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December 2004

Bo Pelini is a candidate for the Syracuse job and his brother joins the Ohio staff.
Dahrran Diedrick gets a roster spot with the Washington Redskins.
Ola Dagunduro, a defensive lineman from Compton, CA, signs with the Huskers.
Former Nebraska football standout Charles Bryant passes away at 71.
Reserve linebacker Mark Brungardt leaves the Huskers.
Tom Osborne sees problems with the BCS and Ken Hambleton has his view.
Bowl games create some family feuds.
Bobby Newcombe is doing well in Phoenix and working on a doctorate.
The Lincoln Journal Star looks back on some great bowl-game memories.
Barron Miles spends his free time helping others.
Zach Potter looks forward to life as a Husker.
Lawrence Phillips spends some time with friends in Omaha.
Bob and Colleen Billings remain diehard Husker fans.
Turner Gill and Barney Cotton aren't on New Mexico State's "serious list."
Dave Wannstedt accepts the coaching job at Pitt, NU's opponent next Sept. 17.
Terry Douglass talks about healing the Husker Nation.
Steve Pederson counters the Houston AD's criticism, and ESPN tells its side.
Cory Ross looks forward to next year.
There's a new web site called Huskers Who Believe.
Frank Solich is expected to hire former assistants Tim Albin and Jimmy Burrow.
Jay Brady asks the Do You Remember question about this holiday season.
Bob Hamar asks the question what do Husker fans want?
Frank Solich may be the highest paid coach in the MAC conference.
For the Blackshirts, it's time to wipe the slate clean.
NU finalizes its 2005 schedule by adding Wake Forest and Division I-AA Maine, and Houston's athletic director is upset about being left out. More reaction from CA, MI, NY, and FL.*
Bo Pelini interviews for the Pitt job.
Turner Gill and Barney Cotton are interviewing for the New Mexico State job.
Bill Busch was the speaker at the final Big Red Breakfast of the season.
Turner Gill received a lot of thank-you notes following his resignation.
Husker Dan gets more mail from Iraq.
Tom Osborne has a tough time getting phone calls returned.
Frank Solich accepts the Ohio job, and Tom Osborne says the Bobcats got a steal. More: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 video
Cory Ross & Stewart Bradley say the team is united despite all the departures.
Ex-Huskers meet with Steve Pederson and come away with positive feelings.
Four juco recruits sign letters of intent.
Ross Pilkington quits the team, and fellow ex-Husker Andy Birkel bemoans his treatment by Bill Callahan. Running back Kade Pittman also is gone. video
Frank Solich has another interview at Ohio and seems to have the job: 1, 2, 3, 4
Nebraska and Wake Forest discuss a possible series.
Andy Birkel is granted a scholarship release and plans to transfer.
A knee injury puts Grant Wistrom out of commission for six weeks.
Husker Dan has more mail from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Offensive tackle Marcus Gordon (1, 2) and QB Zac Taylor (1, 2) commit to NU.
Seven Huskers are honored at the team banquet.
George Foreman is a Husker fan
Frank Solich interviews for the Ohio job.
Heisman finalist Alex Smith gives credit to Bill Busch.
Tom Osborne will receive the Duffy Daugherty award.
Trevor Johnson sees more playing time for the Jets.
QB Zac Taylor will make a recruiting visit, and a Georgia lineman will check out NU's weight room.
The weather is cooperating with the facility improvement project.
Frank Solich is interested in the Indiana job.
It's a big recruiting weekend for Bill Callahan & Co.
An Omaha couple donate $5 million to the building fund: 1, 2, 3, 4
Matt Herian plans on returning in time for spring practice.
Husker Dan checks in with some mail and an editorial.
Barrett Ruud sets his sights on the NFL and looks back on his NU career.
Marlon Lucky says his commitment to NU is firm.
The focus is on academics in recruiting.
Turner Gill calls it quits after 13 years on the Husker staff: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 video. Send Turner a thank you e-mail.
Speaking at the Big Red Breakfast, Phil Elmassian says the staff is systematically looking for answers.
Husker Dan and Khus the Red check in with their CU analysis.
JUCO quarterback Zac Taylor will make a recruiting visit.
A Texas BCS game would help the athletic department bottom line.
It's back to the weight room for the football players.
Coach Callahan is impressed with the performance of the offensive line.
Is the focus on recruiting fuzzy logic?
Matt Herian has additional surgery and responds to his get-well card.
Honor roll: Barrett Ruud is a coaches' and writers' All-Big 12 first-teamer, and Josh Bullocks makes the coaches' second team. Chad Sievers joins the long list of NU Academic All-Americans, and Kellen Huston makes the second team.
Tom Osborne says he's disappointed in the season but that firing the A.D. isn't the answer: "We need to try to make things work."
A running back from Texas becomes recruit commitment No. 20.
Turner Gill says he does not plan on going anywhere.