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October 2007

The book For Husker Fans Only is now available in Kimball, McCook, select Hy-Vee stores and in Arizona. Read the latest excerpt here.
Jeff writes his Texas Scarlet Commentary.
Who's No. 2 at quarterback now? It might depend on the situation.
Husker Dan gives his Texas review and has more Army mail.
Joe Ganz enthusiastically accepts the challenge that awaits him.
It's time to say thanks to Sam Keller and Lance Brandenburgh and hello to Joe Ganz, who may have Kansas puzzling over what to expect.
Sam Keller and Lance Brandenburgh are out for the rest of the season. Joe Ganz is eager to take the reins of the offense.
Can the Huskers take some positives from Saturday's loss and move forward?
The Athletic Department issues a clarification after a remark by Tom Osborne during a TV interview fuels more speculation.
A spread set, a mobile QB and a few option plays can confound a defense.
David Max gives his 2 cents on the game in Austin. Sam McKewon says the Huskers now know they have the talent and passion to finish 2007 the right way.
The Huskers have fallen to last in Division 1-A in rushing defense.
Zac Taylor comes to the defense of the coaching staff.
Buffalo hopes it can hang on to Turner Gill as the coach's stock rises.
Texas 28, Nebraska 25. Game page | Pregame page | DVD
New Tom Osborne shirts - Wizard of Os, and Tradition & Order.
Bill Callahan and players agree that the 2003 Oakland and 2007 Nebraska collapses are two entirely different situations.
Tim Griffin's Big 12 Insider notes how recruiting rankings don't always pan out.
The New York Times takes a look at the developments in Lincoln.
NU needs to dial up Bo Pelini, says Denver columnist John Henderson.
ABC's Terry Bowden says he didn't see the Huskers' collapse coming.
Tom Osborne meets with Athletic Dept. staff and hopes to bring back Paul Meyers. He also tries to reassure recruits. (Blaine Gabbert now a decommit.) KETV
NU is one of three former powerhouses looking for answers. And the Huskers aren't alone with their wavering recruits.
Generation-Y players: Do they require a different kind of motivation?
Five-star defensive end Simi Kuli, the nation's top-rated JUCO player according to Rivals.com, commits to the Huskers.
Players say fan negativity is becoming hard to take.
The Huskers' small-ball passing game is paying diminishing returns.
At Tuesday's press conference, Bill Callahan describes his job performance as "excellent" and bemoans the uncertainty that is hurting recruiting.
Steve Pederson's severance is being paid largely by season ticket holders.
Prized running-back recruit Jonas Gray decommits.
A top headhunter says NU need not rush a decision on Bill Callahan's future.
Husker Dan has a "Calla-Franchione Bowl" review and another Army update.
Be the first to get the Tradition N Order and Got Tom! T-Shirts.
The Kansas game will have an 11:30 a.m. kickoff and FSN telecast, but it could become a split national broadcast.
Wall Street Husker still has some optimism about the Texas game.
The fans deserve straighter talk from the coaches, Sam McKewon writes.
How did the Huskers' 2007 season go south in such a short time?
Nebraska should not go overboard in turning to its past, Lee Barfknecht writes.
Steve Pederson's hiring of an East Coast consultant helped poison the atmosphere at the Athletic Department, staffers say.
The OWH looks at Tom Osborne's first game day as interim athletic director.
Texas A&M 36, Nebraska 14. Game page | Pregame page | DVD
Tom Osborne will receive the Paul “Bear” Bryant Lifetime Achievement Award.
More commentary on the week's events: Tim Griffin, Jason King, Steve Sipple
The defensive line's woes may have been four years in the making.
It's a buyer's market for game tickets, even though the sellout streak is intact.
The regents see no reason to challenge Steve Pederson's buyout.
ESPN.com showcases the changes and what Saturday's NU-A&M game might mean.
Double Nickel (Jason Peter) gives his two cents, and Jeff offers up his latest Scarlet Commentary.
A Wisconsin columnist dismisses talk that Barry Alvarez could land at NU.
The latest round of commentary: Grant Wistrom, Blair Kerkhoff, Husker Dan
Tom Osborne and Bill Callahan try to mend fences after details emerge from a forthcoming book that chronicles the decline of Nebraska football.
Tom Osborne's first day on the job includes a visit to football practice and some time in The Jungle (1, 2). He also tells former players they're welcome any time.
Baker Steinkuhler is selected for the prestigious All-American Bowl.
Nebraska's gain is Creighton's loss.
Perspectives on the Nebraska situation from Miami and Detroit. Also, hear what former Huskers have been saying on the radio.
The legality of Steve Pederson's contract buyout is questioned.
Now is the time for Husker fans to get behind the players, Jason Sturek writes.
Support the Athletic Department and the TeamMates Mentoring Program and get a great book. Buy the "Donation Edition" of For Husker Fans Only. The book is now available in 36 retail locations.
As Tom Osborne takes the helm at the Athletic Department, the commentary flows: The Colonel | Posnanski | Sipple | Merrill | Brown | LeBreton
Is it now open season on NU's recruits? Blaine Gabbert is reconsidering.
Own a piece of Husker history at a special price. HuskerPedia exclusive.
Dr. Tom has tried to keep current on college football, and today's players remember his successes.
Thick skin may be the No. 1 requirement for being an athletic director.
