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June 2010

Ndamukong Suh isn't intimidated by the lofty expectations surrounding him.
NU & CU seem to be on the same page in seeking a quick resolution with the Big 12.
Top kicking prospect Niklas Sade commits to Nebraska for 2011.
The Nebraska game is a potential launch pad for Jake Locker's Heisman hopes.
Nebraska is moving from the league with the biggest football money-maker to the one with the biggest football spender.
Tom Osborne likes how the Big Ten is working for a comfortable transition for NU.
Texas Tech's Tommy Tuberville doesn't think the Big 12 can last. | Buffs' exit strategy
Sam McKewon previews a Big 12 season in which Texas vs. Nebraska comes with a heightened measure of pride at stake. | 12 best players
Bo Pelini knows it'll be "different" to coach against his alma mater in Ohio Stadium.
Kickers Rich Sanger & Mike Coyle are Saturday's Legends Radio Show guests.
Several Big Ten schools are expressing interest in rivalries with NU. | Penn State
Texas Tech's chancellor offers his version of the Big 12 conference's near-death experience. | Nothing in writing?
Steve Sipple takes a crack at the Big Ten division question. | Iowa perspectives: 1, 2
A recruiting dropoff in Texas for the Huskers isn't necessarily a given.
Sipple & Christopherson preview opponent No. 10, Turner Gill's Kansas squad.
Tad Stryker sees mental toughness & the motivation of 0:01 as keys for the Huskers.
Marketing and branding experts agree that a Big Ten name change is unlikely.
Joe Hart and other Husker fans in Ohio welcome the conference change.
The summer recruiting season might become even more important for the Huskers.
There's a lot for Nebraska to like about the Big Ten financially and philosophically.
A Big Ten decision on the league's divisions is expected by late August.
Niles Paul is fined $400 in his Lincoln court case.
T.J. DeBates, former Husker living in Big Ten country, likes Nebraska's move. | Bio
Sipple & Christopherson preview opponent No. 9, Iowa State.
The LJS examines some numbers that help tell the story of NU and the Big Ten.
In an interview with HuskerMax,™ Jack Nicklaus talks about Sand Hills golf, his Buckeyes, the college football landscape and more. | OWH's chat with Jack
Iowa's U.S. senators are questioning the Big Ten’s nonprofit status.
From the Rivalry Dept.: One is decided off the field; new ones will evolve.
Your poll vote might help Husker license plates sprout all across Texas.
Penn State and NU have a history that includes a controversy or two.
Nebraska just felt right, Bubba Starling tells his hometown newspaper.
Lawyers don't expect NU to forfeit to the Big 12 the hefty sums that've been reported.
Coaches' intensity is integral to the Blackshirts' turnaround, says this ESPN feature.
OU's president confirms the Sooners were invited to join the SEC.
Quarterback recruit Jamal Turner embraces the competition he'll be facing.
Arizonans for Nebraska will have their 15th annual golf outing on August 21st.
Phillip Dillard and the Giants agree to terms of a four-year contract.
Zach Sterup of St. Cecilia in Hastings commits to the recruiting class of 2011.
ESPN.com looks at Boyd Epley's seminal role in strength and conditioning.
The conference switch helps revive a 15-year-old debate.
It'll be a year before Bubba Starling opts for the route of Turner Gill or Carl Crawford.
Tom Osborne says staying put in the Big 12 would have paid off in the short run.
A look at opponent No. 2, Idaho, and its North Platte-raised quarterback.
Trophy watch lists: Jared Crick & Prince Amukamara for the Outland & Nagurski.
The NU-Big 12 divorce could be a distracting sideshow during a pivotal season.
The Big Ten Network gets an introductory lesson on Nebraska.
Big Ten academics aren't expected to alter NU's athletic recruiting.
Bob Stoops says scheduling Nebraska would be unrealistic for the Sooners.
The tumultuous 2007 season at NU didn't rattle Joe Rudolph, now at Wisconsin.
From Buckeye territory, a look at how Nebraska’s recruiting focus might change.
