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September 2011

30 FRI
Charlie McBride was on the opposite side during the ’74 loss in Madison.
Kirk Herbstreit says UW has more to gain Saturday than Nebraska.
Ken Jarecke's photo book gets a nice spot on Time.com.
Razz NU's fans but don't be rude, UW followers are urged. | Dos & don'ts
As UW's profile has risen, so has the rollicking atmosphere at its stadium.
Angry Dad assesses the Huskers' chances in Madison.
CBS Sports previews the game and picks Wisconsin. | More predictions
NU fans seem to be coming out of the woodwork in Wisconsin.
Coaches Bielema & Pelini have learned lessons about sideline emotions.
UW's defensive coordinator has had some success against Nebraska.
The sure winner this weekend is Madison's economy.
Taylor Martinez's brother Drake has an offer from Nebraska.
Gear up for the game with the Friday HuskerMax Tailgate, with Jack & John, Jason Peter and more: 1, 2, 3 | Picks
Daimion Stafford's nickel duty has him trying to fill Eric Hagg's shoes.
To Tim Beck, toughening the offense mentally has been key. | Notes
Being there: Husker fans want to take in a slice of history.
Jim Delany says a compelling case must be made for expansion. | Q&A
The Badgers are glad to have NU castoff Joe Rudolph. | UW notes: 1, 2
Both fan bases are passionate but show it in different ways.
Hometown Husker: Kevin Thomsen is on his fourth position with the team.
Pregame video from the Lincoln paper: Keys to the game | Crystal ball
Pre-Snap Read previews the mighty showdown in Madison.
Bob Devaney would don a Blackshirt for this game despite his ties to Barry Alvarez, Randy York writes. More on the programs' shared DNA: 1, 2
Watch as Rob Zatechka assesses the Huskers’ chances Saturday night.
Husker Dan checks in with some pregame observations.
Wisconsin draws some flak for its nonconference scheduling.
Heisman talk is starting as Russell Wilson dazzles at QB for Wisconsin.
The game tops a couple of lists of the weekend's best college contests.
29 THU
The Huskers wrap up preparations for Wisconsin with Thursday's practice. Early notes: 1, 2 | Audio: HuskerMax report, B.Pelini
Steve Sipple preaches patience with Taylor Martinez's option aptitude.
A nutrition game plan is the latest edge for top football programs.
Austin Cassidy is a semifinalist for the Campbell scholar-athlete trophy.
It's a moment in the sun for a league seen as struggling for relevancy.
The Badgers are healthy again at linebacker.
Here's your chance to vote on the design of the trophy to be exchanged by Nebraska and Iowa students at the Hawkeye-Husker games. Big Red Network breaks down the contenders.
Barry Alvarez was on a stellar NU defense that got scant scoring support.
These mirror-image teams need throwback uniforms – they are throwbacks.
Korean Seung Hoon Choi finds a home on Nebraska's offensive line.
No tickets? Nebraska fans will go to Madison anyway.
A retro style of offense suits Wisconsin and its "giants" on the line.
For the youngest Huskers in particular, Madison's frenzy could be trouble.
How did N.C. State let Russell Wilson get away? Here's the story.
Bo Pelini and Bret Bielema are coaches with much in common.
Watch the OWH's McKewon & Kaipust preview the game. | In the trenches
Shatel: For a defensive tackle like Jared Crick, the spotlight can be unfair.
Wisconsin's 1974 upset of Nebraska remains fresh for players.
Attending a game of unprecedented demand doesn't need to cost much.
UW receiver Nick Toon is grabbing attention. | UW notes | Insider
It turns out that the Badgers too are trying to ignore the hype.
Brandon Kinnie is glad to have broken out of his senior slump. | NU notes
Here are your printable rosters to have at the game or in front of the TV.
