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September 2004

Politics is Garth Glissman's other passion.
Frank Solich is interested in the soon-to-be-vacant UNLV position.
Richie Incognito is a Duck: 1, 2*, 3, 4, 5. Commentary from Oregon: 1*, 2
Fullbacks adjust to the new offense.
Brandon Koch earns the Jake Young Memorial Scholarship.
The Huskers were busy during the off week.
Coach Wagner is getting thumbs up all around and an unofficial assistant coach of the year nomination.
Huskers in the NFL. Week 3.
Second half offensive productivity is being emphasized.
Tom Shatel tries to analyze the Husker fan identity crisis.
Zack Bowman loves Lincoln, the players, and what the coaches are trying to do.
A Texas recruit will visit this week.
Jake Andersen describes the old school characteristics of a lineman.
Local players are still being recruited.
Wali Muhammed is exuding confidence.
Are the celebration rules too strict?
The Huskers have Friday and Saturday off from practice.
The Richie Incognito pocket schedule is withdrawn from circulation.
The off week gives time for the injuries to heal and the receivers are mending.
The offense is working on all aspects of the game, and David Horne is looking for smooth sailing.
Tickets for the Big 12 title game go on sale.
Coach Wagner visits his old stomping grounds.
Terry Douglass feels that Coach Callahan is walking a thin line.
Necessity will dictate how many JC players are recruited.
Richie Incognito is not getting a warm reception in Oregon.
NU is 12th in the nation in rushing.
Highlights of the Sean Callahan interview on Out of Bounds.
Eric Warfield is charged with DUI.
Kellen Huston is plugging holes in the secondary, and Fabian Washington gets some good news.
Callahan: Execution needs to improve.
Tuesday's practice is inside. Wali Muhammed gets a blackshirt, and Cory Ross is wearing green.
Joe Dailey continues the learning process.
NU Fans will give Callahan and WCO time.
Wali Muhammed gets some kudos from Coach Cosgrove.
After the backup defensive backs receive baptism by fire, the secondary welcomes the week off to heal up.
Kyle Larson gets off to a solid start in Cincinnati.
It's a Solich-Pelini reunion in Norman.
The Lincoln paper looks back 10 years at the romp over UCLA, and the OWH does likewise with the 1958 Pitt game.
Jammal Lord awaits opportunity's knock on the Houston Texans' practice squad.
The open week will give coaches the chance to hit the recruiting trail. More from Friday's Big Red Breakfast.
No junk food, thank-you, for Santino Panico.
The Kansas City paper is a little surprised by Nebraska fans' patience.
Bill Callahan isn't hesistant to send freshmen into the fray.
Coach Wagner is pleased with the offensive line performance.
The Bullocks brothers revel in each other's success.
Ryan Goodman discusses his improbable rise to No. 2 at quarterback.
Richie Incognito leaves school and gets permission to transfer.
Have a great time and help a great cause by attending Nebraska's Greatest Tailgate Party and Touchdown for TeamMates.
Fans seem to be absorbing last Saturday's loss with patience and perspective.
Cory Schlesinger turns his knack for breaking facemasks into a boon for charity.
presnell (3K)
Former NU coach and player Glenn Presnell dies at 99. More: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Khus the Red now knows what a transition feels like. More opinion from Husker Dan, the Colonel and Blankman.
Here are some fan photos from the first two games.
Congress passes Tom Osborne's bill to rein in sports agents.
The Chargers' Toniu Fonoti slims down and makes an impression.
HuskerPedia interviews Fred Meier from the 1941 Rose Bowl team.
The Kansas City Star has some nice things to say.
Callahan misses helmet communications and eliminates the Friday night movie in favor of a study session.
Joe Dailey makes his first Heisman Trophy watch list.
A lineman from California commits to the recruiting class of 2005.
Remember the Era of Dominance with a limited-edition plaque, and usher in the New AirA with an Air Nebraska poster.
The offense did go according to script in the opener.
The turnovers forced the defense to work overtime against Western Illinois.
Chad Sievers' starting spot is safe for now.
A look at last Friday night's PediaLooza gathering.
The heat's on Pittsburgh's Walt Harris.
Papers in New York, Denver, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Boston offer their takes on the Callahan debut.
Purdue's QB has a special bond with Brook Berringer.
The Lincoln paper looks back 10 years at the 1994 opener.
Nebraska's longtime football secretary resigns.
Hard work and perfectionism propel Barrett Ruud toward Jerry Murtaugh's record.
An Oklahoma recruit likes John Blake. And Harrison Beck tries to stay humble.
Richie Incognito is suspended indefinitely: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
The Athletic Department's ambassadors group is disbanded.