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July 2010

A Rivals writer picks the Nebraska-Texas game as the game of the year to watch.
Jared Crick never forgets his Cozad roots. Sipple: Nebraska fits in well at No. 6
Add David Santos to NU's 2011 recruiting class.
Thanks to Ndamukong Suh, there will be an Apple iPad for each locker.
Talk of the 2010 season could become a mere speed bump at Big Ten Media Days.
Adding 5,000 seats to the stadium seems about right to Tom Osborne. | Notes
After parting ways with Nebraska, Dylan Admire lands at Kansas.
Play-by-play guy Tom Morris helps Schick & Nick preview the Idaho Vandals.
The newly released schedule for fall camp includes some new details.
It'll be brother vs. brother for the Fisher clan when Nebraska and Iowa square off.
Don't miss this year's trip to Lincoln, Kansas fans are advised.
Congrats to Ndamukong Suh, the Big 12's Male Athlete of the Year.
StatePaper sees eight potential upsets for Big 12 teams in nonconference play.
The Pac-10 boss cites Texas leaks and politics as keys in June's conference drama.
Pierre Allen intends to no longer be merely a supporting actor with the Blackshirts.
Nebraska fans need to find a real rivalry, a columnist in Texas says.
A big season, not the Big Ten, is on the minds of the 2010 Huskers.
NU comes it at No. 8 in NBCSports.com's preseason rankings. | Flop potential?
With Sam Bradford’s deal done, Ndamukong Suh could sign with the Lions today.
Schick & Nick and play-by-play guy Randy Lee preview Western Kentucky.
Texas A&M wants its $20 million a year from the Big 12 – or else.
Niles Paul is listed among 10 players expected to move up on the NFL draft charts.
Sam McKewon explains why coaches play it safe at Big 12 Media Days. LJS capsules from the quotefest in Texas: Day 3 | Day 2 | Day 1
Win two 2010 season tickets at the Catholic Social Services golf tournament.
Mack Brown voices lots of respect for Nebraska at Big 12 Media Days.
Turner Gill makes his Big 12 Media Days debut. | Relationships first | Family feel
NU & UT tie for first in StatePaper's rankings of the league's defensive backfields.
Before fixing the Huskers, Bo Pelini told Ndamukong Suh, "You stink."
Stronger, faster and healthy, Pierre Allen is gunning for a big senior year.
Niles Paul says fellow wideout Brandon Kinnie has turned into the real deal.
Nobody will miss the Big Red more than K-State and Missouri, Tom Shatel writes.
For Bill Snyder, the Big 12's near-demise was like a nightmarish flashback to 1989.
From Indiana, a peek at what might transpire at next week's Big Ten meetings.
Walt Anderson defends the clock reset at the end of the Big 12 title game.
"Red-clad Weenies": That's a Dallas columnist's new name for the Huskers.
Mizzou feels it has something to prove, especially against Nebraska.
Niles Paul sees focus and confidence as keys to improving his game.
Josh and Tony Davis will be Saturday's Legends Radio Show guests.
From Sam McKewon, a special Tuesday edition of his Husker summer takes.
Kyle Vanden Bosch intends to be part of another turnaround, this time in Detroit.
Dan Beebe expects a cordial resolution on NU's exit penalty by early autumn.
Even for three Cyclones who didn't play, ISU's win in Lincoln last fall remains special.
Tom Osborne will speak up if asked to at next week's Big Ten meetings.
Wanting early playing time, O-line recruit Dylan Admire decommits. | 2011 list
Steve Kragthorpe resigns as Texas A&M receivers coach; Troy Walters replaces him.
Was 1951 the best year to be born a Husker fan? Commentary by David Max.
Save on lodging with this HuskerMax™ special at the Omaha Hilton Garden Inn.
