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August 2004

USA Today looks at the changes in Lincoln and quote our own Husker Dan.
CSTV and Sirius Satellite Radio will broadcast Nebraska games.
The Huskers go Hollywood.
HuskerPedia interviews Alan Shiers.
Sunday's practice was a light one in shorts on the Field Turf.
Coach Callahan's risks are of the calculated variety.
A flag flying in Grand Island honors a huge Husker fan retiring from the military.
The Tangiers Shrine Center of Omaha will be having their Big Red Coaches Dinners again this year.
Mark Mauer gets a head coaching job in Minnesota where his name is golden.
Seppo Evwaraye is making the transition to offensive line.
Matt Schroeder is following in his grandfather's footsteps.
Saturday's practice focused on game situations and was a "good dry run".
Matt Schroeder is following in his grandfather's footsteps.
Joe Dailey is excited about being the first sophomore captain in Husker history.
The winners of the CFN raffle for Southern Miss tickets are Lyle Havranek and Todd Brindley. The next raffle is the Kansas game.
Friday's practice was another in full pads and Josh Bullocks is ready to go.
Blankman observes the calm before the storm.
Lydon Murtha is recovering from his injury.
Thursday's practice saw a little action on the grass.
Dave Humm came to Nebraska because they were a passing team.
Two Texas teammates make oral commitments to Nebraska.
Cornealis Thomas and Lydon Murtha look to contribute early.
HuskerPedia interviews Chris Dishman.
Getting college credit for being on athletic teams is getting some attention.
Johnny Rodgers shares a message of faith with Alabama players while also looking back on the 1972 Orange Bowl.
Wednesday's practice included two hours in full pads.
The Blackshirts have a "no jogging" rule.
Grant Mulkey is catching some attention and gaining some confidence.
Cornealius Thomas is making a good first impression.
The quarterbacks are going to be sliding this year and Joe Dailey expects to start.
Chad Sievers is fitting in at linebacker.
Tuesday marks the return back to regular season practice.
Jammal Lord is moving forward at Houston.
Brandon Greeson enrolls at NC A&T.
Mark LeFlore is recovering from Turf Toe.
NU is no stranger to the passing game.
Steve Pederson is pleased with Coach Callahan's progress.
Callahan knows that Joe Dailey needs to be protected.
Keyuo Craver is suspended by the New Orleans Saints.
Husker Dan has Part 1 of his Big Red Trivia Test.
The Blackshirt is still a symbol of Nebraska tradition.
Turner Gill is the familiar face on the coaching staff.
Cortney Grixby is running with the number 1 defense and gets encouragement from his older brother.
The Western Illinois wallpaper is now available.
Steve Kriewald is starting graduate school.
Coach Callahan sees the Nebraska job as the "opportunity of a lifetime.".
Two a days end with time off for good behavior.
Four team captains are selected for 2004.
Steve Pederson has a Q & A session with John Maybry.
The winners of the Western Illinois raffle are Scott Morris of Red Oak, IA and Patrick Zanders of Iowa City, IA. The Southern Miss raffle closes on Friday.
Roger Craig has a new book about his 49er days and the WCO.
The Coach Callahan 10K run/walk raised over $10,000.
6,000 people showed up for Fan Day.
The team that plays together, stays together.
Friday's practice focused on special situations. Team captains will be announced tomorrow. Mike Stuntz gets some work on special teams.
Mike Zimmer still thinks about the Cornhuskers.
Ryan Goodman is getting all kinds of attention as he moves into the number 2 quarterback on the depth chart.
Adam Carriker is getting reps at defensive tackle and end.
Culture shock with the WCO? Not for some of the receivers and Coach Callahan is optomistic.
Thursday's practice showed progress on offense and also on defense.
Check out the Cornhusker Collection of videos that have just become available again exclusively on HuskerPedia for the first time on DVD.
Josh Bullocks makes the Playboy All-American team.
Day 10 of practice is 'Hump Day' and Coach Callahan feels there is still a long ways to go but the addition of Cornealius Thomas should help.
Ryon Bingham will have surgery for a torn biceps and may be put on injured reserve for the Chargers.
Curtis Dukes is No. 3 on the depth chart at Duke and is still bad mouthing the Huskers.
Richie Incognito is taking a positive approach, Coach Wagner is confident and Bill Busch isn't concerned about the linebacker position.
Jammal Lord is making his case for a roster spot with the Houston Texans.
Western Illinois game to be on PPV.
Tuesday's practice "got a lot done" and Sam Koch is awarded a scholarship.
A Sports Illustrated writer from Nebraska gives his assessment.
Fox Sports has their 2004 preview.