In the Big Ten, trophy games matter. | 10 ideas
OKC columnist Berry Tramel says the Sooners need to schedule Nebraska. | BBS
The Gainesville Sun previews the Huskers and gives them a No. 6 ranking.
Lee Barfknecht sorts out the winners & losers in the conference shakeup.
The Huskers add another top quarterback, Bubba Starling, to the recruiting class of 2011, but pro baseball's riches could get in the way.
As he rehabs from a kidney transplant, Charlie Greene, the former Nebraska sprinter, heeds Bo Pelini's words: Focus on the process and get better every day.
Big Red Rising: Get your copy of the Huskers Illustrated 2010 football yearbook.
Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema wants a rivalry of respect with Nebraska.
Get your Dad a membership to the HuskerMax™ BBS for Father's Day.
A Cornhusker reference in the Kansas fight song might get tweaked.
Register now for the Lincoln Youth Sports Assn.’s annual golf tournament July 10.
Big Ten athletic directors say an east-west split isn't a given.
A sack of Brett Favre is on Ndamukong Suh’s rookie-season wish list.
Tough and intense, O-line recruit Dylan Admire is eager to play in the Big Ten.
Tom Osborne & Bo Pelini are winners as AP assesses the new Big 12. | Forde's list
Football 202 will take place July 27 in Lincoln, and registration is under way.
On the academic side, the university accepts an invitation to join the CIC.
Living history: Two gents now in their mid-90s – Bill Glassford and Tippy Dye – were part of earlier Husker lore.
Daniel Davie of Beatrice becomes NU's 10th recruiting commitment for 2011.
Barry Alvarez was an early advocate for a Nebraska move to the Big Ten. Joe Tiller, meanwhile, thinks Purdue just got knocked down a notch. | Michigan rivalry
The Big Ten has a thicket of scheduling & division issues to hash out this summer.
NET’s future role with NU athletics is one of the unknowns of the Big Ten move.
Carl Nicks’ stature grows after his April apology to Bo Pelini.
Notre Dame to the Big 12? Jerry Jones is dreaming big. | Top Big 12 moments | Commentary: Chip Brown's role, Humbled Missouri, League arithmetic
NU's recruiting prowess in Chicago and other lodes in the Midwest figures to improve.
A chance to golf with Kris Brown & Darin Erstad at Dismal River is up for auction.
With perhaps $15 million at stake, any exit penalty for NU could end up in court.
Husker Dan offers a slew of random thoughts about the conference changes.
Did Texas play the Pac-10 like a fiddle? A Seattle columnist thinks so.
Taking potshots at NU: Boone Pickens | Missouri’s guv
A group of “influential people” gets credit as Texas stays and the Big 12 survives. But bad blood remains. More commentary: McKewon | Shatel | Mellinger | Sherrington | Kays | Fiutak | Burwell | Brewer | Tramel | Hanway | Miklasz | Munoz | Paige
Dick Chatelain proposes an east-west Big Ten split, with a wrinkle. | Rivalries
Vic Scleich, a member of the 1941 Rose Bowl team, dies at age 90.
The LJS's Sipple & Christopherson preview opponent No. 8, Missouri.
Californians for Nebraska has migration packages for the South Dakota State game.
A one-of-a-kind golf experience: Dismal River, the Jack Nicklaus signature course near Mullen, has a special offer for HuskerMax readers.
Former Husker Aaron Terpening shares his thoughts about NU’s move.
UCLA might want out of its 2012-13 series with Nebraska.
NU-KSU tickets are available now through the KSU ticket office. | More games
Nebraska fell to eighth in Big 12 revenue share in 2008-09.
The Big Ten Network looks at division possibilities. | More logistics
The Big 12 has a pulse as Texas considers staying put and the Ledge wants its say. Commentary: A Powers play | Embrace realignment | Where the money should go
A smooth integration of Nebraska into the league is a priority for Jim Delany. More: The AAU factor | Perlman and Osborne Q&A
Ndamukong Suh has bittersweet feelings about the conference move. | Playoffs goal
See Huskers Illustrated’s report on the big move.