Bo Pelini keeps it basic and keeps the focus off the Big Ten at Big 12 Media Days. More: QB race | The defense | Notes: 1, 2 | Opinion: Bohls, Forde, Dodd, Haskin, Sipple, Shatel, Curtis, Sittler, King, Hamar | Other perspectives: Boulder, OKC, Kansas City, San Antonio, Lubbock, St. Louis, Denver, USA Today | Video: Pelini, Crick, Allen, Paul
Follow NU's stint today Big 12 Media Days. | Commentary | Questions: 1, 2, 3
It's cultural, it's political and it's personal: All eyes are already on Oct. 16.
Tad Stryker: Alex Henery packs a wallop for the Huskers.
Saving the Big 12: Dan Beebe talks about how it happened. | 2010 storylines
The quarterback situation will be a crucial test for Bo Pelini, Steve Sipple writes.
The Omaha Nighthawks mini-camp, featuring a few ex-Huskers, draws a crowd.
Expect reporters to probe for fault lines in the Big 12's bedrock at media days. | Shatel
Vote now: Ndamukong Suh and Kelsey Griffin are up for Big 12 athlete of the year.
John Papuchis likes the improved depth on the defensive line.
$38 million: That's one prediction of the guaranteed money for Ndamukong Suh.
Lee Barfknecht says the Big Ten can learn from the Big 12 about what to do and what not to do with the championship game. | Ideas from Alvarez
For a shot at a little fame and a pair of tickets, describe your first Husker game day.
A Texas writer offers a high-and-mighty lecture for Husker fans. | Rebuttals: 1, 2, 3, 4
Nebraska StatePaper ranks the league's linebacking corps.
Former SEC boss Roy Kramer advises anchoring the Big Ten title game.
A Missouri blogger turns his focus to the Husker defense.
Chip Brown discusses Nebraska's move and the Big 12's near-demise.
1999 flashback: The Kirk Ferentz era at Iowa got off to a rough start. | Summary
He won't have a vote, but Tom Osborne will participate in August's Big Ten meetings.
A look at five potential breakout players for Nebraska in 2010.
Ndamukong Suh draws a crowd at Children's Hospital in Omaha. | Waiting for Sam
The preseason media all-Big 12 team has four Huskers – Jared Crick, Mike McNeill, Alex Henery & Prince Amukamara – and Crick is co-defensive player of the year.
From a Missouri perspective, here's an extensive preview of the NU offense.
A case is made for a permanent, indoors home for the Big Ten title game.
Gothenburg's Brandon Koch: Once a Husker, always a Husker.
StatePaper's rankings of the league's defensive lines have NU at No. 3.
Is Nebraska overrated? ESPN's Big 12 blogger answers that and other questions.
Nebraska is the Big 12 media's unanimous pick to win the North. | Recount!
It's the last chance to register for Football 202; about 25 spots remain.
The quarterback question might not be settled until after preseason camp.
The conference change will affect how Nebraska teams travel.
John Papuchis & Tim Beck will talk Friday in Omaha about the outlook for 2010.
Washington dismisses tight end Kavario Middleton, an 11-game starter in 2009.
The Gainesville paper lists Nebraska as one of five darkhorses for the national title.
Four Huskers spread some cheer among Special Olympics Young Athletes. | More
Alex Henery is nominated for the Allstate AFCA Good Works Team.
The Athletic Dept.'s radio-deal announcement has an audio clip that never gets old.
Ndamukong Suh's value to the Lions is what matters, his agent says. | New ad
Margaret Max celebrates her 92nd birthday.
Bo Pelini's Big Red Kickoff Dinner for the Make-A-Wish foundation is next week.
KFAB remains the flagship station for football radio broadcasts through at least 2014.
Nebraska is in a No. 2 tie in StatePaper's rankings of the league's O-lines.
Steve Sipple debunks rumors of an NU-South Carolina game in the works for 2011.
A Nebraska crowd evidently was photoshopped into a Texas Tech stadium scene.
Expectations for Western Kentucky aren't exactly sky-high for 2010.
Which road trip(s) to choose in 2010? Here are some things for a fan to consider.
