Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #202

I was hoping we wouldn’t have to be having one of these types of conversations again this soon. But here we are. A couple weeks removed from Nebrasketball season (and just a few months from a football hiring process), the humming noise surrounding Tim Miles’ job status seems to be getting louder. So we addressed that this week, on both the Cobcast and our weekly Facebook Live. You can download the latest episode of Cobcast on iTunes starting today or on HuskerMax tomorrow. You can catch the Facebook Live below.

There are a lot of questions at play. Is it right that Tim Miles and his job are in question? Is now the right time to be discussing such things? Will this type of conversation affect future rosters? Should the prospect of next season’s roster affect Tim Miles’ prospects for returning? Is there an adequate upgrade available to Nebraska? Who is that upgrade?

That’s a lot of questions, right? We do our best to answer all of them (while sneaking in some good ol’ Husker football talk). Oh, and speaking of questions…you can chime in with your own questions! Call us at 747-998-2976 and leave us a voicemail, and there’s a good chance we’ll play it on the air. We did a whole bunch of that on this week’s Cobcast.

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