28 WED
The Huskers are still looking for the right combination in the secondary. More from Wednesday's practice: HuskerMax report | Audio: R.Brown, Els
Bo Buzzkill? Tom Shatel wishes Pelini would stray from his coachspeak.
Brent Musburger breaks down Nebraska-Wisconsin for a Badger website.
James Dobson has UW roots, but it's Nebraska he's making stronger.
It's a chance for the Nebraska program to reclaim some national stature.
Tom Osborne says rivalries must develop naturally and over time.
Watch as Taylor Martinez answers questions on SI.com's Just Askin’.
NU's secondary has bulked up in advance of the Wisconsin game.
Bubba Starling is cited for underage drinking in Arizona.
"Throwback" is a testament to Rex Burkhead's approach to the game.
Will Shields joins Roger Craig as a Pro Football Hall of Fame nominee.
Go Big Black? Color schemes are part of the intrigue for Saturday.
Badger fans' hangouts may have a different feel, but they're not worried.
Saturday's contest could be a preview of the Big Ten title game.
Barry Alvarez's Lincoln logs made Wisconsin's program what it is now.
Bascom Hill is where ESPN College Gameday will set up. | Map
College Football News’ preview says Wisconsin by 14. | More predictions
NU can't count on Wisconsin to beat itself with mistakes. | Notes: 1, 2
Nebraska's running game has the Badgers' attention. | The book on NU
Wisconsin's imposing O-line gets the Sports Illustrated treatment.
Steve Octavien isn't moping about falling from the NFL to the Nighthawks.
The Badger whose pass beat NU in 1974 recounts the memorable moment.
QB Russell Wilson is a quick study and a big-play generator for Wisconsin.
At ease on the road, Taylor Martinez maintains a low-key approach.
27 TUE
Photojournalist Ken Jarecke tells how his Farewell Big 12 book came to be.
Carel Stith, a 1960s star, is surprised NU didn't join the Big Ten sooner.
Go back 40 years for the sounds of the ’71 win over Mizzou. | Game page
Notes from Tuesday's Big Ten conference call: 1, 2 | Rankings
Sitting out a week wasn't Jared Crick's cup of tea. More from Tuesday's practice: HuskerMax report | Audio: Beck, Carter
Here's the Week 3 wrap-up of Huskers in the NFL
Which team's offense poses the greater scout team challenge?
Speed, depth & scheme might be crucial against Wisconsin's big O-line.
Listen as Harvey Perlman talks academics & realignment (at 11:00 mark).
Martinez & Wilson: How to defend against the two dynamic QBs.
Mike Rozier says football was never his childhood dream.
Dirk Chatelain says it's a shame Wisconsin isn't an annual opponent.
Husker fans living in Badger land don't let their loyalty fade.
The improving O-line is ready for a night of physical football.
Even though he had little time to prepare, new cornerback Corey Cooper isn't happy with how he played in his first start. Notes: 1, 2
The Devaney blueprint helped resurrect Wisconsin's football program.
Hear Sean Callahan discuss the matchup on SportsCenter. | Big 3 is back
Barry Alvarez has never seen a tougher ticket in Madison. | UW notes
Wisconsin's kickoff guy, from Omaha, is trying to control his hook.
Braylon Heard discusses his first TD and coping with limited playing time.
Five things you should know about Wisconsin's Jump-Around.
Recruit watch: How Nebraska prospects fared over the weekend.
26 MON
Bo Pelini's disdain for hype reflects his approach to coaching.
One more round of commentary: Ken Jarecke and Calvin Jones.
Wisconsin's success on offense starts with the ground game. More from Monday's practice: HuskerMax report | Audio: C.Pelini, Dennard
Officials urge caution when buying game tickets on the street. | H'Max tix
Badger coach Bret Bielema is excited about the historic game and says his starters are prepared for a four-quarter battle.
Russell Wilson fits in both talent- and personality-wise at Wisconsin.
