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Responses from 9/24/2007 Commentary

Listed below are the responses from the commentary by David Max made on September 24th, 2007 regarding Nebraska fans and booing at the game against Ball State. The responses were received between 9/25 and 9/28/2007 and are in date order fist to last.
Long time lurker here.

Your commentary was spot on!

I share you sentiment.
Very well said.

We are a “I want it now” generation.
David, I read your "editorial" today and it compelled me to contact you. I admit that I was one of the South end booers and I knew as soon as the sound left my throat that it was wrong. I'm one that was directing my boo at Coach Cosgrove, but I realized immediately there was no way to direct it in such a way and, regrettably, no way to retract it! I'm like so many others that have high expectations for the team and when the BS running back cut back on that sweep play, slicing through the defense like a hot knife through butter, I was overwhelmed with the disgust I felt. All I was thinking was how could the coaches do this to these kids?

Anyway, you, and some on the BBS, are right: Our team deserves better treatment than this. We fans only "deserve" the privelege and honor to claim them as our own.

I do not maintain a membership to your BBS, and I am glad I don't as I would have made an even bigger ass of myself as so many have done this week! My daughter is in the Marching Band and I attend the games as much to see her as the game, but I know if anyone were to boo the band for a down performance, I would probably do something really stupid! :)

So you know, I'm going to contact the coaches via email to express similar regret and apology to them and to the players.

Thank you for all you do,
Thanks for your opinion on the "fans" behaviour.

It sure needs to be said as I am ashamed of the boos.
Good for you, it is about time that we stop joining in with the rest of the world and remain husker fans no matter. That means rising above what is seemingly allowed or worse expected behavior. I was born in the great state of Nebraska and have always been a fan not matter. To give you an idea of what I mean this is what I don't like;

The new herbie, I am 46 years old and I come from a farming family in Elwood Nebraska so I was never bothered by the look of the real Herbie Husker. Huskers I don't mind huskers but I am a Cornhusker from the great state of Nebraska. West coast offense, we won 5 championships from the "old" offense, 2 back to back, it was good enough then it is good enough now. Lil red we are the Nebraska Cornhuskers our call out is Go Big Red not go lil red

Tradition where is the tradition of Nebraska, I am not just a football fan I was born in the great state of Nebraska I simply have my home and my family in Va.

There are a few others but my point is there are things that we like and things that we don't, but this is not the flavor of the month this is Nebraska, part of our tradition is we are loyal to our team and our fellow Nebraskans. The one tradition we should never allow ourselves to lose is that we are the greatest fans in college football, the opposing team whether win or lose gets honored as they exit Tom Osborne field. I have never turned off a game no matter the score or the outcome. I have never and will never change my loyalty to the Cornhuskers. No I don't live there, I only get to see a handful of games the entire year but it's not just a team I follow, it's where my granpa lived and farmed, it's where my family are from. It's my home state no matter where my wife and I raise our children. It's Nebraska, enough said.

Let me know how much you would need for a donation and I will send some money, I would love to add on of those game day blackshirt towels to my collection. If this would be a problem I totally understand.

Once again great editorial

Great commentary
Thank you.
Mr. Max,

I have been a faithful fan of the Cornhuskers since 1969 when my Dad first introduced me to the team & Lyle 'Man Woman & Child' Bremser.

In fact, I didn't understand what kind of 'extreme fan' I was until I moved my family (7 years ago) from Nebraska to Columbus OH……home to the Buckeye faithful(?!?)

As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder…..I will forever support the Huskers, fair weather or foul, feast or famine, win or lose.

I too have shared many Huskers moments with my Dad & Mom, my Brothers & Sisters, In Laws (& Outlaws), Nieces & Nephews, Friends and most importantly my Son!

Last year at the Game in Southern California, an unruly fan seated in front of my family attempted to loudly & profanely abuse the Huskers & the surrounding fans……..….I Lost it and 'sunk' to his level of profanity and 'got in his face' in an attempt to quiet him down……As the Security Team escorted him out of our section, I found no solace in my reaction, it ruined the game for me…..

I say this because as 'Fans' of the game, it is our responsibility to uphold & 'Cheer on' our beloved Cornhuskers and make all fans of the game feel welcome.

