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Big Red Cobcast Preview #223: Balloons, Marching Bands and LED Lights! Oh My!

8/20/18 | Patrick Janssen
Here are the reasons I know we need Husker football in our lives STAT: 1.) Husker fans talking about balloons. 2.) Husker fans are talking about lights. 3.) Husker fans are LOSING THEIR FREAKING MINDS RIGHT NOW. Numbers 1 and 2 probably fold into number 3. And we're not immune from these woes. But we did our damnedest to talk…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #195

2/5/18 | Patrick Janssen
There are some people who like the Big Red Cobcast. More than that, though, there are people who LOVE the Big Red Cobcast. But believe it or not, there are also people who don't dig us. Why? They probably fell off their bikes and landed on their heads when they were kids. And because everyone wants to go to a…