Bo Pelini says he's not interested in the hype surrounding the game. More from Monday's press conference: Crick is back | A little trash talk | Audio: Pelini, Cassidy, Smith, Burkhead, Martinez, Kinnie
The Huskers might need their best performance to win this big game.
Dirk Chatelain asks: Why so few snaps for Brion Carnes?
Husker fans get creative to land Wisconsin game tickets.
Rob Zatechka is still looking for that definitive performance.
The emotional stakes Saturday appear higher than the practical stakes.
The Badgers' stellar O-line tradition was a Barry Alvarez creation.
Enter to win four skybox suite tickets to the NU-Michigan State game.
The Huskers' last trip to Madison hurt in lots of ways. | 1974 game page
Husker players exude confidence even if many fans don't.
More commentary from the Wyoming game: Prestidge | Feit
Even when he's dinged up, it's hard to keep Rex Burkhead out of a game for long. Notes: Wildcat is back | Crick helped out
Nebraska-Wisconsin provides the Big Ten a rare pairing of Top 10 league teams. | Excitement builds | Badgers focused
Wisconsin receiver Nick Toon is grabbing NFL scouts' attention.
Former Huskers from Big Ten country look forward to the new rivalries.
It's been good news and bad news for the Huskers' defense.
Larger conferences don't make a playoff a lock. | Mizzou next?
25 SUN
Watch as the Madison and Lincoln scribes break down the matchup.
The Badgers hold a big advantage in the NU-Wisconsin stats comparison.
Texas A&M’s move to the SEC in 2012 finally becomes official.
NU moves up to No. 8 in the coaches' and AP polls. | McKewon ballot
It's official: College Gameday is headed to Madison for NU-Wisconsin.
24 SAT
Nebraska 38, Wyoming 14. Rex Burkhead's big day helps the Huskers put away the Cowboys in Laramie. Go to the game page for all the coverage. | Commentary: Stryker, Bishop | Game on DVD
Next is the much-awaited game at Wisconsin, which routed South Dakota.
The Redskins' three rookies from Nebraska prepare for prime time.
Lee Barfknecht says there's no shortage of faulty notions about where conference realignment is heading.
In fired-up Laramie, the Huskers face a road test tonight at 7,220 feet. Here's the pregame coverage from Lincoln (1, 2, 3), Omaha (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), Grand Island, Cheyenne (1, 2), Laramie (1, 2) and Casper (1, 2).
Bo Pelini sets the tone for the team with his Friday night speeches.
Covering NU football: Meet some of the OWH faces behind the bylines.
Past Husker: Bruce Mathison | Future Husker: Jordan Westerkamp
23 FRI
Here's the audio from Friday afternoon's Husker Hour: Wyoming play-by-play man Dave Walsh | Cameron Meredith | 1971 Husker Bill Janssen
"Heroes" nominations are now being accepted for the NU-Iowa game.
The Nebraska-Wyoming game's coin toss will honor Ronald Reagan.
Saturday's Legends Radio Show guests are late-1980s teammates Marvin Sanders, Randall Jobman and Gerry Gdowski.
Kick back and listen to this classic Bob Devaney tribute. | 1962 intrigue
Carl Pelini discusses personnel tweaks and says the defense will improve.
Gear up for the game with the Friday HuskerMax Tailgate – game analysis with Jack & John, Jason Peter and more: 1, 2, 3 | Picks
Taylor Martinez's speed poses a challenge for Wyoming. | Trap game?
It's a “home game” for Husker fans in western Nebraska. | Economic boost
22 THU
His old Wyoming players can testify that Bob Devaney was never boring. More: Fateful ’57 | Melton's memories | How it was
Kyle Vanden Bosch's intensity helps make the former Husker the MVP of the Detroit Lions' locker room. | Suh looking for more
Dan Beebe is out and Chuck Neinas is in as the Big 12 tries to heal.
A Fresno State official says his school should take a cue from NU fans.
Frank Solich's current Ohio team has the makings of something special.
