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October 2009

Next week’s foe, Oklahoma, holds off Kansas State, 42-30. See how the Huskers and Sooners match up statistically.
NU 20, Baylor 10. Game page | Pregame page | Stryker column | DVD
Aaron Taylor’s memorabilia sells at bankruptcy auction for $28,500.
Future Husker: Four things about Curtis Carter.
Harvey Perlman is tapped as chairman of the NCAA's Division I board of directors.
The defense knows not to point fingers as the offense struggles.
Steve Sipple makes note of the secondary’s strides.
Dontrayevous Robinson is still raw but shows that he can compete.
The season’s turning-point time is here, Tad Stryker writes.
The OWH combs through the stats and finds six key differences between the 2008 and 2009 offenses.
Phillip Dillard perseveres after a year of personal loss, injury and disappointment.
Blake Lawrence wants to educate others about the ramifications of concussions.
A disabled teen from Kansas gets to make his dream trip to a Husker game.
Ndamukong Suh’s work ethic impresses Grant Wistrom | Heisman ballot
Husker Dan shares his assessment of the Iowa State game.
North Texas Nebraskans’ effort to treat the troops to the Baylor game has been a rousing success.
Personnel changes are looming on offense; how extensive will they be? | McKewon commentary
More opinion: Sipple on the defense | Sherman on Niles Paul
Player features: Mike Caputo | Dontrayevous Robinson
The NU-OU start time might affect recruiting. | Curtis Carter’s choice
David Max gives his 2 Cents on the Iowa State game.
See the Week 7 rundown of Huskers in the NFL.
Niles Paul is trying hard to look forward after Saturday’s notable blunder.
A California wide receiver, Quincy Enunwa, commits to the recruiting class of 2010.
The Oklahoma game will be televised by ABC or Versus; time TBA.
Bo Pelini says the offense needs some sort of “spark.”
Monday-morning commentary: Stryker, McKewon, Prestidge, Sipple, York
Consecutive October losses used to be a rarity. | Notes
Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford’s season is over as he opts for shoulder surgery.
Roger Craig has words of praise for Husker fans and their loyalty.
Iowa State 9, NU 7. Game page | Pregame page | Styker column | DVD
Future Husker: Five things about Chase Rome
Forty-yard dash times don’t reveal much about players, James Dobson says.
WR Curtis Carter from Louisiana commits to NU. | 2010 list | Jamrog remarks
The defensive line’s strong play reduces the need to blitz.
McKewon on leadership | Sipple on officiating | McKeever on Watson
Blake Lawrence’s concussion problem forces him to call it quits.
Ndamukong Suh moves to the top of Mel Kiper Jr.’s draft board, and #93 is a midseason All-American and defensive player of the year. But he’s back to write-in status on this Heisman ballot.
Conference-wide, penalty flags are flying more frequently in ’09.
Jared Crick is making opponents pay for focusing too much on Ndamukong Suh.
Ahman Green gets back into the game, signing with the Packers.
Tim Griffin of ESPN.com still has NU penciled in for the Big 12 title game.
Shawn Watson says inexperience is slowing the offense. | Fewer catches for McNeill
Cody Green knows that being the starter would be a whole different deal. Zac Lee accepts life in a fishbowl. | McKewon commentary
Steve Sipple says it’s time for the O-line to assert itself.
Will the offense’s identity crisis hurt recruiting?
The Colonel marks a milestone and thanks the man who made it possible.
Chris Brooks has traded flash for consistency to become a factor in the offense. More player features: Wes Cammack, ISU’s Josh Lenz
Husker Dan files his report on the Texas Tech game.
The NFL’s Dolphins pick up Lydon Murtha from the Lions’ practice squad.
The DirecTV-Versus standoff means some fans won’t get the Baylor game.
Bo Pelini says he’s a calmer coach than a year ago.
See the Week 6 rundown of former Husker players in the NFL.
The players try to ensure that team chemistry doesn't suffer as Lee and Green battle it out at quarterback. | McKeever commentary
Bo Pelini’s churlish streak might cost him, Lee Barfknecht writes.
The Baylor game gets a Versus telecast and an 11:30 a.m. start.
Drive-killing penalties continue to stymie the offense. | Green & Lee | Notes
Day-after commentary: Max | McKewon | Sipple | Prestidge
The loss bounces Nebraska out of the AP and coaches’ Top 25 rankings.
Nebraska ties bind four members of the 5-0 Denver Broncos.
Texas Tech 31, Nebraska 10. Game page | Pregame page | Stryker column
Johnny Rodgers wins the Greatest Heisman Moments balloting.
Future Husker: Five things to know about Tyler Evans.
Dirk Chatelain and Steve Sipple weigh in on the offensive play-calling.
Former Husker great Rich Glover sees endless potential for Ndamukong Suh. More: Sportswriters’ thoughts | Ballot
The Sidetrack Band will be on the road for the Baylor and Colorado games.
Playing time is always up for grabs at practice, and that has meant improved depth.
Dennis Dodd on Suh: "His game is as different as his name." | Lombardi semifinalist
Even when he wasn’t playing, Phillip Dillard kept his sense of humor.