The game is about more than winning, it is about leadership, camaraderie, fundamentals, pride, and FUN!

Thank you for your commentary. I hope that fans who frequent HuskerPedia will 'spread the word' and keep our tradition of being the 'Best Fans' in America.

If you ever in Columbus Ohio, feel free to give us a call…..Husker Fans need to stay together!

I couldn't agree more. I couldn't tell if it was just students or whom booing watching the BSU game on TV in Dallas. What people must also realize is we have RECRUITS there as well as watching, following, considering, committed to playing for us. What impression does that make. The staff has some incredibly highly regarded prosects committed and considering NU. It must stop immediately!!!

Thanks for the note. I hope it packs some punch and serves as a major influence.

If your editorial is worth 2 cents then you've gone a long way to increasing the value of the dollar. While I've been concerned and vocal about the direction of the program I do have to agree that the aggregate actions of the fans need more improvement than anything within the program.

Thanks for your insight. I'm seeing a lot of this attitude on various fan sites and blogs this week. Hopefully it will build momentum and convince some people to rethink their actions.
THANKS for your 2 cents it needed to be said and you said it with class.
Hi David:

I just wanted to congratulate for the great article in Huskerpedia which really tells it like it really is. Listening to Corey McKeon's interview today echoed in many ways what you are talking about. I really felt sad for the players who are giving their all for team Nebraska and disappointed in the fans that aren't only not supporting them but expressing their frustration by booing or writing scathing e- mails about the Nebraska football team and (especially the Defense).

It's my belief that the fans that are behind should SHOW them over the next few days, especially before and during the Iowa State game. I think you're blackshirt towel idea is absolutely brilliant!

Would love to see an e-mail letter of support signed by countless fans (or something similiar to that) be sent to the team prior to the game. Would having something on Huskerpedia where fans could show their support by adding their name to a letter of support which hopefully would attract the signatures of countless members of the Husker Nation be a good idea? (maybe even having a place for fans to write a few words) Prior to the game it could then be forwarded to the team.

It's time for the true fans to make a Statement to the team, to Nebraska and to the college sports scene that again proves that we truly are the best fans in college football.

Take care and keep up the great work!

I grew up in Omaha - left in 1985. Followed them with passion my whole life; make my kids wear red on Saturdays in the Fall, even though our Canadian neighbors don't have a clue what we're doing. One of the first phrases my youngests child spoke was (she was born in Canada) was "go big red." I've never booed Big Red and I never will - I understand disappointment - we all do as Nebraskans - '78 at Missouri, '83 in Miami, '84 vs. Oklahoma, '93 vs. FSU, '01 in Boulder, '04 vs. TTech - but it's these games that make victories like A&M last year, as well as our championships so much fun.

Nothing that takes place in the realm of fair competition justifies yelling something negative at a collegiate athlete - either team - any score - anytime. So thanks for saying so.

Thanks for your editorial. I wasn’t there, but I was a bit disappointed when I heard about it. No matter what they do, they represent a small minority. I’m like you, I wouldn’t boo the kids, but I kind of wish, the coaches would spend more time on blocking and tackling. I will always be proud to wear my Nebraska gear in San Diego. I take a TON of crap, but that’s half the fun. You should see my desk, Big Red Flag, Cornhead, etc. Anyway, I still have LEGOLAND tickets waiting for you if you want to take your granddaughter, just let me know, I usually have some available. Maybe we’ll get to see the Huskers at the Holiday Bowl.

By the way, last year at the USC game, at our tailgate, we had about 75 people from Ainsworth with us. It was AWESOME, a little town like Ainsworth represented that way.

Anyway, thanks for all your work on Huskerpedia. Huskerpedia is my home page on most of my computers.

