Big Red Cobcast Preview #236: Hope and Hate (or Hate and Hope?)

Big Red Cobcast

Despite one of my more favorite Husker victories in recent memory, Nebraska was officially eliminated from bowl contention late Saturday night. BYU’s thumping of New Mexico State was the final nail in the coffin for the Huskers’ postseason hopes. But not for their long-term hopes. Things are about to get good in our neck of the woods. REEEAL GOOD.

So we don’t get a bowl game. That’s fine. That just means Nebraska can end its season with a win against Iowa. And heaven knows Nebraska better end its season with a win against Iowa. Because all this hopey-changey stuff we’re feeling right now will go away in a heartbeat with a loss to those no-good pieces of trash (sorry, Dave won’t let me say what I actually want to say about Iowa).

So let’s strap up for one more week and watch the most fun 5-7 team this sport has ever seen. Yeah, I said 5-7. Book it. Iowa Hate Week starts now.

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