The “Bugeaters” documentary will have its Lincoln debut Sunday.
Hometown Husker: Fullback C.J. Zimmerer from Omaha Gross
Alfonzo Dennard will play, but Jared Crick is questionable for Saturday. More from Thursday's practice: HuskerMax report | Notes: 1, 2
Wyoming's QB has been spreading the wealth among his receivers.
Football is just a part of offensive guard Seung Hoon Choi's journey.
It's getting “crazy” as Laramie anticipates a day three years in the making.
Dave Christensen's Cowboys have a Mizzou-style offense that doesn't intend to be intimidated by Crick & Co. | Character-building | Insider
Big 12 reforms are afoot, and Beebe may be out. | OU's quandary | Shatel
Husker Dan files his report on the Washington game.
Bulking up is high on cornerback Josh Mitchell's to-do list.
21 WED
Forty-year championship flashback: An audio recap of 1971 Nebraska-Utah State, with play-by-play from Lyell Bremser. | Game page
Wyoming has rolled out a special T-shirt for the big game.
For Ndamukong Suh, it's good to have big sister looking out for him.
Jared Crick sat out another practice on Wednesday. Notes: 1, 2, 3 | HuskerMax report | Audio: Papuchis, Cotton
The OWH gang discusses the road trip and more on video and audio.
A lot changed when Bob Devaney left Laramie for Lincoln 50 years ago.
Football at 7,200 feet: How Laramie's elevation might affect the Huskers.
Good luck finding a room if you're going to Madison.
The Big Ten is filled with quarterbacks who can scoot.
The Pac-12's officiating chief backs at least two of the three disputed calls that went against Washington on punts and kickoffs.
Coach John Papuchis is striving for greater consistency on kick coverage.
The Green brothers help each other through the rough spots.
In a likely reprieve for the Big 12, the Pac-12 says no to expansion. But Missouri reportedly has an informal SEC offer. | Chatelain's takes
Kevin Thomsen's move is shoring up the depth at tight end.
Conference call: Illinois rising | One and done for Fickell? | Rankings
20 TUE
Many see it as Wyoming's biggest home game ever. | Inside the matchup
George Flippin's legacy is brought to life for a new generation.
Seung Hoon Choi took a unique path into the Husker lineup.
Join the Utahns for Nebraska tailgate Saturday in Laramie.
Jared Crick is named to the AFCA Good Works Team. | Vote for captain
Jared Crick is on the mend, and Stanley Jean-Baptiste has switched to cornerback. More from Tuesday's practice: Turner's “bad game” | HuskerMax report | Audio: C.Pelini, Fisher | Video: 1, 2
Taylor Martinez's brother has quite a game for Laguna Beach High School.
The sea of red made Tommy Armstrong's choice easy. | Recruit watch
Here's the story of the now-ticketless Claude and Prue Coccodrilli.
Dirk Chatelain rounds up quotes, links & thoughts on the realignment saga.
Wyoming is trying to treat NU the same as any other foe. | Five things
The Big Ten Digital Network is formed, with only Nebraska opting out.
The secondary’s growing pains are like those of ’08. | What's curbing Crick
Developments in Oklahoma & Texas put the Big 12 closer to disintegration.
QB Brion Carnes focuses on being prepared in case opportunity knocks.
A knee injury sidelines the Nighthawks' Eric Crouch
See the photos from the HuskerMax tailgate for the Washington game.
Taylor Martinez knows he'll last longer by sliding on occasion. | Notes: 1, 2
19 MON
Alfonzo Dennard says getting mentally ready to play will take time. More from Monday's practice: HuskerMax report | Audio: Beck, Brown, Kinnie
Enter the CFN raffle for a pair of Ohio State game tickets.
The radio sync is back for Husker road games, starting Saturday.
The New York Times looks at fan numbers that may affect realignment.
It's time to take that famous Husker hospitality on the road.
