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June 2012

30 SAT
Josh Banderas does his best to help the Husker recruiting cause.
Touchdown countdown: Calvin Jones, 47 yards vs. Colorado, 1992
29 FRI
Nebraska is closing in on producing its 300th Academic All-American.
College Football News previews the 2012 Huskers and says it's time for Nebraska to “establish its territory as a Big Ten power.”
Pre-Snap Read previews Arkansas State and ranks the Red Wolves 69th.
Touchdown countdown: Rod Smith, 48 yards vs. UCLA in 1987
28 THU
The Husker Greats Foundation has been launched to assist former NU athletes in need, and the first beneficiary is Dave Humm, who has battled multiple sclerosis for a quarter-century. | How to help  
The Orlando Sentinel previews Southern Miss and gives the Huskers' opening opponent a No. 46 ranking.
QB prospect Johnny Stanton discusses his "great" second visit to Lincoln.
Phil Steele says he likes the direction in which NU is heading.
NU claims 12 spots on Athlon's preseason three-deep All-Big Ten teams.
The Rose Bowl and ESPN extend their TV deal through 2026.
TD countdown: Shane Swanson, 49 yards vs. Oklahoma State, 1984
27 WED
Kevin Kugler accepts a Big Ten Network post but will also remain with Omaha’s 1620 The Zone
Saturday's Legends Radio guests: Brian Boerboom & Keithen McCant
Corn Nation previews the Huskers' third opponent, Arkansas State.
A four-team playoff was the Big Ten's third choice,* but now Jim Delany & Harvey Perlman will become the system's biggest advocates.
With a playoff given the green light, pundits' reactions vary from joy to trepidation to cynicism to shrugs: Wetzel | Dodd | Shatel,* Wojciechowski | Lopresti | Staples | Palm | Sipple | Bennett | Husker Mike | Myerberg
Randy York lists 10 ways in which Perlman & Osborne are changing NU.
Questions remain about the playoff's nuts and bolts. | Rose Bowl's status
Touchdown countdown: A.E. "Big" Yont, 50 yards vs. Iowa in 1893
26 TUE
Six former Husker players will enter the Nebraska Football Hall of Fame, and Frank Solich will become the first enshrined as both coach and player.
BCS presidents approve a four-team playoff starting with the 2014 season, with several details still to be ironed out. | Discuss
Brandon Kinnie is willing to serve in any role as he strives for a roster spot on his hometown NFL team, the Chiefs.
Some Pac-12 schools are said to be less than thrilled with the scheduling partnership with the Big Ten.
ESPN.com briefly previews NU's opening opponent, Southern Miss.
Steve Sipple isn't so sure a four-team playoff will represent progress. More here about today's meeting of the BCS presidential oversight committee.
Touchdown countdown: Bryan Carpenter, 51 yards vs. Colorado in 1989
25 MON
Dirk Chatelain says Harvey Perlman's playoff stance damages NU's image.
Sam McKewon looks at how the Huskers' 2013 recruiting results are stacking up so far among other Big Ten programs.
TD countdown: Johnny Rodgers to Frosty Anderson, 52 yards vs. the Irish
24 SUN
NU commit Josh Banderas gets an invite to the Army All-America Bowl. Also, QB prospect Johnny Stanton will return to Lincoln for a second look.
Fans have a chance to see and hear Bo Pelini and his coaching staff at the Kickoff Classic Dinner on July 30 in Columbus.
A limited number of UCLA ticket/tailgate packages are available now.
TD countdown: Record-setting Nate Swift, 53 yards vs. Baylor in 2008
A fan explains why he's in Harvey Perlman's corner regarding a playoff.
This week in Husker history: A plane crash takes the life of Wayne Meylan.
The LJS comes up with a ranking of the league's 12 best players.
23 SAT
Sam McKewon summarizes four preseason publications' views* of this year's edition of the Huskers. | Preseason consensus
After the conviction of Jerry Sandusky on 45 of 48 counts, the question becomes how Penn State will atone. | PSU statement
TD countdown: Irving Fryar's 54-yarder starts an avalanche vs. Colorado
Monte Kiffin* hopes this is his year for a championship defense at USC.
22 FRI
Matt Hinton of CBSSports.com assesses Harvey Perlman's playoff stance.
TD countdown: George Sauer, 55 yards against Iowa State in 1932
21 THU
Harvey Perlman is disappointed with the BCS commissioners' playoff plan but says he's willing to be convinced it's the best option.
Touchdown countdown: Niles Paul, 56 yards vs. Missouri, 2009.
20 WED
Scholarship offers for long snappers are becoming more and more common.
BCS commissioners say they have reached consensus on a four-team postseason playoff. University presidents still must approve. Commentary: Maisel – Sea change | Dodd – SEC rules | Forde – In homestretch
Jamie Vaughn from Kansas State is named Nebraska's associate AD for compliance as Gary Bargen gets set to retire at age 70.
All Big Ten football teams pass muster with their academic progress rates.
