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June 2011

30 THU
On the eve of a historic day, the Colonel reflects on where we came from.
With a dose of panache, Ohioan Tim Marlowe gears up for Big Ten play.
The conference shakeup also affects an informal fraternity of sportwriters.
Here's an early glance at the season opener against Chattanooga.
Nebraska's final Big 12 year: A recap looks back at all sports.
Nebraska tops ESPN.com's Big Ten defensive line rankings. | #1 and #7
Football is Ndamukong Suh's springboard to an adventure-filled life.
Steve Sipple bids farewell to the Big 12. | Rival fans move on | Beyond sports
Here are Husker player rankings for EA Sports' NCAA Football 12 game.
WR Jordan Westerkamp says coaches see a little of Rex Burkhead in him.
For top QB recruits, the likelihood of playing time is pivotal. | Gabbert to Louisville
The banner auction in Boulder ends with NU on top, but CU can say "cha-ching!"
With the league change upon us, Tom Osborne looks back and ahead. | Challenges
29 WED
A BTN video highlights NU's Heismans and other Husker history.
Taylor Martinez tells what happened before his chewing-out in the A&M game.
For Nebraska, sizing up Penn State might be like looking in the mirror.
Welcome to the club, Nebraska: A few pointers from Indiana. | Banner day Friday
Harvey Perlman reflects on the Huskers' move to the Big Ten.
A Husker connection put Wisconsin in the black. | Well-rounded | Icon: Alvarez
It seems an opportune time to make a big recruiting imprint in Ohio.
It's youth-camp time for Ndamukong Suh and Bo Pelini. | Giving back
28 TUE
It's Nebraska vs. Michigan in the "NCAA Football Traditions" semifinals.
Yesteryear's prose describes a day when Red Grange met his match. | Game page
Carl Pelini will speak at the Kansas Cornhuskers' annual picnic in Wichita.
Sipple & Christopherson preview opponent No. 9, the Northwestern Wildcats.
Wisconsin's quarterback addition makes NU's first Big Ten game even bigger.
It's Penn State's day in the sun at the OWH. | Rivals already | Icon: Blackledge
Bo Pelini, in Youngstown, doesn't seem to mind the Huskers' tough conference slate.
Countdown to the Big Ten: Jo Potuto, Diane Mendenhall, Marc Boehm
27 MON
See the Big Ten Network's promo for its weekend of Nebraska programming.
College Football News rolls out an extensive Nebraska preview.
At Langston U., Mickey Joseph will try to instill Tom Osborne's coaching philosophy.
Ndamukong Suh talks about the salary-cap issue and the Huskers' new home.
Transfer QB Russell Wilson picks Wisconsin, buoying the Badgers' title hopes.
Ross Els says the conference change means lots of extra homework for the staff.
Ndamukong Suh will promote a chinstrap device that detects possible head injuries.
Indiana hopes a Big 12 influence brings a football revival. | Hoops slump | Icon: Alford
26 SUN
Wisconsin has some season tickets going on sale July 12. | Shop for all games
See the Lincoln Journal Star's collection of Big 12 memories, 1996-2011.
An Indiana paper sizes up the new kid in the league: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Jared Tomich works on concussion prevention with Indiana high schoolers. | Bio
Ohio State should look familiar to Husker fans | Everything's big | Icon: Archie Griffin
The OWH's Sam McKewon takes stock after a lively week on the recruiting front.
Steve Sipple is glad Joe Paterno is around for at least one NU season in the Big Ten.
The university makes preparations for its historic marriage to the Big Ten.
25 SAT
An OKC scribe says the Big 12 is a happier place without its bad apple. | Discuss
Getting to know the Illini: Ups and downs | Hoops is headliner | Icon: Kendall Gill
The Huskers' offensive line is ranked in the bottom third of the Big Ten.
24 FRI
Another day, another recruiting commit: OT Paul Thurston of Colorado. | 2012 list
Tommie Frazier is No. 11 on a list of sports' most dominant performances.
The Iowa-Nebraska rivalry resonates for Shaun Prater, a Hawkeye from Omaha.
Greg McMullen, a defensive end from Ohio, commits to the Huskers.
Michigan State and NU have much in common. | Traditions | Icon: Greg Kesler
The Wisconsin game is one hot ticket for Husker fans.
Associate athletic director Pat Logsdon looks forward to the conference change.
23 THU
Mike Wynn, a defensive star for NU in the 1960s, needs a donor kidney. | 1969 bio
The NCAA notice to North Carolina contains footnotes of interest to NU fans.
Kyler Reed is No. 1 in an ESPN.com ranking of Big Ten tight ends.
Ron Brown sees character as the key to his young running backs' success.
The Huskers get new Adidas gloves, with two different custom designs. | Discuss
Nebraska's recruiting numbers pinch helped make Drew Ott a Hawkeye.
Purdue's athletic history is more about individuals than teams. | Hoops on top | Icon
Injured Chattanooga defensive tackle Nick Craig may be lost for the season.
Alfonzo Dennard tops a list of the Big Ten's best cornerbacks.