Bo Pelini says staying the course, not simplifying, is the answer on defense. More from Monday's press conference: | Dennard to practice | Audio: Pelini,Martinez,Hardrick,Evans,Burkhead,Bell| Video
More commentary on the UW game: Jones, Jarecke, Prestidge, Sipple
The Wisconsin game gets a national ABC telecast.
Quarterback Tommy Armstrong has committed to the Huskers. | 2012 list
McKewon's Husker rewind: Tim Beck checkmated Nick Holt with power.
Aaron Green has had to tweak his style at the college level. | Notes: 1, 2
Around the league: Not so Legendary | Wisconsin's Wilson sizzling
18 SUN
Next up is Wyoming, a winner over Bowling Green thanks to special teams and turnovers. | Stats matchup | Pregame page
The Huskers climb to No. 9 in the AP and coaches' polls. | McKewon ballot
17 SAT
Nebraska 51, Washington 38. The Huskers' big third quarter proves too much for the Dawgs to overcome. Get all the details on the game page. | Commentary: Stryker, Bishop | Game on DVD
It's the Huskers vs. the Huskies, Round 3. Get the pregame coverage from Lincoln (1, 2, 3, 4, 5),Omaha (1, 2, 3, 4, 5),Grand Island (1, 2, 3),Seattle (1, 2, 3, 4),Bellingham andKitsap.|Commentary: Sipple, Shatel
Past Husker: John Ruud | Future Husker: Paul Thurston
16 FRI
Jamal Turner knows that being physical is part of a Husker receiver's job.
Black helmets for the Wisconsin game? It's just a rumor.
Get your game face on with the Friday HuskerMax Tailgate – game analysis with Jack & John, Jason Peter and more: 1, 2, 3 | Picks
Ross Els discusses the LBs' play and more at the Big Red Breakfast.
Ron Brown & Ameer Abdullah: Cutting across the boundary of religion
Washington's WRs hope to improve on their first two tries against NU.
There's more to Kenny Bell than a fast guy with big hair.
Willie Harper has strong opinions about what made the ’71 team special.
Tom Osborne recounts how the option became central to his offenses.
Linebacker Trevor Roach says the walk-ons push each other every day.
Here's the HuskerMax report from Thursday. | Notes: 1, 2, 3
Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times previews Huskers vs. Huskies III.
15 THU
Recruiting season may go down to the wire as NU pursues some big fish.
Fans making the Wisconsin trip are urged to pack their black attire.
The Seattle paper describes the sea of red at Memorial Stadium.
The university will unveil a mural honoring George Flippin on Friday.
Watch as Rob Zatechka and Travis Justice preview Saturday's game.
Controlling Chris Polk is a top priority for the Blackshirts.
NU's coaches aren't concerned by the offense's quick possessions.
Washington's strong finish in 2010 helped it find its identity. | UW insider
Both coaches in Saturday's game have turned around their programs.
14 WED
The coverage map shows whether to tune to ABC or ESPN in your area.
Will a second walk-on start on the offensive line? After Wednesday's practice, it appeared possible. | HuskerMax report | Audio: Papuchis, Cotton, Raymond, Fisher
TransCanada pipeline ads won't run at Memorial Stadium.
The Colonel is stirring: Here are his thoughts about the season so far.
Here's an early batch of predictions for Saturday's game. | BBS
Huskers Illustrated previews the Huskers for the Seattle paper, and Sam McKewon does likewise for the UW Athletic Department.
More snaps means more yards yielded for the Blackshirts.
Taylor Martinez's revived speed has the Huskies' attention.
DT Alameda Ta'amu aims to embarrass the Huskers in Lincoln.
The DBs look for improvement with or without Alfonzo Dennard.
Taylor Martinez works at eliminating the fumbles. More from Tuesday's practice: HuskerMax report | Notes: 1, 2, 3 | Audio: Beck, Meredith
Butch Hug, the man who makes things click on game day, has earned an honorary membership in the N-Club. Find out more about Nebraska's key man behind the scenes here.