The Huskers' nonconference schedule gets a No. 30 ranking, or 4th in the Big Ten. | Home schedule analysis (video)
Athlon has Burkhead & Martinez among the Big Ten's Heisman hopefuls.
Touchdown countdown: Ahman Green, 57 yards vs. Colorado, 1995
Conference leaders meet again today to hash out postseason options.
NU will play a key role in Big Ten-Ivy League research on head injuries.*
19 TUE
Saturday's Legends Radio guests: baseball's Bill McGuire & Kip Gross
Big Red Weekend opened recruits' eyes to the sense of family at NU.
QB prospect Damion Hobbs of Texas has the Huskers in his final three.
Hear Barrett Ruud talk about his wedding and the Saints' bounty scandal.
The Huskers' tradition helped draw Nate Gerry to Nebraska.
In memory of John Faiman, HuskerTapes.com offers up video highlights from Bob Devaney's first game.
Touchdown countdown: Guy Chamberlin, 58 yards vs. Kansas in 1914
Juco TE Beau Sandland raves about his visit. | Recruiting momentum
18 MON
NU's league crossover schedule rates as the Legends Division's toughest.
More Big Red Weekend recruiting dividends appear likely. | Snap decision
John Faiman, who threw the first TD pass of the Devaney era, dies at 71.*
Touchdown countdown: Ahman Green, 59 yards vs. Kansas State in 1997
17 SUN
The Edmonton Eskimos release former Husker running back Cory Ross.
Gabriel Miller, an Indiana long snapper, is the latest commit for 2013.
Warren Buffett discusses his friendships in sports* -- and why he hasn't written Boone Pickens-style mega-check for Husker athletics.
Sam McKewon assesses what might be different* in Year 2 in the Big Ten.
South Dakota safety Nathan Gerry commits to the Huskers. | 2013 list
TD countdown: Eric Crouch, 60 yards on a remarkable day against Cal
This week in Husker history: Basketball helps pay the bills in the 1920s.
16 SAT
The Orlando Sentinel previews Arkansas State and ranks the Red Wolves 59th. Previous previews of Husker opponents: UCLA, Minnesota
Big Red Weekend is a sign that NU is getting creative with recruiting.
TD countdown: Ricky Simmons, 61 yards vs. New Mexico State, 1982
15 FRI
For a little offseason inspiration, check out the 2012 version of the “This Is Nebraska Football Gameday” video.
Touchdown countdown: Irving Fryar, 62 yards vs. Oklahoma State in 1983
14 THU
See which recruits are coming to the invitation-only Big Red Weekend.*
The two new defensive assistant coaches get positive reviews from players P.J. Smith, Andrew Green and Jason Ankrah.
The UCLA game gets a 6:30 p.m. CDT kickoff and a Fox telecast.
Nebraska comes in at No. 2 in a ranking of Big Ten football facilities.
QB prospect Damion Hobbs gives his Lincoln visit a "10." | Gladney audio
Athlon pegs Nebraska for a second-place finish in the Legends Division.
Sam McKewon says NU should hasten a philosophical shift* in recruiting.
From the LJS, more observations from Football 202. | Griffith audio
Touchdown countdown: Eric Crouch, 63 yards vs. Oklahoma in 2001
13 WED
The status quo is “not on the table” as conference commissioners work on multiple postseason options to present to university presidents.
BTN is airing a trio of NU classics, including the '95 & '98 Orange Bowls.
Adam Rittenberg sees solidifying the D-line as a top priority for NU.
The LJS and OWH take notes during class at Football 202.
Legends Radio guests Saturday: Baseball's Bill Vosik & Shawn Buchanan
Touchdown countdown: Doug DuBose, 64 yards vs. UCLA in 1984.
Smitten by the NBA Finals, Oklahoma City columnist Berry Tramel “demotes” the Game of the Century.
12 TUE
See how NU's recruiting costs stack up in the Big Ten and nationally.
Mike Brown is No. 14 on a list of influential Arizona prep athletes.
Tad Stryker: Will the defensive redshirts of 2008 pay dividends in 2012?
Randy York has a six-pack of important reads for Husker fans.
Touchdown countdown: Clinton Childs, 65 yards vs. Arizona State, 1995
11 MON
Wide receiver Kevin Gladney of Ohio* commits to NU. | 2013 list
Be there when the Huskers play the Bruins in Pasadena: HuskerMax has travel & ticket packages for the UCLA game. | Tailgate & more
Husker defensive commit Christian Lacouture knows how to catch a pass.
The Huskers open as underdogs in three 2012 games.
Corn Nation previews the 2012 UCLA Bruins, under new coach Jim Mora.
Ndamukong Suh & Cody Glenn team up for an east Texas football camp.
TD countdown: Record-setting Roy Helu Jr., 66 yards against Missouri
10 SUN
Tom Osborne takes stock of the Huskers' first year in the Big Ten.
Risks have been rewarded in Phase II of Craig Bohl's* coaching career.
This week in Husker history: All-American Hugh Rhea rules in the shot put.
TD countdown: Joe Orduna, 67 yards against Southern Cal in 1970
Ahman Green and Jarvis Redwine are set to enter the Nebraska Black Sports Hall of Fame next month.
