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December 2002

Even Dr. Tom found the season hard to watch.
Ex-KSU assistant Carl Pelini says there is no plan to join his brother in Lincoln.
Wilson Thomas will skip basketball to concentrate on the NFL draft.
UNL's faculty considers joining a national coalition to reform intercollegiate athletics.
Willie Amos says rehabbing his knee -- and the NU defense -- will take time.
Eric Crouch responds to the "low blow" from the Rams.
A Kansas City columnist finds NU's decline remarkable.
The OWH profiles Bo Pelini.
Paul Rogers recalls his big day in the 1969 Sun Bowl.
The Baltimore paper examines the season's impact on Nebraskans' psyches.
Mike Martz says Eric Crouch will never cut it as an NFL quarterback.
LB-RE Wali Muhammad commits to NU.
There's a big Stoops influence in Bo Pelini, whose hiring became official Monday. The new coordinator says the defense will have a a different look. More: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
TSN's Tom Dienhart comes to Frank Solich's defense.
LB-SS Corey McKeon commits to NU.
NU looks for improved I-back productivity.
"I have to get better," Jammal Lord says.
The Loon goes a-caroling.
The hiring of Bo Pelini appears imminent (1, 2, 3, 4) after his visit to Lincoln (1, 2, 3).
Steve Pederson accepts the athletic director's post and says he is "not panicked" about the football program.
Pederson seemed the perfect fit, and UNL's chancellor had to move quickly. More on the hire: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5; Commentary: Mabry | Colonel | Shatel | Smizik | Starkey
Two top QB recruits pay a visit.
Knee surgery puts Curt Dukes on the shelf, probably until fall. That may open a door for Mike Stuntz.
Frank Solich says he may have a defensive coordinator hired before the weekend is out. Jon Tenuta becomes a candidate, while Bo Pelini remains mum.
Improved passing is a major goal for the offense.
Are the vacancies hurting recruiting?
Mike Gundy declines to interview for NU's offensive coordinator position: 1, 2, 3, 4.
Martin Rucker picks Mizzou, and Rivals.com now says Wali Muhammad and Michael Smith have yet to decide.
DeJuan Groce is an AP second-team All-American.
A look at in-house coordinator contenders Tim Albin and Jeff Jamrog.
There's been no offer, Bo Pelini says.
NU reportedly lands cornerback Michael Smith from Pima College and offensive lineman Darin Delone from Mount San Antonio College.
The OKC paper says Mike Gundy is a top candidate for offensive coordinator. Turner Gill, meanwhile, talks further about his future at NU.
A year after taking home the Heisman, Eric Crouch ponders what's next.
No decision yet from Bo Pelini: 1, 2, 3
Bids will be taken on the radio contract.
Pitt won't easily give up Steve Pederson.
Six Huskers make TSN's all-conference freshman team.
Turner Gill says he'd love to be offensive coordinator and denies rumors that he's headed to Baylor.
Bo Pelini reportedly is considering an offer to be NU's defensive coordinator.
NU's search of the juco ranks isn't a sign of panic, Dave Gillespie says.
Jimmy Burrow hopes his gig isn't up.
More names get linked with job openings: Barney Cotton, Carl Torbush and Dave Rimington.
Josh Brown faces arraignment Jan. 8.
Eric Crouch explains himself in SI.
Bill Byrne's wearing of two hats worries some regents.
George Darlington discusses his firing and his future.
More news and rumors about the search for a defensive coordinator.
The Touchdown Club voices support for Frank Solich.
NU pushes for a no-bid contract extension for Pinnacle.
A search committee for athletic director is formed.
Marc Munford becomes coach of the Lincoln Capitols.
Thunder Collins is fined $300.
Bo Pelini talks about his contacts with Frank Solich, and Paul Rhoads' name also surfaces. Earlier stories: 1, 2
Five years after Tom Osborne's retirement announcement, Frank Solich is at a crossroads.
A look at Tim Albin, a possibility for offensive coordinator.
Tom Osborne bemoans the state of NU's football facilities.
An update on Zach Wiegert.
Jeff Jamrog contends for the top defensive job.
Finding a new athletic director will take at least a month.
The players say they're fired up for the bowl game.
Ron Brown says he doesn't want to be offensive coordinator.
More boosters talk about Bill Byrne.
Jason Peter lobbies for a spot on the football staff, and Gary Gibbs says he hasn't been contacted.
Steve Pederson isn't saying much about the A.D. vacancy.
A bowl trip to Shreveport looks more and more likely .
Eric Crouch says he ignored his instincts at draft time.
Bronco Mendenhall hasn't been contacted about NU's defensive coordinator position. But Bo Pelini has.
Boosters give mixed reviews to Bill Byrne's tenure. And Tom Osborne says he's not a candidate for the job. More on Byrne's move to A&M: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
The bowl game and recruiting duties make for a hectic December for the short-handed football staff, while the three ex-assistants look for employment.
It's anyone's guess who the new faces will be on Frank Solich's staff, but a candidate for defensive coordinator is the Packers' Bo Pelini.
Frank Solich cleans house (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). Reactions: players (1, 2, 3, 4), fans (1, 2) newspaper columnists (1, 2, 3), recruits.
Craig Bohl and George Darlington express no bitterness.
Bill Byrne and A&M are looking like more of a sure thing, and UNL's chancellor "very concerned". For whoever gets the job, one unpleasant task is out of the way.
Potential staff changes don't faze recruit Ian-Yates Cunningham.