I was born in South Florida in 1967. In 1976 my family moved to Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. One of the 1st college football games I can recall, Nebraska beat Oklahoma and the rest is history. I was "Hooked on "BIG RED." The article I just read basically brought me back to reality. I saw the USC game while at work from a distance, and only saw score updates of Ball St. I was calling for Callahan's and Cosgrove's head on a stick. Thank you for a very poignant and well written commentary. I've been to 3 Husker games(and we won all 3). But my first game in Lincoln was the season opener this year against Nevada. I had the pleasure of taking my 10 year old son. We had a blast and now he is a HUSKER FAN. I don't have a real point here, other than to say thanks for bringing me back to the planet earth. I am from Florida, lived in Oklahoma, Mississippi,(displaced by Hurricane Katrina) and now in Nevada. But I will always breathe and bleed HUSKER RED. GO BIG RED!!!!
Hi David,

We haven't corresponded for some time, at least since I left Kaiser in 2005 and moved with my family to Pennsylvania to be closer to my wife's ailing parents.

Your editorial was spot-on and I share your sentiments about not letting the team down. Am I disappointed? Absolutely, that's just not Nebraska football when the defense isn't playing with fierce and reckless abandon. But they need us now, more than ever. So I hope your editorial has an impact.

I'm going to try and get back to a game this Fall, but my schedule is brutal, so not sure I'll get it done.

If you ever get out near the Philly area, please let me know. Your editorial was actually shared broadly by the head of the Pennsylvanians for Nebraska chapter here, so its influence is indeed far reaching.

Hope that you and your mother and your family are well.
Great article David. Keep the Faith.

"We stand together in all kinds of weather"

I can't understand why people give up on this team. They are great kids who want to win more than any of us fans. I think we'll remember 9/29 as the day of the Blackshirts resurgence. Go Big Red!
I want to let you know that I support your commentary completely and if I was going to be at the game I would join you. One of my good memories of Husker football is during the ‘96 Colorado game I was sitting with my uncle (who has had season tickets for as long as I can remember – he inherited them from his dad’s company) when a large group(10-15) of so-called fans started booing Scott Frost, and my uncle and several other true husker fans, as you called it, called them down and they finally stopped. Good luck in your campaign to keep the huskers as the “Best fans in college football”.

Excellent commentary on the state of Husker football and the “greatest fans in America ”. Growing up in Hooper (made famous by Jordan Larson), I share similar memories as you. I remember watching my first game in the knothole section in the late 50’s, sitting on the sidelines in the northwest endzone and getting in for fifty cents. We’ve come a long way.

I’m a season ticket holder and now live in Joplin , Mo. I get to most games and have experienced great fans as well as very rude fans across the country. It is especially tough living in this area with all the OSU, OU, KU andMizzou fans.

I agree. I would hate to see a few rude or disgruntled fans ruin what has take years to build. At this level of football, I see no reason whatsoever for booing our own players and coaches.

Huskerpedia is the first website I go to everyday. Keep up the good work.
David: Great commentary that needed to be brought to all NU fans. Thank you for pointing out the obvious. I attended NU from 1955 to 1959 so I have seen some really down days. The NU fans were there for the team even though they were totally pitifully.
I really liked the commentary regarding the current Blackshirts. I was angry at our fans for not showing their support and for booing at the game. Being in SoCal and not having attended a home game since the early 80's, I would be more than happy to take a seat from an unhappy cry baby!! I still wear the colors since relocating to SoCal and enjoy the comments from people from all over the country and even folks from other countrys as well. I am so proud to have been born ( Osceola ) and raised a Cornhusker. Nearly 50 years of memories both good and bad but always with the faith and knowledge that it coulda been worse and it can always get better. This group will gel. The front four will find their place and the rest of the bunch will fall into line. Thank You Again
2 Cents/Perfect timing and Perfectly said! Thank you.
Dear Mr. Max,

First of all thank you sooo much for your website and the information you provide for myself and my co-workers. I visit HuskerPedia every day of the year...even through those looong months waiting for the season to start!! I read your commentary today and you are hitting the perverbial nail on the head. I live 18 miles from the Nebraska/Colorado in Grant Ne. but also spent 10 years of my life living in Holyoke Co. which is 18 miles into the Colorado side. I like to think that I "Guard the Border" as I have a lot of friends that are die hard Buffy fans and we always have a big party at my place for the NU/CU game.

