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March 2005

Lydon Murtha* takes on the West Coast Offense and Ty Steinkuhler is already part of the mix along with Courtney Grixby.*
The Maine* game will be played under the lights.
Eric Crouch has a good feeling about his European debut and Lydon Murtha is "getting better."
Wednesday's practice was inside in full pads and Wali Muhammad is back.
Replacing Barrett Ruud* a top priority for Cosgrove.
Nebraska recruit Robert Rands tops Gale Sayers' long-jump mark.
Affiliated Foods Midwest offers a PediaCard™ value at the Country Stampede.
Husker Dan has good news - Myles from Iraq returns home.
The pass defense communication is better this year.
Dontrell Moore is moving from SAM linebacker to MIKE linebacker and Adam Carriker* is now at base end.
Donald DeFrand has a broken foot* and will miss the rest of spring practice.
NU counts on jucos* to bolster defensive line.
Simplified defense looks to take big strides.
Greg Austin's still working on recovering from his serious knee injury.
Tierre Green: "Just playing* on this field is enough for me."
Gilmore* starting with blank slate.
Le Kevin Smith looking forward* to guiding the defense.
Jay Norvell will be the guest speaker at the 3rd Annual Former Huskers, Inc. "Reach the Youth Tour" with Ahman Green and many other former Huskers.
Huskers go one-on-one in new drill in Monday's practice.
Terrence Nunn is developing as a leader and a target for the quarterbacks.
Seppo Evwaraye's* moving around in the line.
Frustrated with the OWH registration requirement? You're not alone.
The Oklahoma drill is getting rave reviews from the players.
Milt Tenopir's still making a contribution to the Huskers.
Jay Moore adjusts to a new position.
Steve Octavien trains with a F-150 pickup.*
HuskerPedia interviews Scott and Gayla Congdon, parents of placekicker recruit Jordan Congdon.
Santino Panico* puts the boos behind him.
Hundreds participate in the Husker Youth Experience after Saturday's practice.*
Tierre Green adjusting well to cornerback.*
Everything's pretty much the same according to Adam Ickes.*
Seppo Evwaraye makes the transition to offense and left tackle.
2004 was a trying year for Bo Ruud.
Friday's practice gets moved inside.
Cornealius Fuamatu-Thomas likes his pancakes.
Quarterbacks* are the focus as Joe Daily and Jordan Adams want to be in the mix.
Bluecreek has a new desktop for the spring.
Players are 'loose, confident' in spring practice opener and the QBs take center stage. More, 1, 2*, 3, 4, 5*, 6*, 7*
Will Shields is "addicted" to helping others.
Spring practice starts and it will be a "School of Hard Knocks" with competition for positions. Here's the Pre-Spring depth chart.*
Bugeaters Apparel is the latest addition to the HuskerPedia™ Mall.
Born in Nebraska? Get your Born Red™ , Enough Said shirt.
Mike Erickson* wants a shot at the NFL.
Jeff has a pre-Spring Game Scarlet Commentary.
Eric Crouch has an update from the Hamburg Sea Devils training camp.
Multiple areas of focus for Spring Practice.* (The OWH now requires free registration for their articles.)
Cory Ross* expects a tough* spring as the coaches want to get more physical.
Will the Spring Game be a sellout? Order your tickets now.
Zac Taylor didn't pass* on offer from the Huskers.
Academic requirements still a concern for some recruits.
QB Ryan Goodman cited for assault at Lincoln party.
Coach Callahan looking forward to a positive second season.
Bill Callahan has no plans to redshirt Harrison Beck.
Dahrran Diedrick is impressing the Rhein Fire in NFL Europe.
Tom Osborne takes on alcohol advertising in colleges. (audio)
Jon Parella gets cut by the Raiders.
Mike Stuntz switches to safety.
Las Vegas Nebraskans are invited to the Spring Game Fling
Steve Sipple has a Q&A session with Coach Callahan.
Several former Huskers work out for NFL scounts in Lincoln.
Nebraska's problems seem trivial compared to the ones in Boulder.
Season ticket prices stay the same for 2005.
Fabian Washington's draft status is on the rise.
Eric Crouch writes a weekly diary for the NFL Europe Hamburg Sea Devils.
Tony Samuel becomes the defensive end coach at Purdue.
The LA Times does a piece about the heritage of Californians for Nebraska.
Fans can keep tabs* on Eric Crouch in Europe.
Brandon Jackson makes the grade on the field and in the classroom.