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January 2003

Monte Kiffin becomes the NFL's highest-paid assistant.
Trev Alberts denies rumors that he has interviewed for the linebackers coaching job.
Highly rated OT Ryan Schuler decides he'd sooner be a Husker: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Mike Stuntz says the only move he's planning is up the depth chart.
Benard Thomas aims for a starting spot after sitting out.
On Super Bowl Sunday, Monte Kiffin's defense comes up big, Adam Treu steps into the breach, and Eric Johnson scores.
Steve Pederson will look into those unpopular new uniforms.
Bo Pelini lays down the law with the defense.
Phil Bland will miss spring drills.
An update on Dave Humm.
Rush-end recruit Chris Patrick from Ithaca, Mich., switches to the Huskers.
Kevin Steele lands at Florida State as linebackers coach.
Matt Herian works at bulking up.
Tom Rathman hopes to keep his his 49ers job.
USA Today looks at NU's efforts to right the ship.
The help at cornerback that's on its way should help fill one of NU's biggest needs for 2003.
It was no spur-of-the-moment decision when Dan McLaughlin opted to make the move to graduate assistant at age 47.
Tom Osborne discusses the staff changes and the possibility that his loyalty to assistants may have hamstrung Frank Solich when Solich took over.
Adam Treu won't be the only Lincoln native in the Super Bowl. Here's a look at the ex-Huskers who will suit up or coach in the big show. And then there's John Howell of Mullen, Neb.
CBs Donald Defrand (1, 2) and Titus Brothers (1, 2, 3) commit to NU, but a Bellevue punter goes elsewhere as the recruiting season enters the homestretch.
Millard West coach Dan McLaughlin joins the NU staff as a grad assistant.
A tight end from Texas picks the Huskers, and NU remains in the hunt for CB Donald Defrand.
A closer look at Joe Dailey's decision.
LB Lance Broadus of California has committed to NU.
Barney Cotton figures to get lots of play-calling advice from Tim Albin.
Some high-profile observers assess the coaching changes.
Recruiting coordinator Scott Downing says NU won't rely heavily on jucos.
Tailback Thomas Clayton, transferring from Florida State, has NU on his short list.
More trouble for Thunder Collins.
Tommy Zbikowski opts for the Irish: 1, 2, 3
The charge against Jammal Lord is dropped.
Bill Byrne pays a visit to Lincoln.
Marvin Sanders is back at his "second home."
NU interviews Rich Fisher for a coaching job.
Okie State will have Rashaun Woods in the opener vs. NU.
A new era begins to unfold in Lincoln as Frank Solich introduces the new coaches. More: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Opinion: Shatel, McKeever
Meanwhile, in New Mexico, ex-Husker Gerry Gdowski steps up into Barney Cotton's old job of offensive coordinator.
Milt Tenopir and Dan Young announce they are retiring (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Ex-Husker Aaron Taylor says Tenopir got a raw deal.
Tommy Zbikowski gets ready for some persuasive visitors.
CB Adrian Turner from Texas commits to NU.
The linebackers coach is the only remaining question mark as Frank Solich gets set to announce his staff changes.
It is confirmed that Scott Downing from Purdue will be running backs coach.
From the OWH, a closer look at Barney Cotton.
Milt Tenopir and Dan Young will not be back. Also, Marvin Sanders is in (1, 2, 3), but scratch Greg Peterson's name off the list of prospective new coaches.
Before the ink is dry on his NU contract, Bo Pelini is mentioned as a candidate for an NFL job.
Tommie Frazier weighs his options, but a position at NU isn't one of them.
NU's departing seniors pursue NFL careers and get ready for postseason games.
If Barney Cotton is leaving New Mexico State, it's news to his boss Tony Samuel.
Josh Brown's trial is set for May 9.
QB Joe Dailey has decommitted from Syracuse in favor of NU. Here's what he said just last week.
Frank Solich says he's one coach away from having his staff in place. It appears Turner Gill will be assistant head coach, and Marvin Sanders is still in the defensive picture despite an NFL offer.
The status of coaches Tenopir and Young is uncertain as changes sweep the coaching staff. Also, Bo Pelini interviews Jimmy Burrow.
Milt Tenopir assesses the 2003 O-line's talent.
The Lincoln paper says Barney Cotton has joined the staff -- but in what capacity? Also, a move by Dave Gillespie to an administrative job is speculated.
Upgrading the football facilities is the top priority of Steve Pederson, who says friendships will not get in the way of a successful program.
KSU's Greg Peterson is believed to be the top candidate for offensive coordinator, and Barney Cotton has further talks with Frank Solich.
Tommy Zbikowski and Tim Albin await Frank Solich's decision on an offensive coordinator. Bo Pelini, meanwhile, has a chance to start his NU job earlier than he had hoped.
Curt Dukes isn't giving up on playing spring ball.
George Darlington is in no mood to retire.
The 49ers turn to Bill Lafleur for consistent punting.
KSU assistant Greg Peterson has "a lot of things to think about" after his talks with Frank Solich. Earlier items on the offensive-coordinator candidate: 1, 2, 3, 4
A BCS committee will study a possible playoff.
Stadium announcer Rick Schwieger takes a new job.
Tommy Zbikowski keeps weighing his options.
Steve Warren looks forward to his first NFL playoff game.
Frank Solich's Orange Bowl record is broken.
Brett Byford, an Alabama all-state offensive lineman, gives NU a verbal commitment -- but QBs Joe Dailey and Walter Washington opt for Temple and Syracuse.
The Steve Pederson era officially begins.