Catch Nate Swift & Todd Peterson on Saturday's Legends Radio Show.
The HuskerMax™ schedule widget now lets you pick one of four time zones.
The Huskers are 10th in the Austin paper's preseason ratings. | UT-NU hype can wait
Lots of rivalries are at stake when the Big Ten discusses scheduling next month.
Three NU games make this list of the 12 best matchups on Big 12 teams' slates.
Here's some video from Grant Wistrom's Hall of Fame enshrinement.
The LJS looks at the Big 12's top players on defense.
Alex Henery learned composure and focus during his years on the soccer field.
A HuskerMax™ reader gives his perspective on the final Big 12 season.
The Athletic Department explains the thinking behind Red Out Around the World.
From the LJS, a look at the Big 12's top offensive players.
Register now for the Big Sky Huskers’ July 31st golf tourney in Billings.
Sam McKewon says the first Big Ten title game belongs at Lambeau Field.
Grant Wistrom's always-running motor takes him to the Hall of Fame.
HuskerMax™ is looking for a local advertising sales specialist.
Matt Hayes says this could be like 1999 again for Nebraska & three other teams.
NU voices Sharpe, Grindle & Davison stop in Grand Island as they tour the state.
A case is made for taking down the stadium's "Greatest fans" signs. | "Stay classy"
Dan Alexander plays indoors these days and is excited to reconnect with NU.
Former Husker Quentin Castille goes unselected in the supplemental NFL draft.
It's been a summer on the road for future Husker kicker Niklas Sade. | Notes: 1, 2
Lambeau Field is the latest to express interest in hosting the Big Ten title game.
Nebraska StatePaper rates the Big 12 teams' wide receiver corps.
"Beat Texas" is removed from the RedOutAroundTheWorld site. | EA Sports result
Larry Asante signs with the Browns in a four-year deal reportedly worth $1.96 million.
Innovations by Tom Osborne found their way into NFL playbooks.
Niles Paul is doing community service in lieu of a fine for MIP.
The Hall of Fame enshrinement of Grant Wistrom and 23 others will be viewable Saturday live on the web. | Bio: 1, 2
John Bishop talks with Associate AD Marc Boehm about the “Redout” website. | BBS
Three seniors will speak for Nebraska on July 26 at NU's final Big 12 Media Days.
A K-State backer attempts to put Nebraska fans in their place.
The incoming Husker freshmen get their jersey numbers. | Updated roster
Some leaps of faith are worth the risk, Scott Criss knows.
See Big Red Wrap-Up’s summer special focusing on the conference change.
Bid on Grant Wistrom's classic red 1967 GTO convertible.
A Tulsa columnist sees an NU-OU league title game as a perfect ending.
Colorado football just won't be the same without the Huskers, says Boulder columnist Neill Woelk. | Journal Star's NU-CU preview: 1, 2
Bubba Starling’s multiple talents draw some East Coast attention. | Harper a no-go
The Aug. 14th Legends Radio Show will be a 40-year national champions reunion.
Husker Dan gives us an update on this year’s Husker Salute to the troops.
Florida State's 1980 win over NU is rated FSU's top all-time road victory. | Summary
Get to know your way around the new league with the HuskerMax Big Ten Explorer.
Nebraska StatePaper ranks NU’s running backs No. 2 in the Big 12. | Helu No. 4
More on the hyping of the Texas game: Forde, Ubben, McKewon | Settling scores
Tad Stryker says Nebraska has bigger fish than Texas to fry.
Scott Criss talks about his decision to transfer from Wyoming to Nebraska.
Roy Helu is part of a stable of talented Big 12 running backs returning in 2010.
Northeast Kansans for Nebraska will have their annual golf outing on Aug. 21.
Todd Millikan had a knack for making it count when he caught it.
Even the digital Huskers of EA Sports draw a loyal following.
Scott Criss, an offensive lineman at Wyoming, is transferring to NU as a walk-on.
The pay-per-view games have been a financial success for the university.