HuskerPedia interviews Erny Bonistall.
Husker Dan's Aunt Rosie gives some new advice to readers.
Terrence Nunn has them talking about his poise as a true freshman.
Kellen Huston still gets asked about the Missouri incident.
Ryan Goodman makes a good first impression.
Fabian Washington isn't concerned about the offense.
The injuries accumulate in the Monday practice sessions.
The Colonel entertained the Kansas Cornhuskers.
The Huskers wrap up the first week of practice with more injuries.
Callahan and Cosgrove have a long history together.
Freshmen are getting some reps in practice at QB.
All Pro tight end Dwight Clark say Callahan will 'get it done.'
Frank Solich is focusing on continuing his career in coaching.
There's some funny business going on with construction at OSU's stadium.
Two a days begin on day 6 of practice.
Please welcome a new guest columnist, Joe Mechtenberg, who submits a summary of the summer events.
Jordan Adams will have surgery to remove his spleen.
Blankman dusts off the Crystal Ball for the 2004 season.
Injuries make headlines on day 5 of practice.
Greg Austin doesn't have "won't play" in his vocabulary.
Is Nebraska struggling along with Florida and Notre Dame?
The defensive line 'dudes' are working on stopping the run as practice moves into Memorial Stadium for the first time.
Need Western Illinois tickets? Try the CFN raffle.
19 student-athletes are graduating.
Coach Callahan is getting a 'fresh start' with the West Coast Offense.
The Huskers move back outside for day three of practice.
Benard Thomas is not thrilled with being number 2 on the depth chart.
Marque McCray is suprised by the early attention.
Brandon Jackson and Lydon Murtha are both making an early impression.
Highly touted lineman Rodney Picou commits to Nebraska.
Joe Dailey leaves nothing to chance, Jordan Adams is on the mend, and Beau Davis moves into the backup role.
Lornell McPherson expects to be a starter.
Ground breaking is completed at the Tom and Nancy Osborne Complex.
Programming note: J. Hudson is on sabbatical for the '04 season as he tackles added duties at his "real" job. Please send all content ideas to David Max.
Back in the day, he could make Attila the Hun "look like Little Miss Muffet." Now the Hall of Fame wait is over for Bob Brown. More 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 , 6
HuskerPedia interviews Jerry Murtaugh.
The offense has a lot to digest on the second day of practice.
BBS user BlueCreek will be offering a Husker wallpaper every week this fall.
The Des Moines Register checks in on the Huskers.
Fall practice gets underway and Marque McCray makes the grade. Press Conference notes.
Californians for Nebraska are having their annual football ticket raffle for their scholarship fund. The deadline for Western Illinois is August 20th.
The Purdue quarterback wears #18 in honor of Brook Berringer.
Callahan endorses recruiting changes and takes a trip down memory lane in South Side Chicago.
Alvarez wanted to be like Devaney.
Blankman puts up a help wanted sign.
Husker Dan has his 2004 version of "You know you might be a Husker fan if..."
Steve Pederson asks for budget cuts in 21 sports due to one less home game.
NU tickets this fall will honor great players and great fans.
Keith Mann is named Sports Information Director for football.
Plan ahead for parking and entering the north stadium gates for the first game.
The new N Club Room will be located in the southeast corner and McCathorn Clayton is the new President.
HuskerPedia interviews Keith "End Zone" Jones.
John Blake's recruiting prowess gets noticed in Oklahoma.
The St. Louis, Columbia, and Wichita papers preview Bill Callahan's new-look Huskers.
Californians for Nebraska are having their annual migration at the Kansas game. For the first time, non-members can participate.
Bryan Carpenter resigns as football video coordinator.
Le Kevin Smith aims to be a force, not just "some dude doing his job."
Khus the Red wanders over from the Pond and looks to begin again.
Coach Callahan feels that the offensive line play is critical.
Blankman takes a look back.
Kevin Cosgrove doesn't mince any words, and a Raider player takes a pot shot at Bill Callahan.
The Football 101 class raised $35,000 for breast cancer relief.
Tom Osborne can use your vote in this ESPN poll.
Pitt season tickets are available for $60 in the end zone.
Tom Shatel thinks it is time for a Nebraska Hall of Fame.
Barrett Ruud is looking forward to this season even though the Huskers are unranked.
Tom Osborne, Warren Buffett, & David Sokol are having a tribute for Frank & Pam Solich.
Phillip Dillard from Oklahoma gives a verbal commit to the Huskers.
Huskers.com has a preseason preview. Part 1, 2, 3.
Author Jeff Leever provides a guide for Huskers playing in the NFL this fall.