More boosters weigh in on this week's turn of events. KETV video
Turner Gill has Buffalo pointed toward respectability in his second season. And Craig Bohl has North Dakota State gunning for a No.1 finish.
Tom Osborne says he will evalute the football program but will make no midseason changes in the coaching staff as he rejoins the Athletic Department as interim athletic director. AUDIO PHOTOS KETV video
Bill Callahan calls the A.D.'s firing a huge distraction for the team and says he is not considering resigning. Players say the team does not need an overhaul. audio links
Tom Osborne gets support for the interim A.D. position from Dennis Dodd, and David Max starts a petition. More commentary: Sipple, Barfknecht, McKewon, Douglass (1, 2), Mandel, Dienhart
Johnny Rodgers seeks a pardon in his 1970 robbery case.
Harvey Perlman fires athletic director Steve Pederson and says the decision had to do with leadership deficiencies, not football fortunes. Reaction: Callahan (1, 2, 3), Boosters (1, 2), Osborne (1, 2), Staffers (1, 2), Players, Others (1, 2, 3). Additional coverage: 1, 2, 3, 4 AP/OWH video
Big-money boosters sound off about what should happen next as rumors fly. Commentary: McKewon, Russo KETV
Wall Street Husker and David Max give their 2 Cents on the OSU game. HuskerPedia poster Lutheran Husker takes his 3-year-old son to his first Nebraska game.
Oklahoma State 45, Huskers 14. Game page | Pregame page | DVD
Tom Osborne says leadership was key to the success of the 1997 team.
An update on Husker recruit Josh Williams.
Alumni and Booster chapter leaders send a letter of support to the team.
As Bo Pelini's stock rises, he talks about his year at Nebraska.
The Athletic Department's marketing director leaves for the private sector.
J.B. Phillips is Nebraska's nominee for the Draddy Trophy.
This week in Husker history: Nebraska's first game at Memorial Stadium.
The next two games are as crucial as any in the Callahan era, Blair Kerkhoff writes.
A father decides to delay his young son's Husker "indoctrination."
"This isn't where we hoped we'd be at this point," Steve Pederson says. But the A.D. won't make any decisions on the basis of a "snapshot in time."
Blunt-talking Jason Peter says his loyalty is to the program. KETV
Marlon Lucky and others discuss what has happened to the running game.
Kyle Vanden Bosch is a nominee for NFL defensive player of the week.
Hunter Teafatiller appears in court on a DUI charge.
Steve Sipple looks at some of the characters that made the 1997 team click.
Husker Dan checks in with his Missouri report and more Army news.
Chase Daniel says NU's defensive scheme Saturday was "high school stuff."
The OWH's Mitch Sherman says recruiting hype isn't matched by performance.
Offensive lineman Brandon Thompson from Texas commits to the Huskers.
The NCAA is investigating rules violations in the K-State football program: 1, 2
Steve Pederson says the coaching staff has his support. KETV
Bill Callahan rejects the notion that the players lack intensity.
NU's defense is on pace to set a number of records it would rather avoid.
Ex-Husker Kris Brown's historic performace lifts the Texans to victory.
The Blackshirts try to come up with a scheme to slow down spread offenses.
Bill Callahan's passion for the game isn't rubbing off on his players, Steve Sipple writes. Sam McKewon has advice for the disgruntled fan.
Mizzou 41, Nebraska 6. Game page | Pregame page | DVD
Turner Gill's Buffalo Bulls roll past Frank Solich's Ohio Bobcats, 31-10.
Defensive end Riley Reiff commits to Nebraska's recruiting class of 2008.
This week in Husker history: Bob Devaney's first conference win at NU.
The 4th-grade class at Perris, CA adopts Nebraska as its school and team.
Saturday's Big 12 TV matchups are a couch potato's dream, Tim Griffin writes.
A shoulder injury keeps Husker recruit Blaine Gabbert on the sideline for his team's game on national TV.
Paul Meyers, associate AD for major gifts, has resigned.
Congrats to Barrett Ruud, the NFC Defensive Player of the Month.
Husker Dan gives an update on his Army, Iowa State and Missouri.
Winners of the CA4NE ticket drawings were Mike Synovec of Lincoln, NE and Jeff Rosenberger of Cedar Rapids, IA.
Recruit update: Blaine Gabbert is pushed by an intense competitive streak. Collins Okafor keeps striving to improve.
Nebraska's football graduation rate is second-best in the conference.
Coloradans 4 NE are going to see Larry the Cable Guy in Colorado Springs on Oct. 11. They also have three OSU ticket/lodging packages for auction.
For Husker Fans Only is now available at the University Bookstore and the Depot Deli in Shenandoah, IA. Read a new excerpt about Marv Clausen here.
Big Red Diary: Niles Paul.
Kyle Larson reflects back on his days at Kearney High.
The Oklahoma State game will be on pay per view with an 11:30 a.m. kickoff.
Tragedy again befalls Maurice Purify as his girlfriend dies in a car crash.
COL4NE has three OSU ticket/lodging packages for auction.
The two-minute drill seems to suit this Husker offense.
Two Blackshirts earning praise: Zach Potter and Cortney Grixby*
Wall Street Husker is a new contributor with an East Coast perspective.
David Max gets some feedback from his My 2 Cents commentary and offers a follow-up commentary about future expectations.
Has it really been 10 years since the flea-kicker game of 1997?
Taking stock of Saturday's defensive performance: Sam McKewon, LJS
Steve Sipple says it's time believe all the talk about parity.