Big Red Cobcast: Commitments, Contracts and Hope

Happy New Year!

Here’s to a New Year full of hope! I know it’s a little late but that’s how we roll here at the Big Red Cobcast. It doesn’t mean we mean it any less. Actually, maybe Pat already said it last week. Whatever, I’m my own person.

Now For The Important Stuff!

We’re getting in to that time of the year where all the games have been played and we still start filling ourselves up with unchecked hope for next season. The kind of hope that makes the saddest of fans feel like homers again. The kind of hope that makes us look at next years schedule and say, “You know, none of these games are guaranteed losses. We could sneak into the playoffs and with a little luck be national champs.” We all know it’s unlikely but we let it slither into our brains like a fumblerooski that no one saw coming.

I think it’s important that we all let the fairytale live inside us every once in awhile. Once we stop with the fantasies of grandeur we basically become Arizona or BYU or even worse – Iowa. Plus it’s far more enjoyable to be a homer than it is to be a stick in the mud. Not just for yourself but for those around you also.

What Else?

One of my guilty pleasures when it comes to football season is recruiting. I hate myself for caring so much about the actions or tweets or hidden agendas of high school kids but I love the feeling of hope I get every time I watch a HUDL video of a running back leaping over two defenders (I see you Ta’zhawn Henry) or watching a wide receiver get boomshakalakaed by Will Honas.

It looks like we had a pretty good recruiting weekend a few days back and we should see commitments from guys like Miles Jones and Cam’Ron Jones (no relation) real soon or at least I hope we do. Then again that’s what I thought about Darnay Holmes last year. There’s always one – There’s always some 18 year old dude that breaks my heart. The ridiculousness of that statement is not lost me. So I guess that’s my point this week. Enjoy the hope – You’re not guaranteed it lasts past August.

What’s On The Cobcast This Week?

This week Pat and I talk about recruiting, what we hear, what we expect and what we want. Sometimes all three of those are not the same thing. Often times they aren’t even in the same 500 mile radius. We also talk about Mike Riley’s new contract with Oregon State and what that means to the University of Nebraska moving forward, if it should change our opinions of him, and where did that $4 come from? So, please listen to us from the player above or click on over to Boardwalk Audio to download it.

Alright, we’ll see you next week so until then – GBR!


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