It’s because of what Bob Devaney started that NU became Big Ten material.
Barry Alvarez likes the Huskers' move. | Mark Mauer too
What went wrong with the Big 12: Losing hand | Rocky from start | Deep differences
This isn’t your father's Big Ten, Steve Sipple writes. More commentary: Two tough seasons ahead | A fourth brand name | Tenacity pays off | Blame game | Dickson
The OWH looks at how various Husker teams fit in. | Glossary | FAQs
The latest on who might be going where: 1, 2, 3, 4
Here are ideas from Iowa and Ohio on what the league's divisions might look like.
Tad Stryker: It was a day to bow to the inevitable rather than to celebrate.
Wisconsin wants Nebraska as its end-of-season rival. | BBS
After a momentous day for NU, the pundits weigh in on the move to the Big Ten:
Work on the 2011 schedule is expected to start this summer.
NU's recruits from Texas say they're still on board. More reaction: Fans, coaches (1, 2), former players, others (1, 2)
The Big 12 teeters, Dan Beebe scrambles, and Kansas has Pac-10 hopes.
The academic side of the switch excites university leaders.
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Coverage archive here
Prince Amukamara comes out No. 1 in grading by an NFL scouting organization.
There’s a little history between NU and a Big Red of the Big Ten. | Wisconsin series
Nebraska will need to ignore the catcalls and forge ahead, Sam McKewon says.
Jay Moore & Corey McKeon will be Saturday’s Legends Radio Show guests.
Watch (1, 2, 3) or listen live today as the NU regents meet at 1 p.m. CDT for a potentially historic decision for Husker athletics. | Questions & answers | Irish too?
Steve Sipple says a perfect storm helped put NU in this advantageous position.
Experts in sports law don't see the Big 12’s likely breakup becoming a federal issue. But things could get messy between departing and remaining schools.
Colorado’s exit has some people mourning a rivalry, but future NU-CU games could happen. Meanwhile, there's some grumbling in Texas.
QB recruit Jamal Turner pays a visit to his future home this weekend.
Courtesy of the OWH, a photographic trip down conference memory lane.
Four mid-1960s Huskers – Bob Churchich, Pete Tatman, Larry Wachholtz and Ron Kirkland – get together for golf and reminiscing in Arizona.
KU athletic director Lew Perkins announces his retirement, effective September 2011.
Colorado becomes the first to go as the Pac-10 welcomes the Buffs. | NU-CU series
As we wait for the words "sources said" to be replaced by "officials announced," here's some commentary to chew on: Dodd: Big Red is special | Shatel: No villains | Mandel: Natural fit | Paige: Don't do it | Sherrington: Grudge damage | Harvey: Getting even | Galloway: Life from ashes
It's a homecoming for Ahman Green as he signs with the UFL's Omaha Nighthawks.
The NCAA penalizes Colorado on academics and hits USC with a two-year bowl ban.
NU officials issue denials, but numerous reports say the move is a done deal: Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, Chip Brown, Denver Post, Lawrence J-W
Wheels turning: The Nebraska regents are ready to talk about the Big Ten.
The OWH says NU to the Big Ten could happen as early as Friday. Tom Osborne says he’s ready to "put this thing to bed."
It's shaping up as another defining moment for Tom Osborne. More commentary: Dufresne | Tramel | Greenstein | Bohls | Carlton
A Big 12 collapse could spark congressional action. More politics: Kansas, Iowa
The Huskers are getting Field Turf on one of their two practice fields.
The LJS's Sipple & Christopherson preview opponent No. 7, Oklahoma State.
Expansion is still not on the NU regents’ Friday agenda. The league's presidents discussed the impact of conference realignment 4 months ago.
Nebraska must choose between two of the state’s strongest impulses, says Sam McKewon. More commentary: Lubbock | Houston | Lawrence | San Antonio
Notre Dame might now be "on the clock" with the Big Ten, with an Irish move having the potential to end the league's interest in NU & Mizzou. | 16 scenarios
Got Windows 7 or Vista? Add the HuskerMax schedule gadget to your desktop.
