer and with that in mind I declare that the Nebraska Cornhuskers will defeat the Urban Meyer lead Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday, The…

Big Red Cobcast: VICTORY!

10/23/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Man, I never thought I could feel this good about being 1-6. It's almost embarrassing. Plus, if we're being honest Im not sure I'd feel the same if it was ANYBODY but Scott Frost. I feel like Husker fans have a secret that we've known about since December and everyone else is just starting to figure it out. What makes…

Big Red Cobcast: Opportunities!!!

9/25/18 | Ryan Tweedy
What An Opportunity!!! (this week we have a guest writer, Joe Canale) We all know where we stand. We're 0-3. We have one, ONE(!) beat up, scholarship quarterback available. Our offensive line looks like shit and the defense is still making the big mistakes that have plagued the last few (several?, twenty?) years. Worst of all, this has given all…

Big Red Cobcast: So Close!

8/21/18 | Ryan Tweedy
(This week we have guest blogger Joe Canale again) SOCLOSESOCLOSESOCLOSESOCLOSESOCLOSE!!!! I know I did the whole Christmas eve thing last week , I should have saved it for this week, or actually next week come to think about it.  But I was wrong about Christmas.  Because Christmas (or birthday or anniversary or whatever) comes once a year.  What we are…

Big Red Cobcast: Christmas In September

8/14/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Oh man oh man oh man.  It's getting closer,  yet it still can't get here soon enough. I know we all look forward to the first Husker football game every year, but there's no question this year is unique.  There has never been a head coach like Scott Frost at Nebraska.  We've had high profile hires like Bill Callahan.  And…

Big Red Cobcast: The Brenda Tracy Interview

8/7/18 | Ryan Tweedy
I'm gonna keep this article short and sweet because I would like the podcast to speak for itself this week. We spoke to Brenda Tracy Saturday afternoon and recorded our conversation. She was insightful, brave, thoughtful, poignant and honest. I want to let her speak for herself. If you have sons and/or daughters this might be a good episode for…

Big Red Cobcast: Nutrition!

7/25/18 | Ryan Tweedy
This week we are joined by our good friend, Brent Pope. Brent is not only a Husker super fan but also a very famous actor. He's one of those guys who's name you don't know but you've seen his face a million times. Check him out on Casual on HULU and Pink Collar Crimes on CBS! Now to what's important. What…

Big Red Cobcast: Consistency

7/3/18 | Ryan Tweedy
(This week Joe Canale @weaseliscious of "The Big Red Cobcast" is our guest writer) Consistency. That is a word that used to define the Nebraska football, and not always in a good way. Before Osborne won his Natty's he was criticized for winning ten games a year, but losing the "big one". There were even rumors of him being fired,…

Big Red Cobcast: Best Running Back Ever?

5/29/18 | Ryan Tweedy
Greatest Husker Running Backs Since I was a kid I have been a fan of Husker Running backs.  Nebraska has had the greatest runners the sport has ever known. Even our quarterbacks could have played half backs at many colleges. There was something about how our running backs moved - they ran fast and tough. They burned players around the…

Big Red Cobcast: Scott Frost Wants Bama

5/22/18 | Ryan Tweedy
For those of you that haven't heard, Scott Frost called out Alabama for claiming titles that don't really count. Which brings the total number of entities ol' Frosty has called out to Bama, Harbaugh, Meyer, the entire Big Ten conference in one fell swoop and, if we go back to '97, the media that didn't recognize Tom Osborne as the…

Big Red Cobcast: Charlie McBride Talks Frost, Riley and Parrella

12/5/17 | Ryan Tweedy
  Hi everyone, Let me introduce myself. I'm Ryan Tweedy, creator of the "Big Red Cobcast". You may recognise my name from directing the film "Through These Gates", buuuuut probably not. I'm also a Los Angeles based comedian from Lincoln, Nebraska .   Who Cares? Fair Question but hopefully I can convince you to care a little bit. At least enough…