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October 2004

The 1994 team can come back any time.
The offense is still struggling with the passing game.
The recruiting class could end up ranked No. 1.
Flashback Dept.: Damon Benning discusses the chemistry of the 1994 title team, and Bruce Mathison recalls his rare chance to shine 22 years ago.
Darin Erstad and his wife donate $1 million to the stadium project.
Zach Potter of Creighton Prep commits to NU's 2005 recruiting class.
Nebraska is the birthplace of eight-man football.
Johnny Rodgers' receiving record may be safe for another year.
Nebraska football is the topic of conversation at the Big 12 BB Media Day
Jerrell Pippens makes the roster for the San Diego Chargers.
The Big 12 North is getting no respect.
Lane Kelly stays focused on long snaps.
Jerrell Pippens makes the roster for the San Diego Chargers.
Blankman talks about apathy, and the BBS is working for a redout.
Husker Dan takes a trip to the hospital to visit a friend.
The Colonel has much to say about the state of the Huskers, and Khus the Red offers his evaluation.
The Iowa State game will not be on TV.
NU uninspired in loss to Kansas State.
Missed tackles led to half of KSU's yardage Saturday, and Kevin Cosgrove says the problem must be corrected. Stewart Bradley says don't blame the coaches.
Tom Shatel wonders if Coach Callahan has lost his team.
Bob Hamar looks at a time line back to 1995.
Blankman and Jeff reflect on the defeat in Manhattan.
Travis Hill recalls how his missed assignment helped seal NU's win over Kansas State in 1991.
Jake Andersen and Mike Erickson have created a lot of memories.
Husker Freak has the Big Red Breakfast report from Friday.
Running-back prospect Marlon Lucky says NU and USC are atop his list.
The Black Coaches Assn. gives NU's coaching search a "B". Full report here.
Holdover staffers Gill and Downing say they mesh well with the new crew.
Phil Elmassian aims for more playing time for Cortney Grixby.
Brandon Jackson is earning his stripes with "Dirty South" running.
Greg Austin is making to most of his rehab time.
Joe Dailey is throwing from all angles and is gaining confidence.
Husker Dan checks in with his Baylor analysis and some mail bag.
K-State and Nebraska both show up on a Sports Illustrated bottom 10 list.
Coach Cosgrove takes the heat for last week's third-quarter lapse and prepares for two quarterbacks (1, 2, 3*) this week.
There are fewer players on the field during pregame warm-ups.
Curt McKeever has his Big 12 stock report for the week.
Khus the Red talks about momentum. More commentary: The Colonel, The Rev., Jeff's Scarlet Commentary and Blankman.
Coach Norvell is pleased with the play, and Titus Adams offers his twist.
The Mizzou game will be on TV.
Wisconsin benefiting from Husker coaching changes?
Patience is the new theme.
A former pro baseball player from Colorado gives his opinion on the WCO.
Read the interview with Dave Humm about his career at Nebraska.
Barrett Ruud to receive the Brook Berringer Memorial Endowed Scholarship.
For a little comic relief from the Tech game click here.
Husker quarterbacks are still confident after loss.
Sandro DeAngelis is still number 1 on the kicking depth chart.
Husker fans fly at half staff as the loss makes big news in the Big 12Chicago* and Arizona.
Place your vote for the Orange Bowl Championships legends.
Baylor and Nebraska notes. Michael Keenan denies transfer rumors.
The Kansas State game is set for an afternoon kickoff.
USA Today offers their take on the Texas Tech game.
The outlook was positive at Tuesday's press conference and "All is not lost".
Coach Cosgrove takes the blame for defensive miscues last week.
Beau Davis has been getting more snaps in practice.
Steve Pederson and Coach Callahan are staying positive.

Jordan Congdon is happy to be a Husker.
Big 12 Stock Report: Buy Nebraska.
Coach Callahan say the team has a deep resolve to get better.
Get the limited-edition Nebraska nine-coin set for yourself or the Husker fan on your Christmas list.
Leon Jackson, a running back and defensive back from Washington, becomes the latest unofficial member of NU's 2005 recruiting class.
The Colonel offers his postmortem, as does Husker Dan.
Nebraska is bombed by the reality of rebuilding.
There is a new contributor on HuskerPedia. Welcome The Rev.
Jeff has his Scarlet Commentary on the Texas Tech game.
Barron Miles hasn't lost his knack for coming up big in games.
The Black Coaches Association may not give Nebraska a passing grade.
The Bullocks brothers' mother is their rock.
Grant Wistrom still has a lot of friends in St. Louis as he becomes a difference-maker in Seattle.
Cortney Grixby plans on joining the basketball team after the season.
A Canadian sports writer makes his first ever pilgrimage to a Nebraska game.
Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee is a Husker fan.
Carrying the ball is not an option for the fullbacks.
Khus the Red takes a step sideways.
A kicker and receiver join the unofficial recruiting class of 2005.
Richie Incognito is not allowed on the team at Oregon.
Ron Brown is on a nationwide sports ministry radio show.
The Colonel, Blankman, and Jeff's Scarlet Commentary assess NU's struggles.
Jay Norvell takes the half-full-glass view of the offense.
Matt Herian is not the "forgotten man" and knows the offense must produce.
A Nebraska cheerleader needs your vote in the Athlon contest.
He was a freshman sensation, but then injuries took a toll on Monte Anthony.
Scott Downing sees a bright future for Matt Herian. More from Friday's Big Red Breakfast from Husker Freak.
A two-sport prospect who says he can stretch the field was among this weekend's visitors. So was a top placekicker from California.
The switch to offense has been like a rebirth for Seppo Evwaraye