Huskies are 2-0, but a leaky defense is a concern. | Trufant's impact
13 TUE
The WAC suspends a Fresno State player for his hit on Kyler Reed.
Here's the Week 1 report on Huskers in the NFL.
Adam Carriker has gone far by never letting go of a dream.
Brandon Kinnie on his slump: "I've got to come along, big time."
Here's a recap of Bo's comments during the Big Ten teleconference.
Ameer Abdullah's move to Nebraska is looking like the right one.
What were the LBs' missteps? Big Red Network breaks down the film.
A look at how Husker recruiting prospects fared over the weekend.
The Huskies will learn there's no place like Nebraska. | Visitor logistics
Here's the story behind the flag the team carries out to the field.
Whether revenge will be a factor Saturday depends on whom you ask.
Will Compton toughs it out | Thad Randle Q&A
12 MON
Nebraska drops a spot to No. 11 as AP corrects its vote tally.
The new Nebraska Football Hall of Fame inductees reflect on the honor.
Johnny Rodgers helped blaze a different kind of trail in the CFL.
Check out the photos from Saturday's tailgate and game.
Postgame commentary: Calvin Jones | Justin Prestidge | Dave Feit
Here's the HuskerMax report after Monday's practice. Notes: 1, 2
Ameer Abdullah picks up several honors for his play against Fresno State.
Steve Sipple: For the offensive line, will "little steps" cut it?
The Huskies expect the crowd in Lincoln to "bring it." | Hot QB
Fresno State exposed just how important Alfonzo Dennard is to the Blackshirts, Sam McKewon says. | Notes: 1, 2
Sophomore CB Ciante Evans says he needs to be better rignt now.
Taylor Martinez is proving to be productive if not perfect
The weekend revealed weaknesses throughout much of the Big Ten.
11 SUN
In commemoration of 9/11, Memorial Stadium's roar took a back seat.
Nebraska clearly has work to do, says former O-lineman Rob Zatechka.
See how the Huskers and the Huskies stack up statistically. | Game page
The Huskers stay at No. 10 in the coaches' & AP polls. | McKewon ballot
From Dirk Chatelain, what the superconference era might look like.
Suh: "I'll continue to live up to the hype – and exceed it." | Profile
Next is the rubber match against Washington, 40-32 winners over Hawaii.
10 SAT
Nebraska 42, Fresno State 29. The Blackshirts get gashed for 400-plus yards, but the Huskers prevail in a game filled with big plays. Go to the game page for coverage. | Commentary: Stryker, Bishop | Get the DVD.
All those Elkhorn walk-ons come prepared, thanks to coach Mark Wortman
Memorial Stadium is running out of room to expand, NU's regents are told.
Former Husker Rod Horn likes Bo Pelini's academic emphasis.
DeJon Gomes is ready to step in as needed in the Redskins' opener.
A street gang in northern California has taken a liking to Husker gear.
Game 2 is when coaches expect a step up in performance. Will it happen for the Huskers tonight against Fresno State? Here's the pregame coverage fromLincoln (1, 2, 3),Omaha (1, 2, 3, 4),Grand Island (1, 2) and Fresno (1, 2, 3, 4). | Commentary: Shatel, Sipple | Video: 1, 2 | Neb.-Calif. trivia
Past Husker: Adam Ickes | Future Husker: Deion Jones
09 FRI
The old Big Eight schools should have listened to Dr. Tom 15 years ago, a Missouri columnist says.
Hear Calvin Jones' perspective on the current running backs and the option. More audio: Rex Burkhead, Greg Sharpe.
Fresno State players have been implicated in a welfare-fraud case.
Jared Crick discusses the state of the defense in the early going.
Get your game face on with the Friday Husker Tailgate: 1, 2, 3
Tim Beck says it was a nervous bunch on offense last week.