22 WED
The Edmonton Eskimos like what they see in a slimmer Patrick Kabongo. | Bio
Former Husker Brett Lindstrom makes a run for Lee Terry's seat in Congress. | Bio
Crick is a Lindy's preseason All-American. Dennard & David are second-teamers.
Two Huskers are ranked among Manatee County's dozen all-time football greats.
The latest addition to NU's Cotton collection is excited to join his brothers and dad.
Minnesota must compete for the locals' attention | Solid in hockey | Dungy Q&A
The Hawkeyes shrug off their preseason doubters. | A Nebraskan commits: 1, 2
Lane Grindle steps aside after 5½ years as host of "Sports Nightly."
21 TUE
Taylor Martinez is No. 4 in a ranking of Big Ten quarterbacks.
BTN chief Mark Silverman discusses the addition of NU to the league & the network.
Alex Henery, Kyle Larson & Brett Maher star at a kickin' fundraiser in Kearney.
Stopping the run is crucial to the Huskers' title hopes in their new conference.
Four Huskers are first-teamers on Athlon's preseason all-Big Ten squad.
It's Huskers vs. Sooners in Round 2 of EA Sports' "NCAA Football Traditions" vote.
Another Cotton is NU-bound as tight end Sam Cotton commits. | 2012 class
NU's football program is reportedly the nation's 13th most profitable.
It's Michigan's turn in the OWH's spotlight: Column | Quick hits | Icon
Sipple & Christopherson break down Michigan State, the Huskers' fourth Big Ten foe.
Jim Delany tops the charts nationally in conference commissioner pay.
20 MON
Demoine Adams once had a GPA of 1.67. Now he's working on his Ph.D. | Bio
Get to know Northwestern and its history. | Making a mark | Damien Anderson Q&A
Former NU aide Joe Moglia figures he must be innovative against ex-NFL coaches.
19 SUN
Hear Bo Pelini discuss the outlook for 2011 with 247Sports' Bill King. | Bo on Tressel
Iowa is gaining an instant rival in the Huskers. | Larry Station's thoughts
An academic snag might send tight end Terrell Mitchell someplace other than NU.
Jim Delany's forward thinking has led the Big Ten to new frontiers.
The Nebraska job is a reunion for Ross Els and Barney Cotton.
18 SAT
The Big Ten Network announces its July 1 lineup of Husker-centric programming.
Barry Alvarez looks forward to seeing Nebraska up close and personal again.
Vanderbilt infielder Riley Reynolds is proud of his legendary grandpa. | Bobby's bio
Fabian Washington provides scholarships to two scholar-athletes in his hometown.
Lavonte David tops a list of the Big Ten's premiere linebackers.
17 FRI
DeLeon Eskridge, Minnesota's leading rusher from last season, leaves the team.
NU's offense is one of several high-profile units undergoing scheme changes.
Registration is now open for Football 202, which this year has a Big Ten theme.
The Football Bowl Association releases the 2011-12 bowl schedule & payout info.
Lindy's places the Huskers at No. 9 in its preseason rankings.
Hard work in the weight room has helped O-line recruit Zach Sterup become a force.
ESPN.com says NU has the league's No. 4 running-back corps | Burkhead rated 5th
John Papuchis discusses the challenges of recruiting when there are precious few slots to fill.
Those touched by coach Mark Colligan's life can donate here.
16 THU
Randy York interviews Bill Hancock, executive director of the BCS. | Discuss
Fans, coaches & ex-players mingle at the Husker Legends golf event in Columbus.
A ranking of Big Ten defensive ends places Cameron Meredith at No. 3.
Penalties are another area that needs cleaning up as NU moves into the Big Ten.
Former Husker player and coach Monte Kiffin sticks up for his controversial son.
15 WED
Nebraska-Michigan tickets are being sold now in Ann Arbor.
"I just want to play football": The lockout frustrates Niles Paul. | Gomes at workout
Lee Barfknecht calls for a truce on the Texas talk. | It was all about stability
Roster update: A look at which newcomers have yet to arrive on campus.
The OWH assesses Bubba Starling's chances of success as a Husker quarterback.
Who's the real NU? Nebraska & Northwestern bloggers banter back and forth.
Tony Veland has surgery a day after being shot in the shoulder.
Longtime Husker athletic trainer Jerry Weber earns hall-of-fame recognition.
14 TUE
Check out the Husker tradition segment for EA Sports' NCAA Football 12. | Vote
Nebraska trails the rest of the Big Ten in returning experience on the O-line.
ESPN bloggers try to sort out NU's revenue-sharing stance. | McKewon's take | BBS
Two Huskers land in the top five in a ranking of Big Ten defensive tackles.
Nebraska appears in danger of fumbling away wins against top Big Ten teams.
Former Husker Tony Veland suffers a gunshot wound in an incident in Omaha.
More on Cody Green's exit: Video interview | Sipple commentary | More
Ndamukong Suh takes a hit in the Detroit press.
Sipple & Christopherson break down the Huskers' third Big Ten foe, Minnesota.
Stories of Mark Colligan's life help buoy heavy hearts at the coach's funeral.
