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Big Red Cobcast Preview #228: Buy In

9/24/18 | Patrick Janssen
It's time for all of you to buy in. Buy in to the Scott Frost Era. Buy in to the long-term plan. Buy in to knowing this year is probably going to be a slog. Sure, all of that. But most importantly, buy in to watching these videos every Monday. They've become therapy for us after the games. Maybe they…

Big Red Cobcast Ep. 227: What Now?

9/18/18 | Patrick Janssen
I've had two conflicting pieces of wisdom kicking around in my brain since the weekend. Back in the mid 90s, after I grounded out to lose a baseball championship game in junior high, my dad told me that I'd learn more from that defeat than I would have if I had hit a game-winning double. Years later, I broadcasted games…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #227: I Guess We Have to Hate Troy Now

9/17/18 | Patrick Janssen
Well, the Scott Frost era isn't off to the start we thought it would be. Adrian Martinez is hurt. Andrew Bunch is like Matt Turman but without Lawrence Phillips, Aaron Graham and Rob Zatechka. And we've lost to friggin' Colorado and Troy. But Colorado and Iowa (and other non-championship team) fans should relish this while they can because this is…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #222: 19 DAYS TILL HUSKER FOOTBALL SEASON

8/13/18 | Patrick Janssen
Nineteen days. Let me spell that out for you. N-I-N-E-T-E-E-N (space) D-A-Y-S (space) U-N-T-I-L (space) H-U-S-K-E-R (space) F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L (space) I-S (space) B-A-C-K-EXCLAMATION POINT. That excitement comes through in both our latest podcast episode, which is available on iTunes right now and on HuskerMax tomorrow morning, as well as in our weekly Facebook Live, which is available just below this paragraph…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #205

4/16/18 | Patrick Janssen
Tweedy & I are Nebraska natives. We've had our share of Runzas. We've soaked up cheap beer with Valentino's on a Saturday morning. And most importantly, we know how to drive in the damn snow. But that doesn't mean we always want to (drive in the snow; I'll eat post-drunk Runzas and Valentino's slices all day every day). But sometimes…