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November 2005

The Bill Callahan era officially arrives with the commanding victory over the Buffs in Boulder. Links are accumulating at the game page. Buy the game on DVD. Anybody want an NUOWNS CU T-Shirt?
Colorado Commentary:Khus the Red, Jeff, Jim Meier, Tom Shatel.
Ross, Bullocks and Carriker named to second team All-Big 12.*
Jared Helming finishes the season strong.
Mike Minter switches positions for the Panthers.
Johnny Rodgers has a new home on the web at JR20.com.
Lucky and Glenn* putting the threat back in the running game.
Nebraska and Iowa are on the Alamo Bowl short list.
Former coach Frank Solich convicted of weekend DUI and gets probation.
Former NU players, coaches revel in win* over CU.
Catching up with Micah Heibel — fullback, teacher and Brain Hammer singer.
Alamo, Holiday bowls have Huskers in their sights.
Steven M. Sipple: Callahan's tears of joy a sign of progress.
Mark Kiszla: Barnett safe as CU hurts its image. John Henderson comments.
Brian Rosenthal focuses on the Husker positives for his Thanksgiving column.
Jay Norvell* gives thanks for Zac Taylor at Big Red breakfast.
Zac Bowman happy he selected Nebraska.
Players visit the hospital before Wednesday's practice..
Cory Ross* has endured for the Huskers. Steve Smith discusses the 'rivalry'.
Colorado has first shot* at Big 12 title. Klatt impresses* Husker coaches.
A buffalo head makes its way into the Husker locker room.
Thanksgiving is better for 40,000 children thanks to Husker fan generosity.
John Henderson of the Denver Post interviews Gary Novotny. CU's offensive coordinator and Coach Callahan have something in common.
A thief steals Johnny Rodgers championship rings.
Friday's game is a big deal to both teams.
Potter and Turner are getting their kicks. Koch is no pushover.*
Seppo Evwaraye deals with stress fractures in both feet.
Reserve fullback Grant Miller arrested on criminal mischief charge.
Monday's official Huskers.com Colorado press conference. Practice notes.*
Brent Musburger pays fine for beer in vehicle after Pitt game.
Curt McKeever: Big 12 Stock Report 11/22.
Nebraska still the Number 1* enemy for Colorado. NU intense about the game.
Cory Ross lives to play another day. Zac Taylor plans to start on Friday.*
Be the first on your block to get the brand new Children of the Corn T-shirt.
Christmas item: Era of Dominance plaque signed by Devaney, Osborne, Solich.
How Husker football* is covered can help fuel fans' intolerance.
Steve Sipple looks at the bowl possibilities. Champs* wants the Huskers.
Huskers ready for the trip to Boulder.
Callahan happy to give up Memorial Stadium* for high school playoffs.
Beck's* playing status is up to the coaches.
Colorado is up next. Get ready for the game with your NUOWNS CU T-shirt.
Games lasting a little longer?.
Brandon Koch* remains a steadying influence. Vets lay the way for rookies.*
Steve Sipple: Husker defense ponders breakdowns.
Off week workouts conclude with third straight practice in Cook Pavilion.
'Thousands' served at HuskerPedia™ tailgates this fall.
Kansas State commentary: Jeff, Husker Dan, Colonel, Jim Meier.
Titus Adams enjoys his career  —  as does his mom.*
Wednesday's practice focused on being more consistent.*
Matt Hayes of the Sporting News goes after Coach Callahan. BBS reaction.
Downing says Koch deserves to win Guy Award.
Green adjusts to cornerback position. Husker notes. Taylor recovering well.
Fans saving money* for next September's road trip*. Bowl travel plans still iffy..
Huskers begin prepartions for Colorado. Freshmen are contributing.
Defensive end Pierre Allen from Denver and running back Kenny Wilson* from Butler CC commit to the Huskers.
Jake Andersen: KSU win gives NU confidence and momentum.
Harrison Beck plays the waitng game after burning his redshirt.
Bill Snyder announces his retirement from Kansas State.