A Baylor regent bemoans how tough it is to influence "a bunch of corn shuckers."
Kansas' chancellor makes a plea for NU not to bolt. | Matt Hayes concurs
Born too soon? Jammal Lord might have been “a heck of a Wildcat quarterback.”
Texas might dearly regret what it's about to do, Sam McKewon writes.
The OWH reports that it might already be too late to prevent a Big 12 breakup and that a move by six league teams to the Pac-10 could be announced this week.
Tad Stryker and a Kansas columnist call for NU to stay put. More commentary: How Dan Beebe blew it | A need for Big Ten speed | Poker with Osborne | 3 scenarios
The Pac-10 gives its commissioner authority to pursue any possible expansion. And Jim Delany of the Big Ten indicates his league's conservative timeline will gain speed.
Sources say NU & Mizzou have a Friday deadline to tell the Big 12 if they're staying.
Tom Shatel is already nostalgic about what might be lost. | 4 scenarios | Dickson
John Wooden’s faith and principles have served as guidance for Tom Osborne.
Tickets remain available for the star-studded Husker Legends dinner in Columbus.
Fort Scott CC in Kansas is becoming a mother lode for the Huskers.
Trevor Robinson says Notre Dame was the right choice but difficult. | 2008 class
The Big 12's fault lines can be traced to the league's roots. | Money vs. tradition
These are tense times for the league's forgotten four. More: 1, 2, 3, 4
OKC writer Berry Tramel says everything hinges on what NU decides. More conference commentary: Shatel: What Texas wants | Sherrington: Seismic weekend ahead | Staples: Which suitor for UT? | Dufresne: Panic in college-land
A process to determine schools' commitment is set up as Dan Beebe voices optimism the Big 12 will stay intact. Still, the league seems at the mercy of outside forces.
As expected, the league championship game stays in Texas through at least 2013.
Incoming freshman safety Corey Cooper is eager to tackle summer workouts.
It’s Jared Crick's turn to try to live up to heightened expectations.
Stewart Bradley discusses his Nebraska years and his rehab from injury.
Is the Big 12 about to crumble? That's the sense from many quarters as the Pac-10 emerges as a possible destination for half the league's schools. But CU's Mike Bohn backpedals from a quote that helped fan the flames, and Sam McKewon says the Pac-10 doesn't hold the cards – Texas does. More commentary from around the league: Kansas City, Dallas, OKC, Lawrence, Ft. Worth, Tulsa
Meanwhile, Texas has a “Tech problem” that could thwart a UT move to the Big Ten.
Penn State's out-of-bounds completion against NU in 1982 is listed as one of college football's three worst officiating calls.
Fan interest in expanding Memorial Stadium is high, Paul Meyers says. | Survey
League solidarity appears strong after Wednesday's round of Big 12 meetings, but Tom Shatel isn't convinced. | Sipple on the “doomsday scenario
Sporting News calls Jared Crick the best player in college football.
Tevin Mitchel, a cornerback from Texas, commits for 2011. Also, JUCO wide receiver Stanley Jean-Baptiste plans to enroll in July. | Four for NU in Rivals 250
See Phil Steele's info-packed preview of the 2010 Huskers.
Track the changes in Husker offensive players’ heights & weights since the 1960s.
Two NU games are in the top three in a ranking of all 96 of 2010's Big 12 games.
Day one of the Big 12 meetings brings a sense that there'll be few answers and no ultimatums on conference realignment this week. Texas says it too is keeping its options open. Commentary: Shatel | Barfknecht | Sipple
Sign up for the Vince Ferragamo Foundation golf tournament.
The Colorado game gets its usual 2:30 kickoff on ABC on the day after Thanksgiving.
Lincoln police ticket Niles Paul after an alcohol-related incident.
The second game of the NU-Washington series was a heartbreaker in Seattle.
The first Rivals 100 list for 2011 includes Tyler Moore at No. 73.