An Austin columnist says Texas is painting itself into a lonely corner.
Ken Jarecke offers a prediction for Saturday with a fast-paced music video.
A Fresno State linebacker has hopes of rattling Taylor Martinez.
Bo Pelini says the O-line needs to gel in a hurry. | Ghosts of the past
Jason Peter likes the throwback style of Cameron Meredith.
Jamal Turner hopes for more opportunities to bring fans to their feet.
Too much is made of coaches' sideline outbursts, Steve Sipple says.
DB Andrew Green's faith helps him through the ups and downs.
Sipple & Christopherson go over the keys to the game.
Hometown Husker: Senior defensive back Lance Thorell of Loomis
08 THU
Fresno State receiver Josh Harper's dad is someone you may recognize.
Will Compton is “doing fine,” Bo Pelini says after Thursday's practice. | HuskerMax report | Notes: 1, 2 | Pelini audio
Lawrence Pete, set to join the Nebraska Football Hall of Fame, credits Tom Osborne for his after-football success.
Watch Rob Zatechka preview the Fresno State game with Travis Justice.
Guy Rozier's new job in New York state becomes official.
Ken Jarecke's book gets a nice mention on NBC Sports’ blog.
Defensive end Joe Carter is grateful for his early chance to shine.
Watch as Bo Pelini recounts how he got into coaching.
Daimion Stafford is ready to show he's no one-hit wonder.
Tyler Moore's high standards positioned him for his unprecedented start.
Scouting the Bulldogs: Mini tailback | LJS breakdown | OWH primer
Harvey Perlman won't gloat as the drama in the Big 12 continues.
Two Elkhorn alums have emerged as surprising success stories.
Doug Dumler spotted familiar faces in the crowd when the heat was on.
See how Big Ten teams stack up in terms of NFL roster spots.
Mike Minter's son is fast becoming the state's top running back prospect.
Former Nebraska assistant Ted Gilmore settles in at USC.
07 WED
The young I-backs will get their chances, Ron Brown says after practice Wednesday. | HuskerMax report | Audio: Papuchis, Raymond, Brown
Former Husker Barron Miles is the "Yoda" of the B.C. Lions' secondary.
Angry Dad laments missed Moc blocks, but didn't hate everything.
Sixty points a game: That's what Jamal Turner sees for this offense.
Quincy Enunwa is no longer the receiving corps' forgotten guy.
John Garrison wants to see more vocal leadership from Mike Caputo.
The weekend of the Ohio State game is looking big for recruiting.
It's a week for a couple of high-profile games in the Big Ten.
06 TUE
Johnny Rodgers gives Joe Blahak credit for the “block of the century.”
No excuses from Brandon Kinnie: “I’ve got to catch the rock.”
Will Compton returns to practice after being hobbled in the opener. | HuskerMax report | Tuesday audio: C.Pelini, K.Reed
Cut by the Browns, Steve Octavien signs with the Omaha Nighthawks.
Video features: James Dobson one on one | Burkhead behind the scenes
Nebraska is No. 10 in the coaches' and AP polls. | McKewon's AP ballot
Tim Beck's no-excuses approach might be just what the offense needs.
Hear Steve Sipple dissect the game with KLIN's Jack & John.
Trevor Roach says he has lots to work on despite his impressive debut.
Know the foe: Five things about Fresno QB Derek Carr | Pat Hill quotes | Center injured | Cal game postmortem | Pregame notes | Game page
The O-line isn't a happy bunch after the opener. Notes: 1, 2
NU's old bread and butter, the option, now comes with a learning curve.
Our story on George Dern gets a nice plug on Randy York's N'Sider blog.
The game was a thrill for Kenny Bell even though he had no catches.
05 MON
Tim Beck says he saw too many mistakes on offense Saturday. More from Monday's practice: Audio: Beck, Roach | HuskerMax report
Placekicker/punter Brett Maher picks up conference and national awards.
