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Oklahoma State 2007

The worm has turned. It’s a new season (figuratively, of course). And although the same coaching staff still roams the sidelines, something redemptive is in the air.

I think I’ll just skip the OSU recap this week, other than to say that if the 1997 championship team coming back, Homecoming week, and a matchup with a Big 12 South opponent that beat the Huskers last season can’t fire up this group, nothing (but big changes) ever would.

In Dr. Tom’s third book, I believe it is, he devotes a whole chapter to the subject of loyalty. The main point of it is that he’s rarely regretted a decision he’s made out of loyalty. Obviously, as a coach, he didn’t fire many assistants in his day. It will be interesting to see how the loyalty principle plays out in the next couple of months. Will he feel any toward Callahan? Or will he feel more loyalty to the proud traditions of NU? Impressively, he’s already shown more loyalty to former players as AD than his predecessor apparently displayed. Nice to see something broken begin to be repaired. Hopefully, there will be many more things like this to come.

Personally, I would love to see Gill return to NU. Back during the Solich/Pelini/Gill/Peterson saga, I thought Gill was the best choice to keep “the NU way” alive. Not that someone else couldn’t succeed. I’ve just heard Turner Gill speak on a few occasions and admired him as a high-character guy who goes about his business the right way.

In the past few days we’ve heard Callahan talk about what a huge distraction his boss being sent packing is. That is understandable and duly noted. But it’s not like the “huge-distraction-free” version of his team was exactly tearing it up on the field. If he can somehow get the team to win three or four out of the remaining games — and with Osborne being the decent fellow that he is — the drama might not be over. I don’t really expect that to happen, but stranger things have occurred in college football. Also, you never know what will transpire with coaches who are (presumably) on the way out. Sometimes teams pick it up a notch, sometimes they go in the tank.


A&M comes to town with their own coaching issues. On the other hand, they also have the revenge factor on their side. Most of the same skill position players who gave the Blackshirts fits last year in the second half are coming to Lincoln on Saturday. Will the Huskers play better because the AD got fired and Callahan might also? Who knows? I just look forward to the future day when NU-A&M becomes a matchup worthy of TV again.


Before I sign off this week, I would like to mention that this Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m. I will be in Omaha for a book signing of my new novel — at the Borders at 13105 Birch Drive (132nd and Maple). If you aren’t heading to the game and enjoy a good fall mystery/thriller, stop by and say hello. (Feel free to pop in at halftime if you’re listening on the radio, or after the game — I might still be around.) I always enjoy meeting folks who read HuskerPedia.

The voice of the Scarlet Commentary is Jeffrey Leever, a Nebraska native who now writes for an advertising agency in Kansas City. He is a 1994 graduate of the University of Nebraska (Kearney) and author of the suspense novels Dark Friday and Even in Darkness. He has been known to include a tribute to Tommie Frazier and other Nebraska references in his novels. His website is www.jeffreyleever.com. Contact Jeff here.