Curt McKeever: Big 12 stock report, 11/15. NFL Huskers week 10.
Jordan Congdon is the BlueCreek Freshman of the Year.
Coach Callahan* defends decision to burn Harrison Beck's redshirt. Expects Taylor to be able to return against Colorado.*
Off week* needed for injured players.
Sipple: Using Beck makes sense. McKeever: Huskers find way despite struggles. Mabry: He's the kicker in the clutch.
NU 27, KSU 25: Huskers become bowl-eligible* with Congdon FG. Links will accumulate on the game page. Order the game on DVD.
Cory Ross looks back on his Nebraska career.
Ex-players lament* line play. Can the Huskers finish* strong?
Matt Slauson gets the call* and he is ready to go. KETV video. Chris Patrick and Newton Lingenfelter to provide back up.
Marlon Lucky wants to play well for Husker seniors.
Kansas State also having problems with the running game.
Murtha and Slauson will start Saturday on the offensive line.
A young Husker fan offers his view of the current state of the Huskers.
Husker Dan gets the coffee shop version of the Kansas game.
Josh Mueller happy he picked football* as his sport of choice.
Tom Osborne wishes Coach Callahan well. Perlman gives support.*
Terry Douglass: Patience key for NU fans..
Callahan says he's not sweating* his job security.
Callahan disappointed in KU effort. Gets support* from players and AD.
Sipple analysis: Callahan needs steady hand amid firestorm.
Callahan*: "I clearly knew it was going to be challenging.".
Kansas commentary: Colonel, Jeff, Khus the Red.
Huskers.com  and K-State Monday press release.
A Bowl Game is now the key goal for the Huskers. KU game "growing pain."
KU fans relish in victory as Blackshirts wonder what happened..
Huskers 2-6 away* from home under Callahan. Fans irate over KU loss. .
Christmas item of the day: Special Edition Johnny Rodgers Heisman ball.
Steven M. Sipple: It takes work to feel optimistic about NU's future.
Curt McKeever: Where has NU's 'A' game gone?
John Mabry: This party was long overdue.
Next up is Kansas State who fell to Iowa State on Saturday.
Slow start affects NU* off field as well as on.
Kansas 40, Nebraska 15: The 36 year win streak is broken. Links will accumulate on the game page. KU fans can order the DVD. The BBS is back up after suspected DOS attack.
Husker Freak has the Friday Big Red Breakfast report.
Nebraska seeks November* win and extension* of KU streak.
Callahan says 'Gesture-Gate' is over.
Murtha and Swift* make the transition from Hutchinson to Huskers.
Win at KU 'critical'. NU struggling* with the run.
Kansan.com articles. NU blitz, Previews NU, KU.
Octavien says he'll be better than ever in 2006.
Huskers conclude game-week preparations for the Jayhawks. Friday notes.
Christmas item of the day: Autographed copy of Forever Red by Steve Smith.
The Big 12 office publicly reprimands Coach Callahan.*
Jordan Congdon* gives NU coaches confidence.
KU QB Jason Swanson has a laid back attitude. Huskers look for faster start.
Nate Swift matches 22 year old record.
Wednesday notes. Report sent to Big 12 Commissioner.
Kansas* 'D' impresses Callahan who sees progress on both sides of the ball.
NU having a power struggle* but holds out hope* for Big 12 North title.
OU commentary: Husker Dan, Jeff, Khus the Red and The Colonel. Nate Swift is the BlueCreek OU download player of the game.
Christmas item of the day: Devaney Era DVD autographed by Johnny Rodgers.
Kansas has chance to break* streak started in 1969.
Coach Callahan denies making throat-slashing gesture.* 'Gesture-Gate' blown out
of proportion. More 1, 2,* 3.*
Huskers.com Kansas game Monday press release and Tuesday luncheon.
Ola Daganduro: "I'm blessed to be here."Jake's take, Big 12 Stock Report 11/1.
Kansas has Sunday practice. Players support Coach Mangino.
The Kansas State game will kickoff at 1 PM. No TV.