One ranking service has NU as its preseason No. 1. | More on ratings: 1, 2
Tom Rathman says he's better as a coach than he was as a player.
Nebraska's entry may prompt Penn State fans to more heartily embrace the Big Ten.
Ndamukong Suh and seven other former Huskers are tapped for the Nebraska Football Hall of Fame. | Man of the World | Big weekend coming for Wistrom
There's a lot of buzz about the video at RedOutAroundTheWorld, an OWH site.
A new team means a rare change in color schemes for Sandro DeAngelis.
Daniel Bullocks is released by the Lions and Jay Moore by the Titans.
Nebraska StatePaper rates the Big 12 quarterbacks for 2010.
Peruse the new 50 state directory of personalized Husker license plates.
National Football Post takes a look at the competition at quarterback.
Nebraska is No. 12 in Scout.com's initial rankings of the 2011 recruiting classes.
Sipple & Christopherson preview opponent No. 11, Texas A&M.
The fans' message to the university: Expand the stadium, but not at the expense of the sellout streak. | Survey results
Eighty-five years ago, it was a different story: Big Ten rejects Nebraska.
More on NFL scouts' rankings of Husker players: Amukamara, Paul & McNeill, Helu
Like father, like son: Baker Steinkuhler lets his play do the talking.
Danny Noonan and other players make the rounds at Children’s Hospital in Omaha.
A Tulsa columnist says Bill Snyder knows exactly how to deal with Texas.
Mike Ekeler will speak at the July 16th Iowans for Nebraska golf outing.
Alex Henery is No. 1 on a list of top special-teams performers in the Big 12.
Niles Paul is ranked in the top 20 by the same NFL scouting group that lists Prince Amukamara as the No. 1 prospect in the 2011 draft.
Unlike three years ago, no one's laughing now at the Big Ten Network.
What might have been: Nebraska vs. Penn State for the conference title in 1994.
The Big 12's best player might be the opposing QB on a late-November road trip.
Michael Rose, a linebacker from Kansas City, becomes NU's first 2012 pledge.
Some advice to Husker fans new to the Big Ten: Don't act like you own the place.
StatePaper's Big 12 preview ranks the league's coaches.
Former Husker punter and major-leage baseball all-star Darin Erstad is set to join the Nebraska baseball staff as a volunteer assistant coach. | Bio
ESPN asks what would have changed if Nebraska had won the 1984 Orange Bowl.
Future destination: Michigan's $226 million Big House renovation is nearly done.
The pay-per-view price hike strikes Sam McKewon as a little steep.
Nebraska enters its final year in a league in which it's in the power minority | Standings: 1, 2
Jim Delany: A powerful person who doesn't carry himself like a big shot.
The OWH’s 2010 Frederick Ware Award goes to Ndamukong Suh.
Bob Devaney talked with Jim Delany in 1992 about a move to the Big Ten.
For a Buckeye fan with a touch of Husker fever, these are interesting times.
The Hawkeyes are excited about the new border rivalry. | NU's focus on 2010
Tommy Tuberville's comments draw an official reprimand from the Big 12.
See classic footage of Bo Pelini from his high school football days in Ohio.
Start times and pay-per-view telecasts are set for the season's first two games.
Fan Day will run from 9:30 to 11 a.m. on Aug. 7 in Memorial Stadium.
Hear Lyell Bremser's call of the 1982 Iowa-Nebraska game. | Box score
Documents shed light on Dan Beebe’s intense efforts to save the Big 12.
Nebraska finishes 17th in the 2009-10 NACDA Directors Cup standings.
Requiem for a rivalry: Nebraska-Oklahoma will be gone but not forgotten.
Another round opinion on configuring the Big Ten: Dodd | Wis. | Ind. | Ill. | Pa.
The academic side of Nebraska's move is already unfolding.
From Wisconsin, a look at Nebraska's off-the-gridiron sports pedigree.
StatePaper's Big 12 preview continues with ten overrated and underrated players.