I had the most fun when I lived in Colorado during the mid 90's when the game was around Halloween because our "bet" was loser dresses up as the others mascot to go to our local Halloween party at the bar that evening after the game. Fortunately for me....we were rather GOOD in the 90's and I was never forced to be the "tail" of a buffalo!!! Anyway I get very upset with what I call "Fair Weather Fans". We are proud to have one of The Best football programs in the nation and the kids that want to come here aren't only coming here for football but also to get a top level education and because we have a whole- some environment. Our Huskers will get things figured out and our coaching staff will get things figured out but if we don't complete the season unbeaten then we don't, but I will still love our Huskers and the entire Husker Nation. We WILL win another National Title under this regime and I hope that our fans realize this and stay on the bandwagon and give every student and player their full backing "win or lose".

I try to watch every game and pay when I have to for it but at this junction in my life I can't make the trip to Lincoln but wondered if getting a BlackShirts towel for my Husker Basement wall would be possible. Maybe one of these years we can afford to make the trip up and tailgate with you but its not possible now. Keep the faith and I'll hold down the fort on the western front.


Thank you for your editorial. You expressed my feelings exactly. You just don't boo student athletes who are giving their all. And especially not when they are struggling. I grew up in Omaha and now live in Cerritos, California (You and I met on John Wayne's boat last year). Every Satruday that NU plays, I have my Husker's flag hung out for all to see. I am proud to be from Nebraska, proud to be a Husker fan, and normally proud of our fans.
Dear David,

I appreciate all you do at Huskerpedia, and your commentary is no exception - it is spot on. While I was shocked and appalled by the Huskers' performance, it felt like I'd wasted $30 for pay per view when hearing the fans boo. It was sickening to me.

Interesting to note (and by no means excusing the behavior), the last time in my recollection a home crowd boo'ed the Huskers it was a Scott Frost team of fall '96. The next year turned out pretty well for us :-)

Thank you for your perspective. I did go to that game with my son, and it was probably the single most exciting game I have ever been to, except for the game with Texas when Ricky Williams tore us up in the 4th quarter. Perfect for my son-lot's of action. But I have to say I was not impressed with the D. I did NOT boo, but there were large chunks of time where I did not cheer either. I guess I have been spoiled by defenses who can stop teams on third and long. I screamed until I almost lost my voice on the final drive though...

I was very disheartened: 1. to hear the boos; and 2. to hear Cory McKeon's defeatist talk to the press. Instead of circling the wagons, CM sounded like he was ready to crawl in a hole and die.

The boos bothered me for the same reasons you gave. Did T.O. not teach us more about class? But I guess most of those booers were the student section, and they have not been raised in the traditions like we were.

I will support NU football until the day I die. It is so much a part of me. But it is awfully hard for me to watch a Blackshirt D give up the kinds of yards they did Saturday. I have felt from the very first that Coach Cosgrove, while he might be a great guy, is not a great DC. And the comments from CM didn't help that much. But we'll have to see how they respond this week. If they struggle again, look out--the boos will be flying again, I am afraid. I wish that we could turn back the clock to a time when people didn't boo PERIOD...but that won't happen.

Have fun at the game. GO BIG RED!!!!
I was a member of the huskerpedia premium site and moved to RSS. The postings there have been dominated by young, negative kids who are attacking players and coaches in very irrational postings. If you can keep this kind of garbage out of your site, you will have a new customer. I appreciate postings such as those from my friend, Ron Jones (rojo) which are factual and informative. You are right in that a few folks are going to destroy a good program.
I was at the game Saturday. No I didn't like that Ball State put up 612 yards againts the Blackshirts. Those that boo, need to have gone throught 2 a days. Played hurt, and were dead tired in the 4 quarters. And have some jurk of a fan put them down!

I have 2 sons living in Southern California, we do a lot of e-mailings on Friday. Talk may times through out the game. I have always told them: You can take the Husker out of Nebraska, but you can't take the Husker out of the Nebraskan.

God bless the players (coaches) and the entertaiment they give us each week.

