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April 2003

Spring drills coverage here.
A move from I-back to receiver pays off for Jack O'Holleran.
Junior Tagoa'i is suspended from the team.
Wilson Thomas signs with the Chiefs, and Jon Clanton and John Garrison sign with the Titans. More draft and free-agent news here.
The staff hits the road as a four-week recruiting blitz begins.
See what to expect from Southern Miss in ’03.
Junior Tagoa'i remains in jail as his case is delayed.
Read up on Penn State's spring game: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
The post-spring depth chart is out. See who landed where: 1, 2
Letting go of the offense wasn't so difficult, Frank Solich says.
A second arrest for Junior Tagoa'i.
The defense's progress pleases Bo Pelini.
The NCAA bans consecutive two-a-days.
Josh Brown feels good about his chances in the NFL draft.
Eric Crouch is saluted for listening to his heart.
Husker Dan brings us the spring-game edition of Chip Chuckley's "Sports Chat."
Barney Cotton sets his sights on a 55-60% passing percentage for Jammal Lord.
Okie State enters 2003 with heightened expectations.
The Green Bay Packers claim Eric Crouch off waivers: 1, 2, 3
Chris Kelsay waits to see where the NFL draft will send him.
College Football News and Dennis Dodd assess the 2003 Huskers.
The offense works on its new hand-signal system: 1, 2
The placekicker's job remains up for grabs.
Fifteen are named to the Brook Berringer Citizenship Team.
Bo Pelini discusses his coaching philosophy.
Boyd Epley sees progress in the weight room.
Trash talk appears to be here to stay.
The Rams plan to grant Eric Crouch his release.
The Oklahoma State game will feature a big gathering of past lettermen (1, 2, 3, 4), and the Husker Nation Tour may be coming to a town near you.
Johnny Mitchell signs with Jacksonville.
Ernie Chambers is stood up in the pay-for-play debate in Philadelphia.
An update on the Nittany Lions' spring.
Inside the headset of Jimmy Williams.
Southern Miss tries revamping its offense.
Inside the headset of Marvin Sanders.
Tim Albin recalls his lobbying against the flea flicker that sealed the 2001 win over Oklahoma.
Harvey Perlman ponders some playoff ideas.
Inside the headsets of Jeff Jamrog and Bo Pelini.
Carl Pelini lands the open grad assistant's job.
Inside the headset of Ron Brown.
Steve Pederson discusses his hands-on style: "When you take care of all the little things … big things will happen."
Inside the headset of Tim Albin.
Inside the headset of Scott Downing.
Barney Cotton isn't ruling out a two-QB system.
April 1 brings the second edition of Bugmunch from the Loon.