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September 2007

Nebraska 35, Iowa State 17. Game page | Pregame page | DVD
It's the north's turn to rise as Oklahoma and Texas fall to Colorado and KSU.
This date (Sept. 29) in Husker history: Nebraska romps against Penn State in 1979.
At the next level, Cory Ross applies the lessons in patience he learned at NU.
Read an excerpt about Susie Huber from the book For Husker Fans Only.
Huskers past and present discuss what it means to be a Blackshirt.
Baker Steinkuhler tries not to feel pressured by the expectations attached to his five-star rating and famous last name.
Catch up with two pass-catchers: Sean Hill (1, 2) and Nate Swift.
Phillip Dillard is one Blackshirt who wears his emotions on his sleeve. KETV video
Sam Keller and Bill Callahan find themselves more and more in sync.
Members of the defense must mix and match responsibilites because of injuries, and they reject any notion that Kevin Cosgrove's system is too complex.
For Husker Fans Only is now available at all Husker Hounds locations in Omaha.
Anne Marie Rye could use your vote in the Athlon Sideline Spirit contest.
The Big Red is looking awfully little, TSN's Matt Hayes writes.
For Husker Fans Only is now available in Blair, Kearney, and Nebraska City.
The Athletic Dept. budget shrinks because of reduced debt payments.
Ben Eisenhart's parents rack up the mileage to follow their son's NU career.
HuskerPedia's David Max offers his 2 cents about being a Nebraska fan.
Sam McKewon examines the inherent tensions between coaches and reporters.
Barrett Ruud's time has finally arrived at Tampa Bay.
Roy Helu is happy to have a chance to do his "1/11th" on the field.
Consistency has Terrence Nunn* closing in on a couple of school records.
A couple of hot topics: Booing and the Blackshirts.
The defense tries to make quarterback sacks part of its repertoire.
Nebraska 41, Ball State 40. Game page | Pregame page | DVD
Idaho reportedly is on Nebraska's schedule for 2010.
Nebraska-Iowa State will be a radio-only event for most Husker fans. Randy York fondly remembers when that was the norm, not the exception.
Kyle Vanden Bosch makes his mark with the Tennessee Titans.
An update on Mike Rozier, Nebraska's 1983 Heisman Trophy winner.
The LJS sorts out the conference's TV arrangements.
Lincoln police worry about game-night unruliness in the downtown bar district.
Ex-Huskers Phil Ellis and Loran Kaiser* aren't ready to give up on NU.
Todd Peterson has made the most of his opportunities. Niles Paul waits for a chance to shine.
A switch from soccer pays off for placekicker Alex Henery.
The OWH's Mitch Sherman sees a disconnect between recruiting hype and on-field results.
Video features: What's up Sam's sleeve and Lydon Murtha.
The sports editor in West Point, Neb., fills in some blanks about TJ Simers' visit.
The ISU game will have a 1:05 p.m. kickoff, and no telecast is in the works.
Reflections from Saturday's out-of-towners: USC fans, Rush
An OWH chart tracks the Blackshirts' run-stopping failures against USC.
Linebacker Kyler Reed is the latest to commit to the recruiting class of 2008.
Jason Peter's latest challenge is his new Lincoln radio gig.
ABC's ratings withered as the score mounted.
A USC game perspective from a transplanted Nebraskan in LA.
Dan Titchener is named to the Ray Guy Award watch list.
TSN's Tom Dienhart kicks dirt on the losing team and pumps up the victors.
Husker Nation has lost a great fan and supporter.
The Colonel talks about Saturday's loss and what it means for the ’07 season.
Military vets are encouraged to sign up for Nebraska Bookstore's Tickets for Veterans program.
Nebraska isn't alone in the conference with its struggling running game.
Left guard Andy Christensen's knee injury is a season-ender.
As good as USC looked, the Trojans have weak areas that could use work.
Can the ground game (1, 2) and the defense bounce back? The LJS's Steve Sipple and the StatePaper's Sam McKewon offer up their postmortems.
USC 49, NU 31. Game page | Pregame page
Huskers.com has photos of the College GameDay experience.
Lil' Red is set to join the Mascot Hall of Fame.
Husker fans' generosity continues to amaze a wounded Nebraska soldier. WOWT
Once-undersized Husker recruit Doug Rippy had to overcome a fear of playing.
Beano Cook says sportsmanship is dead, but not in Lincoln. More on the same topic from the Athletic Department's Randy York.
Tim Griffin's Big 12 Insider makes note of the conference's aerial resurgence.
The LJS counts down the top Memorial Stadium games: #10, #9, #8, #7, #6, #5, #4, #3, #2, #1
Some specifics of Bill Callahan's new contract are revealed.
Two who walked on get in the thick of things: Ben Eisenhart, Sean Hill KETV video
For Husker Fans Only author Rich Wolfe wll be at the Nebraska Bookstore Saturday for a book signing.
Johnny Rodgers goes on the radio in Orange County to discuss the Huskers and his life after football. audio file
A wounded war vet from Oshkosh is a beneficiary of the Wake ticket donations.
Ex-Husker Mike Brown of the Bears suffers another season-ending injury.
A Nebraskan living in California writes about Nebraska's character.
Nebraska 20, Wake Forest 17. Game page | Pregame page
The ticket donation effort is appreciated in Winston-Salem.
Adam Carriker prepares to serve as the anchor for the St. Louis Rams' defense.
The Athletic Dept. has an assortment of wallpaper for your computer.
Adi Kunalic, Kevin Cosgrove, Bill Callahan and the defensive line turn up in Tim Griffin's Big 12 Insider.
SI.com is the latest to tell the Sam Keller story.
The CFL's Toronto Argonauts release Eric Crouch.
Hear David Max discuss the Wake-Army ticket-donation effort.
L.A. columnist T.J. Simers will stop in West Point on his Nebraska vist.
A look at Jerry Moore's journey from Nebraska assistant to giant-slayer at Appalachian State.
The Big 12 names its new commissioner, Dan Beebe.
Asking prices for Nebraska-USC tickets are getting a little ridiculous. KETV video
The Husker staff extends its first recruiting offers for 2009.
Commentary on the new Callahan contract: Sipple, McKewon, Douglass
Cortney Grixby talks about his height, his brothers and his position coach.
If you are a retail location and would like to offer the book "For Husker Fans Only" for sale, please visit this page.
Bill Callahan is signed on through 2011. More: 1, 2, 3, 4 audio file KETV video
Johnny Rodgers invites you to join his Big Red Frutaiga team.
Marlon Lucky is on USA Today's player-of-the-week ballot.
Marlon Lucky is named Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week.
Ex-Husker Harrison Beck will start at quarterback Saturday for N.C. State.
Did ABC cut short the NU telecast in your viewing area? File a complaint here.
Marlon Lucky is the Walter Camp national offensive player of the week.
Nebraska 52, Nevada 10. Game page | Pregame page
QB Blaine Gabbert considers enrolling a semester early.
KETV provides a look at the new Tunnel Walk.
If you bought Wake Forest season tickets please read this.
Tom Osborne joins the Master Coaches Survey.
Print your copy of the 2007 schedule courtesy of Brian Brown.
Meet Kirk Hartman, the creative force behind the Tunnel Walk.