Keep up the good work.
I am a regular reader of Huskerpedia and have been a lifetime Husker fan. I was very happy to read your article as it resounded so much of what I have been thinking and feeling since the Ball State game. I currently live in Henderson, NV (Las Vegas) where there is big Nebraska following as there is in many states. My fellow friends and I watched the game at a local Nebraska bar (Kopper Keg) and unfortunately due to the nature of my work I got called away before the fourth quarter and had to listen to the remainder of the game in my car (while giving my husband the play by play as he was at home sick). I thought I might wreck. Needless to say I was a bit down trodden when I left and like many fans was baffled by the defensive performance but still hopeful with our offensive performance. I managed not to wreck my car when Ball State missed that final field goal and later I talked to our friend George who had stayed at the bar to watch the rest of the game.

We had many at the bar who were using different explictives to describe our defense performance and as always that type of negativity does not sit well with me. Well despite all the negativity from earlier George said everyone in the bar was standing on their feet during that final quarter and when Ball State missed the field goal everyone was screaming and high fiving and celebrating. I have always said to my self that I don't want to be known as a fair weather fan.(My husband and I were the only ones left in the bar when Texas Tech beat us 70-10 a couple years ago and we stayed and watched till the final whistle). I wanted to remember that moment because one day I knew things would turn around. No they are not happening as fast as everyone wants them to but I think they are and will continue to. Coach Callahan said he was proud of how the players hung in there and it would have been easy for the defense to give up especially with disgruntled fans but they hung in there and made plays at then end that helped us win. I don't think I heard anyone else say this about the players.

I am sure the players and coaches are not proud of all the exectuion on the field but the effort and will are to be commended. It is times like these that a persons character shows for both players coaches and fans. I think our players and coaches are showing a lot of character. I hope we look at this as fans and say "No matter what, you're our team and we will be behind you all the way". There was one fan who called into the post game show and he made the comment that he thought we really needed to get behind our players and really rally with them because they need our support now. Constructive criticism is helpful, destructive criticism is not. We are in a new era of Nebraska football and I think it is exciting.I will never forget the Osborne era and I feel lucky to have been a witness to it. As you mentioned in your story my story is not much different.

I can remember watching Nebraska football when I was about 7 years old and I distinctly remember Johnny Rogers from those years. My fondest memory was our family vacation to the Orange Bowl. Though we lost to Oklahoma that year it was a trip that has stayed with me all these years. Though my husband wasn't a Husker fan before we were married he has jumped into the Husker Nation with both feet appreciating the fans, tradition and all the fun. (For our honeymoon he indulged me by going to the Rose Bowl with my sister and her husband to watch the National Champioship game). So I want to voice my support for your article, the coaches, players and all those who still and will always believe that Nebraska Football is the best no matter what and I am proud to be a Nebraska Fan.

I just want you to know how much I appreciate your commentary on the fans. I live in Texas and attend as many games as I can both in Lincoln and on the road – usually about 4 a year. One of the things I have always been so proud of is not only the team – win or lose -- but our fans. I have always commented on other fans booing their players and prided myself on the fact that “we” don’t do this. I can no longer claim that and it saddens me. I am still and always will be a Nebraska fan, win or lose, and I will never boo our players regardless of how disappointed I may be in the end result of a game. After all, they are all just kids. Thank you again for the insight.

As Husker fans we have high standards for the players that don OUR jersey's. I think I have the right to say that as a native from Grand Island and also as an alum of the university.

These coaches and kids need to understand their place. The coaches, are hired to do nothing else but produce wins and championships. Period. Corey McKeon's comments and ridiculous attitude at the weekly media gathering just show you why the fans booed. Lack of motivation and an, 'I don't care' attitude. You can tell he's proud to play for the fans who sellout the stadium to support him. That kid does NOT deserve to be wearing that Blackshirt jersey. In case anyone forgot to tell him, yes, college football is a business, and a defense wins championships. I think he's not heard that philosophy. Steve Octavien realized his mistake and I applaud him for realizing who he was addressing with his comments. I paid for my education, Mr. McKeon gets his for playing football. I have no sympathy for these "kids". They are technically paid players, because they receive a scholarship. Their scholarship is worth more per year, than the income per year for some of the fans that fill the stands. They need to fulfill their part of the deal by putting forth their BEST effort EVERY game.

Our university upon the exit of Bill Byrne as its AD, hired Scott Pederson. Scott is alot less personable than Bill. I think you should go to the Aggie website and see how Bill addresses the concerns of A&M. I rolled my eyes when I saw the institution of: http://www.coachcallahan.com/.

