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Saturday was one of the most beautiful fall afternoons I can ever remember at Memorial Stadium. There wasn't a cloud in the bright, blue sky. Temps at kickoff were in the 70s. The atmosphere was festive-due mainly to the appoitment, last week, of Tom Osborne as the interim A.D. at UNL. In fact, many fans were so excited to have Osborne back, they sported "Got Tom?" and "T.O. (Tradition and Order)" T-shirts. The shirts were selling like Hannah Montana tickets all week.

Husker fans who were hoping the Wizard of Oz's magic might be enough to give the beleagured Huskers a win, unfortunately left the game disappointed.

Oh, Osborne's magic did seem to work in the first half as the Huskers held a lead for the first time since the 4th quarter of the Iowa State game three weeks ago. The Aggies scored a TD on their first possession, but missed the extra point. The Huskers answered with a nice drive that put them ahead, 7-6.

The lead was short-lived. The Aggies kicked a field goal (our defense actually held!) and A&M led 9-7. The Aggies scored again, making it 16-7. And just before the half ended, the Huskers scored again, pulling within two at 16-14. There would be no first half meltdown this week. But the second half had yet to start.

Sadly, the Huskers 2nd quarter TD was the last the Huskers would score the rest of the day. The game was over when the Aggies took the opening kickoff of the second half and drove 80 yards to extend its lead to 23-14.

The Great and Powerful Oz has spoken. No personnel changes will be considered until after the season, Osborne announced last week at his press conference. So no matter how you feel about the coaching, the inept play calling, execution and the double-digit losses that are sure to continue, there is nothing any of us can do about it.

It's like a trip to your proctologist. You know you have to do it; you know it will be uncomfortable; you know it'll soon be over and you know you'll feel better when it's finished.

With road games at Texas, Kansas and Colorado and one home game with K-State, you have to ask the question, where are two more wins-heck, where is one more win? The prospect of a 4-8 season is too real for stunned Husker fans.

But don't fret. Just relax. In about 5 weeks, the Husker football program will be headed in a different direction.
Dear Readers:
A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to keep Big Red Betty in your prayers as she continues her battle with cancer. Betty lives in Lincoln, California and is a huge Husker fan (and a very knowledgeable one, too). She has been a contributor to Husker Dan's Army in the past and just recently sent another check for HDA. Even in her crisis, she managed to think of our men and women who are serving in harm's way in the Middle East.

Betty, you are one in a zillion! We can not thank you enough. I know all of Husker Pride Worldwide, is praying for you.
Kenlon Johannes, with the Northeast Kansans for Nebraska, emailed me today with the following update: Since Husker Dan's Army began about a year and a half ago, HDA has sent over $2,300 worth of Husker Care Packages overseas.

Donations have come from as far away as Shanghai, China. We've also received checks from Colorado, California, Washington state, Virginia, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas.

We've had also had donations from the following UNL Alumni Groups:
Kansans For Nebraska (Wichita, KS)
Northeast Kansans For Nebraska (Topeka, KS)
The Oregonians For Nebraska (Portland, OR)

I would like to issue a challenge to the other UNL Alumni Groups through out the country to join in the cause. Remember, for every $100.00 we raise, a Husker Care Package full of Husker memorabilia (T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, media guides etc.) is shipped by the Red Zone in Omaha to any soldier who asks to be put on Husker Dan's Army list.

Make your checks payable to:
Husker Dan's Army
Send your checks to:
Northeast Kansans For Nebraska
Att: Bob Elliott
3405 SW Atwood Avenue
Topeka, KS 66614

Any soldier who writes me, will also receive free of charge, Husker game day DVDs (courtesy of UNL's HuskerVision under the direction of Shot Kleen). So if you are serving in the military in Iraq, Afghanistan etc, let me hear from you. God bless you and your mission!

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