09 SAT
Ndamukong Suh gets an assist from Tommie Frazier and Cody Glenn at a football camp for kids in Michigan.
TD countdown: Dennis Claridge, 68 yards in the 1964 Orange Bowl
08 FRI
Pre-Snap Read previews Minnesota and ranks the Gophers at No. 84.
Lou Holtz, in Omaha for a charity event, talks a little Husker football.*
TD countdown: Matt Davison, 69 yards against Northwestern in 2000
07 THU
Former Husker lineman Rex Hoy, a three-time letterman who scored a long-distance touchdown against Kansas in 1950, has died at age 83.
Times are set for the games against Southern Miss and Arkansas State.
MenuPedia gets its first Colorado listing – The Fowl Line. | More info
Husker Dan sends out a reminder that Salute the Troops needs your help.
Taylor Martinez puts in more work on his throwing mechanics* as hopes for an improved passing game also ride on a talented receiving corps.
TD countdown: Irving Fryar's 70-yarder in a romp at Minnesota in 1983
Eric Stokes keenly appreciates the talent of the mid-1990s Husker teams.
There's still time to sign up for Football 202, which has some new wrinkles.
Niles Paul & Lance Thorell are Saturday's Legends Radio Show guests.
06 WED
Former Husker Andrew Shanle joins the Midland athletic department. | Bio
MenuPedia is a new way for restaurants & hungry Husker fans to connect.
The transfer of running back Aaron Green to TCU becomes official.
The Red Sox pick former Husker receiver Khiry Cooper in the MLB draft.
Coming up with a difference-maker on the D-line is one of Adam Rittenberg's season keys for Nebraska. (Video)
HuskerMax™ has secured more game tickets for UCLA. Get yours now.
Touchdown countdown: Joe Walker, 71 yards against Kansas State, 1997
Tom Osborne tried to create a Penn State-NU de facto title game in 1994.
Walk-on Sam Foltz will have a go at both wide receiver and punter.
05 TUE
Are some Husker fans a little too wrapped up in the world of recruiting?
Bob Logdson, whose Legionnaire Club in Lincoln was a mecca for fans and coaches during the Devaney era, dies at age 84.*
Bo Pelini appears on this list of best coaches with no BCS bowls.
Analyzing the Big Ten's playoff stance: Mandel | Corn Nation | Lesmerises
TD countdown: Johnny Rodgers' extraordinary 72-yarder against Oklahoma was accompanied by Lyell Bremser's unforgettable play-by-play call.
04 MON
NU retains its long-standing recruiting foothold in the Kansas City area.
The Big Ten will distribute $284 million to its schools for 2011-12.*
Harvey Perlman says Big Ten presidents prefer the postseason status quo* but understand that's not a realistic choice.
ESPN.com's David Ubben rates Ndamukong Suh's 2009 season as No. 2 in Big 12 history, and Mike Rozier earns a spot on a similar Big Ten list.
NU is in the middle of the Big Ten pack when it comes to assistants' pay.
There's a new sports station at 1180 AM on the radio dial in metro Omaha: “The ZONE 2 - The Deuce,” designed to complement 1620AM The ZONE.
Corn Nation previews the Huskers' opening opponent, Southern Miss.
Eric Hagg gets first crack at the free safety spot with the Browns.
Ndamukong Suh says he's eager to put last season behind him.
TD countdown: Ken Clark went 73 and NU scored 63 on Oklahoma State.
03 SUN
The Big Ten is open to compromise on a playoff plan but strongly favors a selection committee to determine the participants. Bo Pelini, meanwhile, remains opposed to any sort of playoff.
Touchdown countdown: Larry Asante went 74 yards on a ’60s-style night.
This week in Husker history: Bill Jennings loses his battle with cancer.
02 SAT
See how Ryker Fyfe* and other Husker walk-ons did in the Shrine Bowl game on Saturday.* | Notes | Photos: OWH,* LJS
Defensive back Dijon Washington* is leaving the team. | DB recruit still in
Nebraska's first coach, Langdon Frothingham, is remembered today for his veterinary accomplishments of more than a century ago. | The first game
The LJS's 100 Club series gets a tip of the cap from Randy York.
Braylon Heard will get reps at both running back and nickel back.
Jared Afalava & LeRoy Alexander, 2012 signees, clear academic hurdles.*
Husker Fans Salute the Troops is gearing up for its 2012 weekend event. You can help the cause by making a donation or purchasing a Salute ballcap, T-shirt or commemorative coin here.
TD countdown: This familiar 75-yarder was a Fiesta Bowl exclamation point.
The SEC is unanimous in wanting the nation's top four teams in a playoff.
The Athletic Department loses a life-skills mentor, but he'll be close by.
01 FRI
It's been Nebraska Week at Off Tackle Empire. Some links: 1, 2, 3
Sam McKewon has some defense-oriented recruiting updates.
Touchdown countdown: Pat Fischer, 76 yards in a big win at Texas in 1960.
The Shrine Bowl gives a number of Husker walk-ons a head start.*