Bo says there was a method to the madness on offense Saturday. More from Monday's presser: Jitters | Angry O-line | Stafford's impact | Audio: Pelini, Crick, Maher, Caputo, Meredith, Martinez, Burkhead, Enunwa
Here's Rob Zatechka's postgame diagnosis | Easier-on-eyes PDF
Sam McKewon: Why Texas and ESPN should run to the Pac-16.
Justin Prestidge reviews the Huskers' opening-game performance.
Michigan & Wisconsin voted to boot Nebraska from the AAU.
It was a modest workload Saturday for new I-backs in need of seasoning.
Sam McKewon saw more efficiency than intensity from the defense in the opener. Notes: Meredith's big day | Roach's strong debut
Former Oklahoma defensive great Lee Roy Selmon dies at age 56.
Big Ten roundup: The Gophers showed surprising grit at USC. | Rankings
04 SUN
Bruce Weber is glad his locker-room gaffe in Norman in 1971 wasn't costly.
Opponent watch: Fresno State falls to Cal. Washington edges Eastern Washington. Wyoming beats Weber State in the final minute.
Fans in Wisconsin are already geared up for the Huskers' visit.
Memories flowed as 1971's legends gathered. See the video tribute.
NU 40, Chattanooga 7. Taylor Martinez and Brett Maher score from long range for a sometimes-sputtering offense. Go to the game page for coverage. | Commentary: Stryker, Jarecke, Jones | Game DVD
A toe injury ends Brandon Jackson's season with the Cleveland Browns.
With Oklahoma listening to offers, the Big 12 teeters once again.
A new scheme. Some young talent. And a homegrown flavor. The 2011 Huskers make their debut today, and here's the pregame coverage from Lincoln (1, 2, 3, 4) and Omaha ( 1, 2, 3, 4). | Commentary: Shatel, Sipple
Big Red Report rolls out an extensive preview of the game.
The first Take Back Gameday student rally draws a spirited crowd.
Pre-Snap Read's Paul Myerberg talks some Husker football.
Future Husker: Michael Rose | Past Husker: Thomas Rice
Ticket disputes can turn friendships sour and divorces nastier.
02 FRI
Sporting News names ’71 Huskers the best ever. | Game of Century: 1, 2
A four-minute video will help celebrate the 1971 team reunion at halftime.
Freshmen get a shot at 200 standing-room tickets. | Why the shortage?
The new mix on the O-line will be a focal point tomorrow for Ken Jarecke.
The season's first depth chart is finally out.
Get primed for the game with the Friday Husker Tailgate: 1, 2, 3 |Picks
There's old-school Nebraska in the offense, and Bo Pelini likes the team's glue. More from the season's first Big Red Breakfast here.
More and more, Taylor Martinez and other QBs must merely do it all.
Tom Osborne says change is coming on scholarship reform.
Check out these video previews: Rob Zatechka | LJS | Huskers.com
Tyler Moore is used to being on a fast track to football success.
Students' Take Back Gameday effort begins with a rally Friday night.
Linebacker Alonzo Whaley's recent reality check turned into a motivator.
Player features: Husker kicker Brett Maher and UTC safety D.J. Key
Transfer QB Russell Wilson has a sizzling debut for Wisconsin.
A new skybox has sprouted at Memorial Stadium with no fanfare.
Larry Jacobson recalls his rare White House double after the ’71 season.
01 THU
Here's the HuskerMax report from Thursday's practice. | Notes: 1, 2
Ohio State suspends three more players for accepting improper benefits.
Mike Minter has put his talented son in NU's backyard for a reason.
Do the new jerseys fit like a glove? No, more like a sock.
Angry Dad shares his open letter to the Big Ten Network.
The Big Ten releases its tiebreaker rules for determining division champs.
Print out Big Red Network's Game Day Pocket Guide for the UTC game.
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