What’s the offense’s identity? It varies. | Commentary: McKewon, Sipple
Who’ll be the new No. 2 I-back? Five players are battling it out. More on the I-back contenders: Capsules, Robinson.
Jared Crick is blossoming under the radar while the spotlight shines on his fellow defensive tackle. | Another national honor for Suh | McKewon commentary
The Big 12 bowl lineup undergoes some changes, effective next season.
The 2010 recruiting class might make up for in quality what it lacks in quantity.
Tad Stryker: Bo Pelini’s never-satisfied attitude could come in handy this week.
Husker Dan reviews the Missouri game.
A foot injury will have Rex Burkhead sidelined indefinitely.
See the Week 5 rundown of former Husker players in the NFL.
Can the team stay focused as its stock rises? | A #5 rating | More Heisman talk
Ted Gilmore’s halftime wake-up call motivated Niles Paul. Monday notes: 1, 2, 3, 4
Bo Pelini says his offense must execute better regardless of weather conditions.
The Iowa State game gets an 11:30 a.m. start and an FSN telecast.
Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week honors go to Ndamukong Suh. On offense, it’s Texas Tech QB Steven Sheffield.
A wish fulfilled: Rex Plock, 89, got to watch one last game.
Monday morning commentary: Sam McKewon | Justin Prestidge | Steve Sipple
Dejon Gomes is the latest to emerge from the DBs’ competition. | Notes: 1, 2
Ndamukong Suh is named the Walter Camp National Defensive Player of the Week.
Nebraska rises to 17th in the coaches’ poll and 15th in AP.
The Huskers know there are still lots of hazards ahead on the road to a division title. A K.C. columnist says there’s no clear favorite and NU was merely lucky Thursday.
Substitute QB Steven Sheffield leads Texas Tech to a 66-14 rout over Kansas State. See how the Huskers and Red Raiders stack up statistically.
Matt Herian & Tracey Wistrom will be Saturday’s Legends Radio Show guests.
A Thursday night home game on ESPN is a possibility in 2010.
The Huskers land a couple of recruits: Tyler Moore, a Florida junior OT with NU roots, and defensive end Chase Rome from Columbia, Mo. Meanwhile, Husker coaches work at keeping Tyler Gabbert in the fold. | 2010-11 lists
The Suh-for-Heisman talk is getting a little louder: 1, 2, 3, 4 | Vote
The OWH’s Dirk Chatelain says the running game was used far too sparingly. More follow-up from Thursday’s win: The quarterbacking (1, 2) | Receivers | Notes (1, 2)
NU 27, Mizzou 12. | Game page | Pregame page | Stryker column | DVD
The game was a mirror opposite of this 1990 contest in the rain in Lincoln.
It’s Johnny Rodgers vs. Doug Flutie in the Greatest Heisman Moments finals.
Bobby Bowden’s saga might be a case study validating Tom Osborne’s exit timing.
It’ll be a particularly busy Thursday night for Todd Fisher and sons.
Future Husker: Four things to know about Ciante Evans
The new emphasis on helmet-to-helmet penalties is too much, Steve Sipple writes.
Jerry Tagge says alcoholism was a reason for his disappointing pro career.
Check out Bryan Knoelk’s Great Big Nebraska Cornhusker Win/Loss Chart.
The start of every week brings a new challenge for nickel back Eric Hagg. More player features: Jared Crick | Mizzou kicker Grant Ressel
Brenden Stai likes the strides the Huskers are making on defense.
Gary Pinkel isn’t backing off on QB recruit Tyler Gabbert.
Husker & Oklahoma Heisman winners will tour Nebraska prior to the NU-OU game.
Aaron Taylor’s championship hardware will be sold in a bankruptcy auction.
Peruse the Week 4 report on former Husker players in the NFL.
Sam McKewon opines on Bo Pelini’s redefining of the Blackshirt tradition.
Zac Lee says he’s learned from the tough road test in Blacksburg.
Husker Dan offers up a prelude to the Missouri game.
The Texas Tech game will have a 2:30 p.m. kickoff and regional ABC telecast.
David Max reflects on the 10th anniversary of HuskerPedia™.
See the ESPN Outside the Lines segment on Turner Gill.
Chris Brooks draws inspiration from his 5-year-old son.
Steve Sipple says NU’s schedule suddenly looks a lot less daunting.
The Huskers go into Thursday’s game ranked No. 1 nationally in scoring defense. Also, NU moves up two spots to No. 22 in the coaches’ poll and 21st in AP. | More about AP
Gary Pinkel hops into a helicopter to pursue Husker QB commit Tyler Gabbert.
Cameron Meredith says understanding the defense is making him a better player.
The players’ ability to refocus on the next challenge impresses Carl Pelini.
Roy Helu seeks better production in the early stages of games.
Adi Kunalic earns his keep on kickoffs but still has field-goal ambitions. Notes 1, 2
Is the running game up to snuff? We'll soon know, Tad Stryker writes.
The North Texas Nebraskans will bring the troops to the Baylor game.
Sam McKewon: The Huskers are working at managing their emotions vs. Mizzou.