13 MON
Vote for Nebraska Runzas in the final four of the Taste of America contest.
Cody Green thanks NU fans for the memories as he discusses his decision to leave.
The notion of Ndamukong Suh as a Big Ten icon rankles an Indiana columnist.
A ranking of college football coaches includes four from NU: #51, #32, #11, #2
Making the Nighthawks' roster will be a stern challenge for Eric Crouch.
12 SUN
Texas A&M and Kansas State are possible destinations for Cody Green. | More
There's no Terrelle Pryor, but a number of talented QBs will test the Blackshirts.
Bubba Starling's chances for baseball stardom are pegged at 50-50. | Tough choice
11 SAT
Former Husker Jeff Moran takes the helm at the Omaha Home for Boys. | 1975 bio
The departure of Emory Miller Jr. means Wyoming is down to two scholarship QBs.
Ted Gilmore says the Redskins got a steal in Niles Paul. | A dig at QB play
Personal trust among three men – Delany, Perlman and Osborne – helped seal the Nebraska-Big Ten marriage a year ago today. | Archive
Ndamukong Suh's football camps will be about more than sports. | Attending drills
10 FRI
Monday services are set for coach Mark Colligan, a Husker through and through.
Kyler Reed lands at the top in a ranking of Big Ten tight ends.
Pre-Snap Read takes a long look at opponent No. 4, the Wyoming Cowboys.
Eric Crouch gets his first taste of organized football in five years.
Seventeen Nebraska cable outlets have met BTN criteria to carry all available games.
09 THU
Sporting News' Dave Curtis calls the Huskers the new favorites to win the Big Ten.
Tierre Green signs with the Nebraska Danger of the IFL.
Marvin Sanders joins the Omaha Nighthawks' staff on a volunteer basis.
Agent Scott Boras won't make the Bubba Starling negotiations easy for the Royals.
Longtime assistant track and field coach Mark Colligan dies at age 47.
NU has an eye on San Antonio-area QB Tommy Armstrong. | Rose's ranking
NU gives the Big Ten a greater prime-time TV presence. | Tangled webs | Power play
08 WED
Hear former safeties Tim Jackson & Reggie Cooper on Saturday's Legends Radio Show.
Taylor Martinez is No. 32 on CBSSports.com's "most influential" list for 2011.
Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads says he'll miss the Husker-Cyclone series.
Eric Crouch's quest to play again starts Thursday at the Nighthawks' minicamp.
A TV dispute might keep some Nebraskans from seeing certain Husker games.
Langston University in Oklahoma names former Husker QB Mickey Joseph interim head coach.
Sixty-five Huskers earn spots on the Big 12 Commissioner's Spring Honor Roll.
07 TUE
Terrence Nunn impresses as he tries to catch on with the CFL's Roughriders.
Kickoff times are set for three more nonconference games.
Huskers or Royals? Commentary on what's next for Bubba Starling: Shatel, Mellinger, Dodd
06 MON
Watch as Sipple & Christopherson preview the Ohio State Buckeyes.
The Royals select Bubba Starling with the No. 5 pick in the MLB draft. | Discuss
Running back Ahman Green is released by the Montreal Alouettes.
Monday's initial selections in the major league draft will start Bubba Starling's decision-making process in earnest. | Draft tracker
The Big Ten title game will stay in Indianapolis through at least 2015.
Eligible again for the MLB draft, Khiry Cooper figures to stay in school.
The cover-up wasn't Jim Tressel's biggest mistake, Tom Shatel writes.
05 SUN
Tyson Broekemeier's Shrine Bowl performance gives the walk-on QB reason to hope.
The Big Ten got its start during an 1895 meeting at a Chicago hotel.
04 SAT
Get Huskers Illustrated's 2011 yearbook, previewing NU's Big Ten debut season.
Lifelong Husker fan Margaret Max passes away at age 92.
Nebraska's summer football camps are expected to draw 1,400 athletes to Lincoln.
03 FRI
SI.com's Andy Staples ranks the top college football jobs and places NU at No. 15.
Tyson Broekemeier knows that the thinning of the QB ranks puts him on fans' radar.
Jared Crick and three other Big Ten players make the Playboy All-America team.
Nebraska's two-year plan was a key to Bubba Starling's selection of NU. | Crossroads
Carl Pelini is listed as one of the nation's 20 hottest assistants.
02 THU
The Big 12 is taking a look at the Big Ten's enhanced-scholarship idea.
The Huskerpedia lawsuit trial date has been continued to October.
Darin Erstad is named baseball coach. | Open line to Starling
Miller and Deace of HawkeyeNation.com have a trio of videos on OSU: 1, 2, 3.
NU could benefit if Ohio State's recruiting dominance in the Midwest suffers.
01 WED
Blank spots in the 2012, ’13 and ’14 schedules should be filled this summer.
Sipple & Christopherson preview the NU's first opponent in Big Ten play, Wisconsin.
Bo Pelini is hardly alone in his wariness of players' wayward tweets.
Dan Beebe is part of the NCAA bowl task force co-chaired by Harvey Perlman.
Through his foundation, Bo Pelini is an active player in the fight against cancer.