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Big Red Cobcast Preview #223: Balloons, Marching Bands and LED Lights! Oh My!

8/20/18 | Patrick Janssen
Here are the reasons I know we need Husker football in our lives STAT: 1.) Husker fans talking about balloons. 2.) Husker fans are talking about lights. 3.) Husker fans are LOSING THEIR FREAKING MINDS RIGHT NOW. Numbers 1 and 2 probably fold into number 3. And we're not immune from these woes. But we did our damnedest to talk…

Big Red Cobcast Preview #222: 19 DAYS TILL HUSKER FOOTBALL SEASON

8/13/18 | Patrick Janssen
Nineteen days. Let me spell that out for you. N-I-N-E-T-E-E-N (space) D-A-Y-S (space) U-N-T-I-L (space) H-U-S-K-E-R (space) F-O-O-T-B-A-L-L (space) I-S (space) B-A-C-K-EXCLAMATION POINT. That excitement comes through in both our latest podcast episode, which is available on iTunes right now and on HuskerMax tomorrow morning, as well as in our weekly Facebook Live, which is available just below this paragraph…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: SURPRISE!

6/18/18 | Patrick Janssen
This past week was one of surprises. A surprise commitment, a surprise change in NCAA regulations AND a surprise return of our weekly preview articles & Facebook Live chats. Yeah, that's right. We're doing our jobs in their entirety. So that means we're kind of like Scott Frost and Co. now, right? So since we've done our jobs, why don't…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Bring On Breon!

5/14/18 | Patrick Janssen
In life, some weeks just flat out suck. And then there are the weeks you find out Breon Dixon will be allowed to play this fall and you realize heaven’s existence is immaterial because it’s already a time and place on Earth! That’s pretty much where Tweedy and I are this week. We also discuss the state of Husker football…

Big Red Cobcast Preview: Episode #203

4/2/18 | Patrick Janssen
What does a Husker fan do when there are no games to be played? (No, I'm not including the pitching meltdown that happened in Columbus, Ohio this weekend.) We talk recruiting and who might be fired and when. And oh did we do that on this week's episode of the Big Red Cobcast. It was Junior Day weekend in Lincoln,…