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October 2008

It's Mark Manning vs. Brandon Rigoni in the "Tussle on the Turf."
It's a night of memories and respect as members of the 1971 NU and OU teams get together in Norman. Video: Pruitt & Rodgers | Fairbanks | Full game
Bill Kosch is the latest player to speak at the 70-71 dinner. Also: Jerry Murtaugh, Jeff Kinney, Joe Orduna, Dave Mason, Doug Dumler and Jerry Tagge.
Pierre Allen has faced a heavy load and a heavy heart.
Podcasts with Johnny Rodgers and Larry the Cable Guy are available now.
Christmas sale: $10 off of autographed copy of Hero of the Underground.
The Colonel weighs in on Saturday's win and the games ahead.
Husker Dan looks back at the Baylor game and forward toward the OU game.
See how former Husker players fared in Week 8 of the NFL.
The video review system gets less than rave reviews from many Big 12 coaches.
The Big 12 South still rules in inter-division play.
David Max gives his 2 cents on the Baylor game.
Jerry Tagge reminisces about his rough start at Nebraska.
Nebraska 32, Baylor 20. Game page | Pregame page | DVD
She was blind, but now can really see Huskers.
Bolosophy 101: Three ways in which Bo Pelini is creating a culture of winning.
For Roy Helu, football and faith are intertwined.
Past Husker: Tommie Frazier | Future Husker: J.T. Kerr
The OWH describes how things have changed this year on the practice field.
A columnist updates Minnesota readers on local-boy-done-good Nate Swift.
The National Guard spurred 1980s Husker Mark Blazek to academic excellence.
Iraq war veteran Tyrone Fahie discusses his moment of fulfillment on the field.
The Waco paper looks at the things that have shaped Bo Pelini.
Steve Sipple has a progress report on QB recruit Cody Green.
Some tickets are available for the remaining home games.
Vote for Memorial Stadium in this USA Today poll.
Husker Dan checks in with his Iowa State assessment.
Huskers in the NFL, Week 7: Barrett Ruud & Zack Bowman have good outings.
All the spread-offense talk seems to test Bo Pelini's patience.
Was the aftermath of the Missouri loss a turning point? Time will tell.
The Colonel shares his take on the ISU game. David Max also gives his 2 Cents.
Things are looking up for Marlon Lucky. And for the defensive line too.
From Sam McKewon, a Monday review of the Iowa State game.
Nebraska 35, Iowa State 7. Game page | Pregame page | DVD
Past Husker: Forrest Behm | Future Husker: Shawn Bodtmann
LB Chris Williams and TE J.T. Kerr become the newest commits for 2009. And linebacker is a spot in need of depth, Steve Sipple notes.
Carl Pelini says these Huskers are gaining the resilience to overcome adversity.
Husker Dan writes about the Tech game and the marching band.
NU is at or near the top of the league in the latest graduation rates.*
Will the turnovers finally start materializing for the defense?
A year after Steve Pederson's firing, Tom Shatel takes stock.
Juggling coaching and recruiting can be a tall task during the season.
David Max gives his 2 cents on the Tech game. A reader details Huskernomics.
Check out the Week 6 wrap-up of Huskers in the NFL.
Versus will televise the NU-Baylor game, with an 11:30 a.m. start.
Sam McKewon offers his Monday review of Saturday's proceedings.
Texas Tech 37, Nebraska 31. Game page | Pregame page | DVD
In his 14th pro season, Barron Miles says football remains fun for him at age 36.
An update on future Husker Dontrayevous Robinson.
Fans from West Virginia and California revel in seeing their first Husker game.
The 2004 drubbing in Lubbock came despite a defense with future NFL roster members at most positions.
Husker Dan looks back at the Missouri game and forward to the Husker salute.
Joe Dailey says Beau Davis was thrown to the wolves in the 2004 Texas Tech game.
Five years ago came a turning point for a Husker program now in the throes of a futility streak against top teams.
See the Week 5 summary of Huskers in the NFL.
The O-linemen say there's still hope for the running game.
Tom Shatel has a memo for Chase Daniel.
David Max gives his 2 cents on the Missouri game.
The Iowa State game will have an 11:30 a.m. kickoff, with a Versus telecast.
Coaches Pinkel and Pelini put the spitting controversy to rest.
Beau Davis draws insights from the debacle in Lubbock four years ago.
Sam McKewon has five pressing questions to mull over on a Monday morning.
Bo Pelini will look into Chase Daniel's allegation that a Husker spit on him. Penalty flags, meanwhile, are piling up for the Huskers at a record pace.
Two former Huskers stay in the game as officiating crew members.
Mike McNeill says Nebraska is still the best place to play.
This week's Husker Anthology catches us up on Marc Munford.
Lawrence Phillips receives a 10-year prison sentence in L.A.
The walk-on program* gets some ink in the New York Times.
HuskerPedia™ interviews Eric Crouch. Watch Husker videos on HPTV™.
Jeff gives his Missouri Scarlet Commentary preview.
Memories of the 1978 Missouri game still run strong for Rick Berns and others: 1, 2, 3
QB recruit Cody Green says there's no doubt Nebraska is on the right track.
The St. Louis paper takes a look at the road back for Nebraska.
Mizzou alum Tom Shatel shares some thoughts with a Columbia paper.
The Colonel checks in with his report on the Virginia Tech game.
Husker Dan has some random thoughts about Va. Tech and other things.