Scott was so set at selling Bill Callahan to us at the beginning, that the coach initially (which he did irregularly and at his leisure), was supposed to come to the site and answer questions and maybe give a weekly insight as to what went right and what went wrong for the previous game and what they were working on for the upcoming game. If you've paid any attention to that site, it's now a null site for decoration only of www.huskers.com .

Let's be honest, the gravitation toward mediocrity as everyone is aware of, started when Colorado beat us back in 2001 62-36. If you have any clue regarding college football, and if you know anything about the Cornhuskers, that's the game you start with. Just like the economy started it's tumbling affect after 9/11/01. Will either ever recover? Who knows?

One thing is for certain however. I am 40 years old have only seen one losing season in my lifetime, which is something not many teams can brag about. The problem is, is that this came from the current coach. So whatever you may feel as a 45 year fan, these fans who may have only been fans for half that time, still have the same right you do.

So since Bill's got a contract extension with no initiative to fix this, and Corey McKeon's crying to the media about not having fun, I'll boo both of them and anyone else wearing MY home RED jersey for not representing my school on the field in the tradition that both we the fans, and previous Huskers deserve. Between Bill Callahan and Frank Solich, the consecutive sellouts is the only worthwhile and notable record yet to be broken. That's because WE the FANS control that. If Bill stays on this course, it will be broken too.

North Platte boy/UNL grad. stuck deep in the Connecticut woods.......I look at Huskerpedia everyday. Thank you for all your hard work and your very thoughtful comments this week!
Dear David:

Thanks for the excellent commentary! You are absolutely right about the need for fans to support the Huskers now more than ever.

You write about your earliest Husker memories and other strong Husker connections in your life. I have memories that are similar in many ways, and I'll bet most other long-time Huskers fans do, too.

My earliest Huskers memory is of the 1964 Orange Bowl against Auburn. I was 8 years old and living way out west in the Panhandle, on the high plains between Sidney and Scottsbluff. I had been playing outside that day, and when I went back inside, all the adults were excited about the football game. I didn't know a thing about football. All I knew was that the adults were amazed (in fact, they could hardly believe it) and happy that the Huskers had won.

I could run on and on about where I was and what I was doing during Huskers games throughout the years.

I lived in Colorado when the Huskers beat the favored Bobby Anderson Buffaloes in 1969. I lived in Texas when Nebraska won its first national championship. I went to the first pep rally for a Tom Osborne-led team before the UCLA game in 1973, then to that game. I went to the Cotton Bowl after that season and saw the Huskers beat Texas.

Name a game over the last 40+ years, and it holds some association for me. As must be the case with countless other Nebraskans, my life and its milestones are interconnected with Huskers football seasons. Husker football (like Nebraska's weather) is a recurring important theme that runs through Nebraskans' lives.

So, to most Nebraskans, Huskers football matters. And, of course, the Huskers should win--almost as surely as the crops grow in the summer then are harvested in the fall.

So...the present state of Huskers football. I have a private opinion, but I will reserve judgment. Why? Because...do you remember the 1994 game against Wyoming? Wyoming passed Nebraska silly in that game. The outcome was in doubt until almost the end. Afterward, George Darlington said on the radio about the Huskers' defense, "Aw, it wasn't really so bad" (or words to that effect). Well, I listened to the game. Yes, it was that bad, I thought. At the end of the season, when the Huskers had their first national championship in many years, I thought: Hmmm, maybe Darlington knew what he was talking about, after all.

You were at the 1995 Orange Bowl? What a game! And the preceding 20 years of agony over near-misses made that win even more delicious. But do you remember the wide-open Miami receiver in the fourth quarter--I think after Nebraska had tied the game? He had a sure touchdown (coverage had entirely broken down), but Costa (pulverized all game long by the Husker pass rush) overthrew him.

Anyway, good luck with the black-out. Yes, let's keep cheering for the Huskers. And let's keep things in perspective (football matters to us, but it is a game) and be good examples of sportsmanship for the generation that follows us.

Again, thanks for your commentary--and Go Huskers!